This is our first release candidate for PersonalBrain 4. It contains only fixes and minor changes. Thanks again to everyone for all your help in tracking down the problems.

Details follow as usual...


July 13, 2007

  • Recent Brains
    • Fixed: Brains that are on an unavailable network slow the display of the File menu
    • Selecting a Brain that is not available provides the option to remove it
  • Database
    • Optimized database file access and caching properties
  • Search
    • Fixed: Files over 10 MB cause rebuilding of the index to hang
    • Search results display is faster
    • Results display as they are calculated instead of all at once
    • Scrolling via the mouse wheel or clicking on the scroll arrows is much faster
  • Changes
    • When automatically started, the about “splash” window is not displayed. (If you already have automatic startup enabled and want to stop the splash window from displaying, turn off the splash screen in Preferences, click OK, and then turn it back on.)
  • Outlook Fixes
    • Drag and drop from to the attachments list does not name attachments correctly
    • Fixed additional problems with drag and drop of RTF attachments
  • Fixes
    • XML for BrainEKP Export
      • Uses correct name given in options dialog box
      • Fixed: virtual thoughts cause problems on import to BrainEKP
    • Attachments list
      • Fixed: Location column disappears when virtual thought is activated and does not reappear when a normal thought is activated
      • Column order and sizes are more accurately preserved when changes are made
      • Maximum column sizes increased
      • Misc sort indicator fixes
    • Application data path on Windows is retrieved from Windows directly
    • Fixed: When no wallpaper is present, themes cannot be saved
    • Reports activity bar is drawn more subdued
    • Fixed: When a rename is completed by clicking enter, an error message is displayed


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