This update release includes several minor new features and small fixes. Please see the list below.


July 20, 2007

  • Minor New Features
    • Typing a Thought ID into search and clicking the search button or pressing enter while holding down the Ctrl key activates the thought
    • When adding an existing URL or external file that is already in your Brain, you are offered the option to activate the existing thought if you decline to add a duplicate.
    • Added “Rebuild Database” command to the File > Utilities menu for troubleshooting.
  • Changes
    • The minimum score for search results appearing has been lowered so that all occurrences of terms will appear
  • Fixes
    • Renaming thoughts using the properties window does not reset the cursor during typing
    • Fixed: Advanced Search dialog box can appear partially off-screen
    • Creating or searching for thoughts with an underscore or percent in their name is slow.
    • Pasting of unusual URI prefixes such as onenote:// is supported
    • Status message for extracting BrainZip is correct
    • It is no longer possible to rename a thought to an empty name
    • Fixed: Adding an attachment does not require that the attachment exist
    • Fixed: Thought icons set on types via an attached image do not show up on instances
    • Fixed: The hourglass cursor appears when clicking on the search button


Congratulation with release, PB is great!

All thought icons from attachments and webpages not shown
This issue has been fixed in 4077, uploading now...
Version is up now and fixes the "disappearing icon" problem introduced in It also fixes problems with performance slowing when a thought or virtual thought has many images attached.


July 21, 2007

  • Thought Icons
    • Fixed: Thoughts types with no icons override locally defined icons
    • Fixed: Thoughts with pasted Thought icons do no show an overlay of the number of attachments
    • Fixed: Normal thoughts and virtual thoughts containing many images slows down performance
    • Fixed: Large images loaded on highlight do not show consistently
    • Automatically loaded image size increased to 256 K.
    • Renamed settings for loading large image thumbnails appropriately


Icons returned to normal after rebuilding icon cache. Thanks for efforts over your weekend to sort this!

Hope you at least get a relaxing Sunday in.

Great job

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