I was browsing around and found this visual dictionary site What is nice about it is that you can use it in conjunction with PersonalBrain's highly configurable Search Web function via the F4 function key. What I did is add a new entry called 'VisualWords', then for the URL string input, that way while I am browsing the Plex I can quickly F4 and input a string which will be passed to visualwords via query string and display the word visually. Hope this is of some use to someone else as well.
That site looks very interesting. Unfortunately, instead of visual words I just see a blank grey box - tried with IE and firefox.
Thanks, zoner. Works well for me with Firefox 3.0.6. My first searches resulted in just a gray box with my search word displayed in the middle. I realized, then, that the word I'd searched for had no links in VisualWords.
-- Sam


same for me - just a grey box in IE


sjeeke wrote: same for me - just a grey box in IE

only a grey box, try this words, and .........wait a short moment.......:

Zoner, thanks, very nice site, also a good example for using linktypes

Click image for larger version - Name: Linktypes_woman.png, Views: 876, Size: 255.03 KB
Regards, Ad Divide knowledge = multiply knowledge (Windows 10 -  TB8 / TB9)

When I try the suggestion that began these posts, I get a grey box with the word in the middle and a comma beside it. But if I try the link provided, from the last post, I get an impressive active visual display as shown  in the previous post. So how do I make the F4 in PB do the same as the links provided in the previous post with the visual example of a proper reaction for searches on VisuWord.


Thanks, for the suggestion, I found out, since I'm green at most of this, that the link provided in the original post here includes a comma at the end and was inadvertantly copied as part of the link. This caused the VisuWord site to just display the word. Now I can F4 in PB and choose from a drop down list, the VisualWords option and be directed to the site where it is working properly and displaying as posted here. A pretty handy tool to have available for research.

Raymond wrote:  
A pretty handy tool to have available for research.

another nice one, available for research, TouchGraph Wordnet:

and (if you need raw xml data as results of your wordsearch)
and Lexical Freenet, Cinema Freenet ,

Click image for larger version - Name: TouchGraph_Wordnet.png, Views: 702, Size: 85.22 KB Click image for larger version - Name: z_lexical_freenet.png, Views: 688, Size: 71.24 KB
Click image for larger version - Name: zz_Wordnet.png, Views: 694, Size: 172.63 KB
Regards, Ad Divide knowledge = multiply knowledge (Windows 10 -  TB8 / TB9)
You could also try Visual Thesaurus at:

I played around and modified the url so if you put:

into the Search Web (F4) you can search directly from PersonalBrain.

I don't know if this will work for everyone since I have an account with VisualThesaurus. But I thought I would put it in here anyway.

By the way VisualThesaurus needs the search string in small letters or it won't find anything.
Regards Hans Henrik Nørregaard
TB (Pro Combo) Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Java 1.8.0_121
...and now testing TheBrain :-)
Does anyone know of desktop applications for a visual thesaurus?  I know of the one called "VisualThesaurus", but it does not have a specific feature that I need. I often need a very specific word set with relationships between words that are not used by most people--so I want to be able to create my own thesaurus and navigate it this way.

And I want it on my laptop (I am not a huge fan of cloud computing, because I always end up needing to work on flights and such and they don't yet have wireless support).

I tried using PB to do this, but the parent/child relationship was not appropriate, and using only "jump" links skews the graph.

In a desperate moment I started coding my own in Java, but I'd rather buy a program from someone who designs better UIs than I do...


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