Hi I'm planning to transfer my blog to a mind map.

I really like Web Brain non-linear linking, so that it would be my first choice.

How is SEO inside Brains? Are the elements search engine friendly?

SEO is dependent on your website's settings. If you are using SEO on your website and have a Brain embedded on that website, the Brain's content will also show up in searches.
TNX pthompson: this is nice!

I'm planning to build a website using only web brain.

Are there SEO features if I only use web brain (no other web sites)?
Hello IvanPsy

Do you mean, creating a brain on webbrain, or creating a local brain and exporting to SiteBrain html ?

In the latter case, allow me to warn you that TheBrain allows no control on the settings of your web pages' background. You get the blue/black default, and no amount of javascript/css/html editing will get you anywhere.

I even opened a support ticket about this : http://support.thebrain.com/tickets/19147 :

"Thank you for your interest in TheBrain and for your suggestion.  Currently, custom backgrounds cannot be used in SiteBrain. If you are interested in making this a feature request, check out our Uservoice page (http://thebrain.uservoice.com)  The site is visited frequently by our developers and lets them categorize users' feature requests by popularity. If your feature request receives enough votes, it may become a candidate for implementation in a future release of PersonalBrain."

Considering I had moved from Core to Pro license just for the SiteBrain feature, you can guess how I feel about this issue.

good luck

Add a Website Forum to your website.

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