This will be a very interesting Brain to get a guided tour in:
Jerry's Brain Web Event, Dec 04 at 10:00 am Pacific.
Creating and Developing Large PersonalBrains

Jerry has been using his Brain non-stop for almost 10 years. With over 80,000 thoughts inside, he might just have the largest single person produced PersonalBrain on the planet.

Jerry Michalski is the founder and president of Sociate, a technology consulting firm. Through Sociate, Jerry offers advice, speaks, writes and invests, taking a more hands-on role in developing the products and services he has written about for a dozen years.

When: Tuesday, December 4, 2007 at 10:00 am Pacific Time, 1:00 pm Eastern Time

Who should attend: Both new and existing PersonalBrain users can benefit from Jerry's insights

Product Focus: PersonalBrain


  • A fun and lively tour of Jerry's Brain
  • Jerry's favorite and most useful Thoughts
  • Using PersonalBrain for self expression and capturing expertise
  • Tips and best practices for organizing large PersonalBrains
  • Different approaches to creating PersonalBrains

Sign up at:


That was great! Unfortunately had to miss the first 30 minutes. Will this be up for download somewhere?
I've just posted Part 1 of this seminar at:

More to come...

Thanks!! This is wonderful and reboosts my enthusiasm for TheBrain!
Yes - fantastic, thanks heaps. Can we look forward to part 2 coming up sometime?

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