On my larger brain (close to 100 thousand thoughts, many of them with image files as icons) in V9, viewing in the webclient is just impossible. After clicking a next thought, it idles for ages and then just times out with the message: "failed retrieving thought graph".  

It works fine with a much smaller brain.

Any solution, please? It was working rather fine in V8, but now I have done so much work on V9 that it's much to late do try and rebuild it in V8, and V9 is not backward compatible to V8. I am stuck. 

I very much need to have my team access the brain online. Please help. 
Thank you for your report. We will contact you directly to further look into your issue.

Best regards,
TheBrain Technologies
@marcinrey ~

Please keep us posted on the progress you and TB staff make in resolving this web client performance issue, since it is extremely important to those of who have created megabrains and are waiting now to import them into TB9.
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