Hello TheBrain Family,

I'm wondering: what other kind of programs you use for information management? I don't mean direct competitors like Evernote or mindmapping, but other things like databasing, visualizing, etc. I'm only using TheBrain now but would love to discover new possibilities!
  • DevonThink (macOS and iOS) - File Management, document storage, clipping and advanced searching
  • Tinderbox (macOS) - Visual Information pottering around (on and off)
  • TaskPaper (macOS) - Task management (lists)
  • Omnifocus (macOS, iOS) - Task management (mainly recurring tasks) 
  • Ulysses (macOS) - Place to type out drafts and misc notes before putting into TB
  • Hazel (macOS) - Filing automation
  • Keyboard Maestro (macOS) - Automation
  • Workflow (iOS) - Automation
  • Forklift (macOS) - Advanced Finder stuff
  • LaunchBar (macOS) - Launch/browsing/control
  • Pastebot (macOS) - Clipboard manager (I use over LaunchBar's and KM's because of the filters)
macOS 10.13
TheBrain 9.0.250
  • Search Everything (Win) - Quick file searching
  • File Locator Pro (Win) - Indexing HD especially PST files
  • Jello (Win) - Task management (need a replacement soon if not updated)
  • 2Do (iOS) - Tasks
  • Toodledo (Web) - Tasks with gSyncit / Outlook to tie Win / iOS together
  • Workflow (iOS) - Yep automation
  • OneNote (Win) - Notes
  • GoodSync (Win) - File syncronization
  • Breevy (Win) - Keyboard shortcuts
  • TidyTabs (Win) - Window tabs
  • Divvy (Win) - Window management
  • Mendeley (All) - Reference manager
  • MediaMoneky (Win) - Media database

Always though about DevonThink (unfortunately macOS only) - is it any good for home use (at work we have OpenText)?

Played with Bau DB (Win) - A hybrid access / Excel database, and used to love Taglocity / tag2find (both dead).

On a bit of a long term quest to find good tagging software that stores the tags in the file metadata (not a central database) on Windows.

But at home mainly The Brain and OneNote.
Always though about DevonThink - is it any good for home use (at work we have OpenText)?

Depends, I use it for bill scanning, (I have Pro Office so it can OCR pdf's) legal documents, and quick web page archiving. Also, most .pdfs go into DevonThink and then are external attachments to TheBrain. If you have have a mac, and want to get your bills scanned and archived electronically, you can't beat DevonThink.
macOS 10.13
TheBrain 9.0.250

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