I just bought the Pro Combo yesterday after going through a couple of the webinars and being really impressed with the Expanded View. But now I see that it's not in V9. 

All the documentation & videos are for Version 8. Maybe that should be the default demo download instead of a beta that doesn't have most of the features in the videos? I've downloaded v8, but unfortunately the brain I started today in v9 can't be down-versioned, so I'll have to do it again.

Can we assume that V9 will eventually have all the V8 features?  (And if not, how long will v8 be supported?)
To clarify and explain my goal.. I'm doing a "deep dive" into vanilla JavaScript, and I take notes from various tutorials/books/videos. However, I'm having a really hard time remembering what I've gone through. I look at notes I've taken in the Quiver app, and have absolutely no memory of what I was reading or watching when I made the note.

I need a place where I can collate the information from all these different sources, with links between topics and keywords. But most importantly, I need to be able to visualize an overview of how things are related to each other at different levels. Custom expanded views shown in the tutorial videos looked like just the ticket.

I've tried various mind-mapping programs, but they all fall short in different ways. I've tried Tinderbox (V6), but I don't like the way I have to re-arrange the containers every time I click on a different note.. and drilling down doesn't let me see the notes above. 

In fact, it was the emails I was getting regarding upgrading from Tinderbox 6 to 7 that got me looking at The Brain again. The expanded view and screenshot/icon features, as well as the intuitive interface as shown in the videos, are what convinced me that I could finally justify the price, so I bought TheBrain yesterday.

Maybe I'm just not setting up my links, etc., correctly. But I'm really having a hard time seeing parent topics when I'm more than one layer deep, so I'm pretty much back to the problem I have with Tinderbox. I'm lost in my own "mindmap."

I am old and don't have the time to invest in a deep learning curve for a tool (hence the need for an intuitive interface and probably the root of most of my problems with Tinderbox). I need to be using TheBrain to help me learn JavaScript, not using it to learn TheBrain. I hope this makes sense and doesn't sound like mere grumbling.
I believe there has already been some discussion on this, and it's planned, but will not make it in the 9.0 release. There is still more work to do on it. 

You might try experimenting with mind map view, which might work for you, except if you use jump thoughts. Another possibility is to use normal view and click the + button in the menu bar (or it's appropriate keyboard shortcut) to show grandparents and grandchildren. The downside of this is that the grandparents/children are very small.
macOS 10.13
TheBrain 9.0.250
dewdrop wrote:

All the documentation & videos are for Version 8. Maybe that should be the default demo download instead of a beta that doesn't have most of the features in the videos?

I agree completely. Very confusing for new users to see videos of V8, and then download V9. This actually confirms my previously expressed concern about the default V9 download.

@dewdrop -- At this point in the V9 development, there are several features in V8 that have been intentionally retired (sunsetted) and/or that are yet to be integrated. A master list of which features fall into each category has not yet been provided.

However, 3 of the retired features that immediately come to mind are:
> Dock & Hide
> Resizing Circle
> Expanded View
> Advanced Tools Layout

You can search in the forum for more details about each of these changes, and perhaps other users here in the forum can confirm other features that we know have either been eliminated or will (eventually) be added?

Another more tedious option would be to use the advanced search in the forum (for the last year only) on the following terms:
> Feature Request
> Missing Features

Hope this helps! :-)
@dewdrop: I'm also wondering: would the outline view in either TB8 or TB9 help with the visualization capability you need?

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