why cant search partial words in english phrases? but it work good in Chinese phrases。


search:kim,only show 2 results

thebrain 无法搜索中英混合.jpg 

I'm puzzled by this as well.  The lower highlighted Thought in your screenshot would need some spaces (before the K at least) for it to show up in the search results, however, your active Thought clearly does have spaces and is not showing up.

Would you mind sending a copy of this Brain into support@thebrain.com for testing?  If the Brain is too large or contains sensitive data, you could copy this grouping of thoughts displayed in your screenshot and past into a sample Brain.  Notes and attached data can then be removed or renamed.  Click on File > Backup to Brain Archive...  Be sure to check the option for "Allow anyone to restore..." so that we can restore the Brain and test.

Thank you,
It's because the left parenthesis to the left of 'kim' is not ASCII '(' but the full-width vesion '' and is treated not as a punctuation mark but a word character just like 'a','b','c' etc, so you can't find 'kim' for the same reason if you search for 'cat' your thought named 'concatnation' won't show up.

If you insert a space before 'kim' you will be able to find it. Or use the single-width parentheses.

It's debatable whether this should be the default behavior, but I personally prefer the way TB search works as it is (mostly for selfish reasons, since I placed full-width punctuation marks like * & $ strategically in my thought names to help me find certain thoughts 🙂)

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