When I multi-select several thoughts and then change the Type for those thoughts, it takes a long time to complete the change. Seems to be about 1/2 second per thought, which is a lot when doing several batches of hundreds of thoughts and having to wait while TheBrain is locked up. 

I know that I can add/update thousands of records in MS Access or SQL Server in about a second. Why is it so slow in TheBrain? Seems to be because of entries in the ModificationLogs table.

Thanks for posting.  I seem to remember that this may have been mentioned and documented in the past.  I'll test and report to the engineers to take a closer look.

Thank you,
Not sure whether this thread relates to TB8 or TB9, but I will note that Thought Type replacement in TB8 is very slow.  If I have dozens of thoughts to switch I just leave the computer alone for a couple of minutes.  I used to think TB was totally frozen, but it was just taking a long time to switch the Types.  

Exactly the same situation here, with changing dozens of thought types in TB8.

Another case where patience definitely is a virtue. ÃƒÂ°Ã…¸Ëœâ€°

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