I would like the ability to zoom into the notes area of a thought in the Android app. This can be helpful when I'm viewing my notes on a small screen and need to zoom in to read it more clearly. Or, it is useful in the following scenario:

  • I may want have something available without having Internet access (example: a membership pass with a barcode).
  • If I store this membership pass as a PDF and attach to a note, then I need to have Internet access to download the PDF file when I need it.
  • However, if I paste an image of the pass with barcode into the notes area, this seems to be available and downloaded at all times with my Android app. I can open the note at any time without Internet access.
  • However, sometimes the barcodes are very tiny and it makes them unreadable. If I was able to zoom, I'd be able to read the barcodes much more clearly.

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