I've used long sentences & dialogues for a lot of Thought Names. It seems that the upgrade has truncated them and left only the first 128 characters. I really don't appreciate this. It have wiped out entire fine-tuned contexts for 1000s of thoughts!
Sorry, solving that problem is slightly complex as it requires changes in the 5.5 mechanism that transfers the data to 6.0.

If you are unable to live with this truncation, please stick with 5.5 until we have a solution. Contact support@thebrain.com if you need help reverting back to 5.5.

Maybe until then we should change to Outline view where there is no thought name truncation. The best solution IMO would be multiline thought names, but that seems a long way away.
Alan Rhodes
@Harlan, thanks Harlan for your sympathy, but I can't go back now. My main brain is already converted. I'm already living with it. Please take into account that a lot of issues only come to surface after using the main brain where there're a lot more scenario's covered. From what I understand now, I should export a considerable portion, and then use that next time for my acceptance criteria. I didn't expect that I'd have to behave as an IT guy, even though it's Beta (in its late stages), I'm kind of spoiled by Google. But if the message warning before conversion is not entirely true -that is that I won't be able to use it with prior versions anymore- then I'll try the 5.5 and see what it does.

Update 1: I've just tried, and 5.5 reported that it can only be opened by or higher. So shot an e-mail towards support@ with the question to get some feedback for consideration.

Update 2: I've got the instructions to revert back from a backup, but that would mean that I'd lose my changes since that time, but I've a better alternative.  I'd like to export the changes through reporting on creation & modification dates, and selecting the most recent ones for the export. But I can't yet do that, because the 6 Pro features are disabled since the brain is created before the trial/beta period has started. I'm in contact with support & sales about that. Will keep this thread posted.

Update 3 (2010-09-09): @mcaton (#6), I've received the serial at least a week back, but had other non-PB related issues to tackle first. My v 6 beta is now running in Pro-mode with my main brain. I'll try to execute the relatively long restoration workaround procedure I've vaguely referenced above. If it fails, I'll try cd's suggestion below (#7).

Update 4 (2010-09-14): @Harlan (#2), I've been thinking about the situation, and I've decided the following. Because 5.5.x is much more limiting & problematic on the longer-term & day to day basis, I'll stick to 6.x. Luckily I've kept a complete backup of my version 5 brain, which with I can perform the restoration scenario we've referred to above, even in the distance future. That will, however, mean that I've to remember not to waste time on the truncated thoughts, because it might contaminate the end result after restoration. So basically this issue & restoration/workaround from my perspective, fully depend on the delivery-date of the complex fix you've referred to, namely the loss-less-upgradeablity from a prior brain version, and at the very least from a 5.5.x, to a 6.x version. Thank you in advance.

@rhodes, the thing is, I've already added somethings I remembered to the remaining 128 characters of only one Thought Name to minimize contamination, and that did remain in the Thought Name. So it seems the conversion really has truncated in the database, not at the view layer.
This post was meant as a reply to a mod with the suggestion to try to use date tricks to temporarily use the pro feature to execute the below mentioned workaround.

just b4 is fine

Thanks for the effort. I've tried & PB 6 won't even start if I change the date to for example 2012. Just testing the sake of seeing some other effect, setting it to 2007 will change it to the free edition without the -Pro Trial- mark.

I've already wired the fund for the upgrade to 6, because I wanted linking to Thoughts in Notes that badly. I also love the Google Calendar sync, although I've not yet tested it. I'll see what sales & support will come up with.

b4 - Please let me know when you get your PB6 serial number and are up and running!



just my 2 cents: this seems related to an OLD (in IT-time) problem: http://forums.thebrain.com/post?id=3999947

Your problem is not exactly the same as mine, but i remember solving the same issue by using an old xml-export, parsing it for all thought-names longer than 128 chars and outputting a list of these. I then did an xml-export of the new (defective) brain and replaced the truncated thought-names w/ the correct ones, then re-creating a brain from scratch w/ the changed xml-export.

Here's the perl-script (requiring XML::Simple from CPAN) that will output all thought-names longer/equal than 128 chars:

Quote: #!/usr/bin/perl

use strict;
use XML::Simple;

# create a hash where we keep everything:
my %t = ();

# parse the xml file (called export.xml w/i same directory as script) from PB into $data
my $xml = new XML::Simple;
my $data = $xml->XMLin("export.xml", ForceArray => qr/^(name|Tag)$/);

# get all thoughts and fix encoding of names etc into %t
my @thoughts = @{$data->{Thoughts}{Thought}};
foreach my $thought(@thoughts) {
    if ( $thought->{isType} == 0) { # the thought entry is not a link-type
      if (length($thought->{name}->[0]) >= 128) { print $thought->{name}->[0], "\n" };

It should be easy to modify this to parse two structures, referencing the guids ($thought->{guid}) and replacing defective names from the backup, dumping the corrected structure and importing into a new brain.

Maybe this'll be of help to someone.


PB 5.5.2
Java 1.6.0_14 w/ -Dawt.useSystemAAFontSettings=lcd -Dswing.defaultlaf=com.sun.java.swing.plaf.gtk.GTKLookAndFeel -Dawt.toolkit=sun.awt.motif.MToolkit
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