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All I want to do is Renew
Okay, I followed you suggestion. But after I get into my accounts page, all I see is info on my name. The previous page where I entered my email address said “To view and manage your subscription status, log in and go to the account page.”. There doesn’t seem to be any subscription status, like when it expires. 
working with time sensitive material in TB 9
Thanks, I'll give it some thought and trial runs.  About the Label idea, it doesn't sound much different than having a tag.  Is there something about Labels that have an advantage? 
working with time sensitive material in TB 9
I have worked with a number of "database" apps over the years, developing systems for storing thoughts/data/documents related to investing.  With TB 8 and before (to Personal Brain) I made use of the  brain's calendar to set alerts attached to time sensitive material.  These materials, consisting of analysis articles, notes of current market conditions, company ratings, etc., go stale (usually measured in months or a year or two - at least for my investment outlook).  Other material like reference articles that discuss investing methodologies have a longer term (for all practical purposes - infinite) life.  It has always been a challenge to design a near-automatic system to prune data files of outdated information.

I've begun testing the new TB9 and have wondered how to set up a structure that lets me easily prune data.  Back when I used Evernote, I'd define tags like "2016" and "jan".  At the end of each month I'd search for articles expiring the previous month using tags like the previous two.  I've also used a similar approach in other apps.  Doing searches for files/notes/what-have-you by referencing the item's creation date is one way to go, but this doesn't allow you to have data that expires after various amounts of time and for permanent reference material.

Does anyone have any ideas about approaches to this problem of pruning data in TB9?  Is there a way of identifying a lifetime for any data added to TheBrain?  One thought I had was defining a parent node for each brain node that indicates when to "review" it for possible pruning.  But I felt that this would soon create way too many synapses in the brain (being no different than tagging thoughts).  I'm not ready to give this up, but thought someone may have a far better way to approach the problem.

Thanks for any suggestions/ideas.
Using TB 8 with TB 9 Beta
Thanks, Harlan.  When you say "the web client", are you just referring to a browser logged into an account, or is this a separate app on the mac?
Using TB 8 with TB 9 Beta
One other question - a number of uber users indicate they are now using v9 as their main app for thebrain.  Are we that far along that we can "safely" use v9 for our work (understanding that frequent file backups are used, and that the mac(or win)<-->web is in flux right now, as indicated above?
Using TB 8 with TB 9 Beta
Matt, I'm using version 8 and experimenting with version 9.  You mention the two servers (one for v8 and the other for v9).  I assume azurewebsites.net is for v9 and webbrain.com is for v8.  (Right?)  Once v9 is made public (no longer beta), what will the situation be regarding the two servers.  Will they combine in some way?
Imported Brain uses high CPU (Mac)
The one thing you didn't indicate is how much RAM your macs have. That's usually a critical component. Also, how big is the brain? I also wonder whether the version 9 betas still have the debug modules included in the executable.
[Feature request] Inferring thought name with the "," (comma) key should persist
Yes, I've run into this snag.

To the developers, am I correct to assume that the action of creating a child name using "," triggers a macro-like process that is not "live"? If so, I suppose fixing the issue requires a complete rewrite of the naming process, including live updating of edited thought names - right?
Normal Paragraph size is huge when Notes are horizontal, but expected size when vertical
So on a very small screen, like a phone, the type is VERY small and on a large screen like 22" the type is HUGE. To be honest, I have one other app that behaves the same way and it's very annoying.

How is this usable?
Watch out for the bubble
As a teacher for over 40 years I've learned that there are different mindsets - those who think visually, those who see data linearly, and those who are naturally abstract. TheBrain is more visual, more so than other "database" apps. You can't please all mindsets!
Brain suddenly crashing immediately on startup
Did you try rebooting?
If buying a new laptop?
Perhaps you might tell us how big your brain is. Otherwise I'd recommend 16+.
Great job on iPad App!
I'll piggyback on this post to express my surprise and pleasure at seeing the addition of the iPad version with the syncing between all devices (for me, a mac, iPad and iPod).  I had abandoned TB about a year or so ago, due to the inability of using a non-browser solution on my ipad/ipod.  I did use the Combo Pro for a year, but with one mac, I was pretty much limited to using the web for displaying some brains to my CS students in college.  That was just experimental, but now with the iPad integrated with my mac, I have it all - I'll revisit the use of the brain in my classes - kids today want to be wowed.  

These days, if I can't sync an app between iPad and mac (and at times, the iPod), then I'm generally not interested, unless the application is adequate on just one device.  And your service and apps just work right for my needs.  Thank you, thank you!!!
Keyboard Maestro Firewall Macro
Thanks, I was getting a bit tired of this notification.
Easier access to Help file
Nice, I agree!
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