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Email attachments
If a file in a thought is attached as a link I can then email that attachment by right clicking on its name in the Attachment window and selecting 'Email Attachment Using Mail'.
Is there a way of just dragging and dropping the link into an email message to achieve the same result as you can if the attachment actually resides within the brain?
Minor stuff with beta under Snow Leopard

I was being a bit swift, select and then drag works well! Thank you for the prompt response.
Minor stuff with beta under Snow Leopard
I have just installed PB for the first time on a Mac using the Beta 5.5 and Snow Leopard and I cannot drag and drop email from AppleMail into a thought .... can you?
Manual Hard Copy
Any news on when the v5 user manual will be made available?
Search not indexing!
PB Pro v5.0.1.5
Vista SP1

New files added to PB are not being indexed. Link to an Outlook item and indexing is immediate but to include new finks, whether linked Internal or External, and I have to Rebuild Search Index (time consuming!).

On clicking on Rebuild I get the attached message; any ideas?

Click image for larger version - Name: pb_search.jpg, Views: 419, Size: 25.86 KB
Should PB Pro v5 be able to index Office 2007 Excel documents?
Where is download for version 5?
It appears that the latest Beta is the latest release. If you qualify for a free upgrade then you can go to http://www.thebrain.com/purchase/upgrade.htm

The site has still not been corrected!
Where is download for version 5?
Who knows!! I emailed PB earlier as the sites front page latest news announcing the release is dated 6th December 2009!!
Index Libraries?
Thank you but not resolved I am afraid..

Help / About used to stipulate that Index Libraries were installed, now it appears I am just running the Free Edition with Pro Trial which does not include the Indexing!

Index Libraries?
I have a Pro license for v4.5 and have just installed the latest Beta over the top and appear to have lost the Indexing Libraries and therefore the ability to search. Have I missed something!? How do I get the Indexing Libraries back?
Outlook Items lost
Having changed my Outlook profile all Outlook Links in Thoughts no longer are connected. Is there a quick way to reinstate the connections or do I need to trawl through all my thoughts and re-add?
Logo disappears after registration
PB have said that the logo display will be an option on a future version.
PB Logo
We lost the PB Logo on Core and Pro versions in Beta ...... BRING IT BACK!! ... or at least the choice to have it or not.

I only use a single brain and the GUI looks the worse for not having the logo.

Internal v Linked
My understanding is that attachments are indexed whether they are stored internally or elsewhere?
Internal v Linked
What are the advantages / disadvantages of storing a document internally within PB against simply linking to a folder on the local PC?
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