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Feature Request: Password protect webbrains
This would enable webbrains to be visible only to a selected audience without the hassle of defining user groups for access. Just add a password option for webbrains so anybody who knows the pw can access the brain. calendar events not shown in order
When I open the day view of the calendar pane, the events of this day are not shown in order (e.g. sorted by starting time). Sometimes it seems that events are shown in the order they were entered, but not always.
This should be fixed asap, since a day view with unsorted events isn't really that helpful.
BTW, could you please also add event dates to the report/filter function so I can make the plex show thoughts for a specific (event) date/time range?

Using version on Win XP Beta - Filtering
Filter by report result - finally! Now I'll open the bottle of champagne I reserved for this moment.
THANK YOU development team. Now doing personalized presentations will be so much easier.

One last thing that would be cool: filter (or search) events. e.g. filter all events from date a to date b, filter by event title, include event description in search.
Include background image in SiteBrain Export
SiteBrain export currently doesn't export the original plex background image (at least when this is user-defined).
Should be an easy feature to add!?

Brain-based Blog
Another thing I found quite useful when blogging with PB:
When you start structuring your blog entries using PB, you will naturally have a lot of thoughts without content (e.g. category thoughts). I use WordPress for my blog and there is a nice feature of defining categories for each blog entry. So instead of linking category thoughts to a predefined empty page (e.g. http://.../?p=999 saying "sorry - no content"), I now link these thoughts to category pages (e.g. http://.../?cat=123). This will show all blog posts of this category. Since you can define several categories for each blog post, this gets very close to the logic of PB brains.
WebSite Integration
You might also want to have a look at my SiteBrain at
It's a German blog with integrated SiteBrain navigation.

Brain-based Blog
Thanks for your comments. One more questions to the techies in this forum:
Is there a way in HTML or PHP to detect how a site was called? I am asking to optimize the "show navigation" link at the top of my (content) page. I only want it to show if the blog URL was called directly. If the blog was called by the SiteBrain navigation, I don't want to show this link.
Any ideas? Please!

Brain-based Blog
Ok, here is a short summary about how I did it:
Step 1: Content
First, I used WordPress to create a blog, customized the design, created entries, etc. The blogs URL is: http://www.smartinnovation.de/blog. This also is the starting URL for all blog entries, the result shown in google searches etc. I removed the standard blog search button so I can use the brain search function later.
Then, I chose a background image and split it into two images: the top one is 200 pixels high and the bottom one shows the rest. I then selected the bottom one as blog background image. Note that the blog uses a fixed width of 985 pixels.

Step 2: Navigation
Then, I created a Brain in PB with one thought for each blog entry. I attached the URLs of the corresponding blog entries to each thought. Some thoughts don't have a blog entry (like general parent thoughts), so I linked these to a page stating "No articles for this subject". It is important to have one URL attachement per thought, otherwise you will destroy the illusion (because then the notes section will show without any design).
After that, I exported the SiteBrain and uploaded it to http://www.smartinnovation.de

Step 3: Tweaking:
To make everything look nice, I needed to edit the files layout.css and settings.js (make sure you backup these files because the SiteBrain export overrides them.
In layout.css, I added some lines to the #plexDiv section, mainly these:
 height: 200px;

width: 1002px; /* somehow 985 didn't work */
background-image: url(bg_top.jpg); /* This is the upper part of my split background image*/
In settings.js, I changed some values:
// instant search

var showSearchButton = true;
// search settings
var searchPrefix = "http://www.smartinnovation.de/blog/?s=";

This will show a search button right next to the quicksearch field. Since SiteBrain doesn't come with an own search function, I just use the search function of my blog.

If you use web search engines, the resulting URL will always start with http://www.smartinnovation.de/blog/ This of course has no brain navigation whatsoever, so I needed a way to show this manually. I just created a link to "open the smart navigation" at the top of my blog that just links to the address http://www.smartinnovation.de. This will result in showing the brain navigation at the top which will open the blog's homepage at the bottom. I know this is not the best solution but it works. If anyone has a better idea to link the two, please post here!

Use SiteBrain as Blog?
I researched, tested and fiddled a bit and created a Brain-based blog, see here:

Brain-based Blog
I always wanted to use PB on a website, but couldn't afford the enterprise version. So I researched, tested and fiddled a bit and created a Brain-based blog, see here:
It's in German, but since I only want to point out the structure and design of it all, I'm sure you'll get along.
To overcome the flaw that brain contents can't be searched by Google etc., I created a complete WordPress blog and then linked the articles to my brain. Not perfect, but works. Google search results of course point only to the blog site (without the brain), so I added a "show navigation" button at the top that opens the brain.
Feedback welcome!
WebSite Integration
I just looked at your sitebrain and must say I'm really impressed!
Since I am planning to realize a blog using sitebrain, could you please answer a few questions?
- How did you implement the "Search" button within the plex? Does the result page really search within the brain? I'd love to learn more about this
- How did you include all the style elements in your content (e.g. the three columns, the links etc.) Is this done manually or did you change the stylesheet of your exportet brain? - Fixes
Found the error (at least for the German version):
PB wants to open the files
C:\Program Files\PersonalBrain\res\welcome\welcome1_de.htm
C:\Program Files\PersonalBrain\res\welcome\welcome2_de.htm
which don't exist.
So I just copied the files welcome1.htm to welcome1_de.htm (and welcome2 respectively) Now it works! - Fixes
Same here! Running Windows XP SP3 with PB Prof Edition.
Need to fix this ASAP!

Use SiteBrain as Blog?
Hello fellow brainers,
I am currently planning a new blog and wonder if anybody uses PB to do blogging. I mean write articles in PB and then export and upload as SiteBrain in a blog style.
Or export to some meta format and then import into some blogging software such as WorPress.
Any experiences?

Please disable screensaver in presentation mode
Thanks for the links dyslucksia. I am using Win XP and Vista. Instead of using tools, I just disable the screensaver in the windows settings before starting a presentation.
But it would be just more convenient if PB would do that for me

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