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Tools Layout won't "stick"
I'm having a few issues with the latest beta One is that the Tools Layout changes upon restart and, even worse, the Notes window disappears entirely.


This is on a Windows 7 laptop with Service Pack 1
Losing network connection causes thebrain to show disoriented en freezing screen
Although connected to the network, I'm experiencing similar behavior with the latest beta (
  • thoughts not activating when clicked
  • freezing
  • not "refreshing" / "painting" properly (i.e., only portions of the screen are visible)
It works fine for a little while and then becomes unresponsive. If I restart the app, it's OK for a few minutes and then happens again. 

I should post this elsewhere but the Tools Layout is also giving me problems. When I restart (to fix the above), the layout I was using is gone AND the notes window disappears (I get Thoughts/Tags/Types/Search/Reports in the left pane and Calendar in the right pane).
JVM is damaged. Reinstall or point to installed 64-bit JDK or JRE.
Hi. I installed thebrain fine on one laptop but when I installed it on another, I received the below error. Things I've tried:
  • Installed 64-bit version of Java
  • Re-installed The Brain
  • Uninstalled 32-bit version of Java and re-installed 64-bit version.
  • Re-installed The Brain again.
I continue to get this error and don't know how to "point" to the installed version. Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

Evolution - Revolution or Stagnancy
There were certainly more regular updates in the past. It has been a long time since v7 has been updated. I guess I don't mind so much if the energy was just shifted towards v8. I just hope we hear/see something soon. I need my fix. [wink]
Are there any plans for a new TB8?
It has been a LONG time since there has been an update. I sure hope something good is in the works.
Expanded view "automatically" expanding
Hmmm, yes... clear as mud. 

Here's the thing: I'm not even doing anything and they pop back. I have the central thought active and start clicking the minus (-) on other thoughts that I don't want to see. They're gone for a moment and then they just reappear... even though I haven't clicked on any other thoughts.

I'm trying to use expanded view as a mindmap alternative for key projects. I want to be able to see all of the key thoughts at once... and not see extraneous thoughts. Maybe I'm just confused on how it's supposed to work, but I figured clicking (-) to hide something would actually hide something. 
Expanded view "automatically" expanding
Although this is an old post, I'm having what I believe to be the same problem... and it's quite annoying!

I click the minus to hide thoughts but they keep reappearing (even after I save the expanded view).

Win XP
Maximize button doesn't work
Let's see if I can describe this in a meaningful way!

I've noticed this for a few releases and am finally getting around to posting about it. When I restart The Brain, the app "forgets" the past window size settings.

I frequently detach files to my desktop and then drag them into my brain. To make this easy, I shrink the window a bit so The Brain doesn't take up the whole screen and I can see part of the desktop. In the past, the sizing was "remembered". However, now when I resize the window, the size only remains while the app is open. If I close and restart The Brain, the size reverts to what is essentially a maximized window.

In other words, clicking the Maximize button doesn't do much to change the window size. Upon each restart of The Brain, I need to again drag the window edges to resize to my liking.

Outlook E-mail Drag & Drop
I should have clarified: I'm having a similar issue with the 32-bit version of PB (and dragging from PB to Lotus Notes). Interestingly, I am able to drag a file from PB to the Desktop.
Outlook E-mail Drag & Drop
I just encountered the same issue trying to drag & drop an attachment into Lotus Notes. For now, a workaround is to click the icon "Open the folder for this Thought" and then perform action from there. 
Large brain won't open in v7
Update: After submitting my output.log, I saw that there was a newer beta available. I installed and now things seem to be working! Will use it extensively today and see how it goes.
Large brain won't open in v7
Thanks. I am sending my output file to support to see if this can get resolved.
Large brain won't open in v7
I guess I've run out of ideas at this point. I tried a backup with no attachments, and I tried another with attachments and search index. Same scenario as before: Files get restored from Continuous Backup Service, Brain loads (sometimes partially, sometimes fully), and then the app locks up. Only way to close it is using Task Manager.

Look forward to hearing other suggestions!

Large brain won't open in v7
I rebuilt the database in v6 and created another brainzip, this time without attachments. It seemed to open OK in v7 but then froze up again.
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