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Batch Attachments?
I would like to attach a batch of URLs at one time as separate thoughts.

I have quite a few Zoho Docs and Google Docs that I need to be able to access easily.  The Brain provides the simplest index for these items that I know of.

Each Zoho Doc or Spreadsheet, or whatever is a seperate URL; the same for Google Docs.

Since I can't afford to upgrade, I am using the free edition of TheBrain 7, and I think that I can't attach files, just URLs.

Is there a way to create separate thoughts for each of these URLs all at once, ie, as a batch?  Or can I attach files that reside on my computer?
TB7 process not ending
This happens for me when I go to File - Close Brain.
TB7 process not ending
I have the same problem on W7, 32bit
Linux PB falling behind Windows?
In addition to Compendium, take a look at Cmap tools.
Ubuntu Intrepid Ibis installation
I've just updated my Ubuntu to whatever it's called, IBIS (8.10), and lost all  my PB stuff.

I've forgotten how to install it on Ubuntu.

I tried the way I did it in the past (Hardy Heron) and got nowhere.  Nothing shows up.

Can someone walk me through this?
I've just updated my Ubuntu to whatever it's called, IBIS (8.10), and lost all  my PB stuff.

I've forgotten how to install it on Ubuntu.

I tried the way I did it in the past (Hardy Heron) and got nowhere.  Nothing shows up.

Can someone walk me through this?

link to email
Thank you very much
Drag and drop of folders onto the plex doesn't work
O.K., I've been told it's because I'm running Linux that D&D doesn't work.  Is this more of a problem than that?  Is it possibly easier to fix?  If it worked in earlier versions, what changed in the lastest, and can that be applied to Linux?
link to email
Is there any way to link to an email program, so that, if I enter an email address as a thought, when I click on that, it will open my email client and enter the address in the "TO" place on the the email form?

Alternative or complete system?
I'm using it that way as much as I can, but there are limitations vis-a-vis Linux, which I use for my operating system.  Drag and drop doesn't work; color changes are awkward; sometimes things just disappear.  Last week, my calendar function just went away, and couldn't be found.  When I updated to the latest iteration, I got a calendar back, but my reminders were gone.

I think this program has tremendous potential for this use (ie handling all the desktop stuff), but it's not realized enough for me to commit all out.  Or even to buy the pro version.

Without full functionality, why pay for it?

Is The Brain Worth It?
I'm in the same place you are.  I love the program, but there are a few dropped out things that are stopping me.

I run LInux, and some of the important features (to me) don't work in Linux, such as drag and drop.

Also, I've been using home computers for a long time.  My first was a Timex Sinclair, if anyone remembers that little thing, and I've never had any kind of a system failure until the past year.  I had two hard disk crashes, and then after getting it fixed, and paying for data recovery services, the repair shop dropped and smashed my computer, so three losses of all data.  Then I shifted to LInux, and anything I had in windows became useless.

So I have no faith in electronic storage of my information anymore.  My email server just went kaflooey today, and I lost a couple of hundred contacts.  They're backed up somewhere, but I haven't worked out the file structure in Linux yet, so I can't find them.

Do I trust The Brain?

OT: Mind Raider
Mind Raider seems to be an orphan.  It works, as far as I can tell, much like PB.  It's open source.  So it's free.

The screen is too full, and there are bugs to be worked out.  Anyone can work on this, if they have the knowlege.  Idon't.

The documentation is very vague.  The author has a blog and a forum, but neither is maintained very well.

It looks like it could be very good, but just isn't at this point.  It assumes too much knowlege for me to use it well, and I was hoping that someone knew of some other source for documentation.  Could be fun to get some people from this group to work out what's what with it, and fill in the forum.


The tags that are there include "properties and attachments, tags, details, search, reports."

I swear there used to be a calendar tag, but it isn't there any more.


OT: Mind Raider
I know I'm bad for asking, but is anyone familiar with Mind Raider? 

The program is a bit mind boggling to me, but it's tantalizingly similar to Personal Brain.  It's a bit moribund, and I can't find any good documentation.  No How To Use stuff that my geezer-brain can wrap itself around.

Any suggestions?

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