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Parts of brain become unresponsive to mouse (anyone else seeing this?)

I have seen this behavior using MAC OS 10.5.6 with PB5.5.1.5. For me it always centers around a return to the plex from the preferences pane. Clicking on any thought in the plex is ignored. Going back to the preferences pane using the shortcut command-, and simply exiting the pane again by clicking OK or Cancel usually permits clicking on thoughts in the plex again. But frequently, if I eventually return to the preferences pane and change something and then return to the plex, the problem will arise again very shortly. The problem is sporadic.  Staying away from the preferences pane seems to be the key for me.


Unlinking in PB Mac
Same here, in all views.

MacOS 10.5.6, PB


Extra space in Notes window
Mac OS 10.5.6, Java 6, PB Click image for larger version - Name: Picture_2.png, Views: 63, Size: 49.76 KB
Inconsistent behavior in Reports window on MAC OSX
On a Mac, control clicking on a thought in the plex brings up the contextual menu, while command clicking on a thought adds the thought to the selection box. But inside the reports window, control clicking on a thought simultaneously brings up the contextual menu and adds the thought to the selection box, while command clicking just activates the thought. It seems to me the behavior should be the same as in the plex. This behavior is present in PB 5.0 as well as in the most recent beta (

OSX 10.5.6, Java SE 6

Using command key in keyboard accelerators
Using PB with Mac OS 10.5.6 and Java SE 6

Using the command (equivalently Apple) key in a keyboard accelerator generates weird results:

(1) starting from the default list of accelerators, create an accelerator for the command Thought>Add Attachment by choosing command+F2 (i.e, hold the command key down and press the function key F2). Instead of creating the accelerator command+F2, a note appears at the bottom of the preferences window saying "key already used by Create Jump".  But the default accelerator for Create Jump is F2, not command+F2.

(2) Try creating an accelerator of the form command+i (where i is any of the number keys from 1 to 5). Nothing shows up in the Accelerator column. But if you use i=6, then command+6 does show up in the Accelerator column.


How to do bulk move? (or even copy?)
Once you have all the thoughts you want to move in the selection, make the new parent the active thought and then use the Edit menu to link the selection as children to the active thought.


On a Mac, tags breaks the equivalence of ctrl-click and right click
On a Mac, ctrl-click with a one button mouse is the standard equivalent of right clicking with a two button mouse.

In, when you right click on a tag, you get a contextual menu. But if you ctrl-(left)click, you generate a tag thought.

OS 10.5.2
Can't hide tag labels in plex
Is there any way of hiding the tag name as one mouses over a thought with a tag.  (I'm not talking about hiding tag hints.)


tag clutter and 1 or 2 possible bugs on moving to pb5
Try invoking reset tools menu from the Options menu to get the tags tab back.  Showing tags in the plex is the default behavior.

OS 10.5.2
Java 1.6

Graphics in note view export as black
GlenBuecker wrote: Graphics that I paste into the note section look fine on screen (within PB), but when viewed in a browser they are solid black. Even the graphic file located within the PB file is black. Although, they look fine in the note section.

Mac PB Pro

I have a similar difficulty. When using Safari 3 I get the black box. When using Firefox 3 I can see the image, but with a reddish overlay which makes it unusable.

OS 10.5.2
Java 1.6
unable at attach files
PaulYoung wrote: Mmmmm should add some comment

I am on Leopard OSX and upgraded from to

When I go to attach a file the entry is grayed out in the finder

(Be great to be able to search my files in the brain as well!!)

I have the same problem, using OSX 10.5.2.
User created Themes
User created themes that are listed in the Options:Set Theme menu in PB don't show up in that menu when using the PB 5 beta. One workaround: open the brain in, select a user created theme, close the brain and reopen it in 5.0.0.x. Then use Save theme. Now the theme will appear on the Options:Set Theme menu in the PB Beta.

OS 10.5.2
Java 6

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