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Brain quits on launch with no apparent errors
Hi Dave, I recommend sending a full copy of your output.log file to TheBrain support team so that they can assist you. They are pretty good at resolving issues like this in a timely manner. I haven't updated to Java 7 yet myself, but I'll attempt to update this weekend and see if I run into the same issue.
Notes not showing
hock, glad to hear the suggestion helped
Notes not showing
You should be able to find a backup of your notes in your _brain folder in the folder called brain_cdbb, they are stored as files with the .clb extension. Change their extension to .htm or .html then you can open them in your web browser. If your brain has been corrupted these files might not open legibly, but it's worth a quick peek .
Brain quits on launch with no apparent errors
1. What Is your desktop OS.

2. Can you post the log file for review.

3. If you have TheBrain installed on a Windows machine, what's your install path, can you try installing in another directory outside of program files(x86) and see if you still run into the same issue.

4. Maybe its the location your opening your brain from, what if you move your existing brain into another directory then try opening it, or try creating a new brain in another direcory, do you still run into the same issue.
Java vulnerabilities, and how to use thebrain without Java RTE?
I concur with Steeph.
Quote: It seems Java for websites is getting out of fashion.
Most definitely the case now. With the presence of JavaScript, which has been around for a long time now, there is no need to use Java in the browser like it was in the old days of applets and such. It is more used on the backend (jsp pages).
“Send To” submenu of Windows Explorer
Try re-installing TB by running the installer as admin. Also, after the installation has completed, try running TB as admin. It's a shot in the dark (if you already haven't tried), but I would give it a go as it could be a permission issue where TB can't create reg entry or something for the send to integration.
Windows flicker after opening additional Notes window
I was able to reproduce this one as well.

Steps to reproduce:
1. On the current thought which has focus select (view > html view).
2. Right click the same thought in the plex then select (open notes window).

Win 7 (64)
triangle thoughts
Wow the original post on this thread doesnt even make sense.
Notes Images Saving Outside Brain?
Thanks parker, I will check and let you know what I find on my end.
Notes Images Saving Outside Brain?
What if you activate another thought then come back to the thought where the image is being stored in your temp folder, is it then moved into your brain folder? To my understanding, the way it works is that the image is first stored in a temp location and then it is moved into the brain, I could be wrong though just gining my 2 cents .
BUG: Pasting in thought outline that has a thought matching the name of an existing thought gets dialog stuck behind other [modal] dialog
What if you paste the outline into plain old notepad, then copy and paste from notepad into your brain, does it work then? If so, then maybe when you paste into UltraEdit the tabs are not being retained (correctly). If you look at the outline in a hex editor the tabs should be retained as value 09h.
Notes window issues
If you open a Notes Window as a separate panel, it becomes incredibly unstable -- both it and the Brain window beneath it jitter violently and rapidly, and text entered into the Notes panel displays with the letters scrambled.

Can you post a screenshot or video? What version of TB are you using and what is your Java version? Do certain windows/menus not re-paint/re-draw when you hover over them? killed my calendar
I am running the same version (7032 on Win 7 64bit) and I do not run into this issue. Here is what I would try if you haven't already done so (in the order listed).

1. Reboot your computer (then re-check). 

2. Reset tools layout to see if that helps (options > reset tools layout then re-check)

3. Try updating to the latest version of Java (then re-check).

4. If none of the above work, load the calendar then close TB 7032, capture a copy of your log file to send on over to support. I would create a support request by visiting support.thebrain.com.

SiteBrain HTML in Chrome 18.x on 10.7.x
Viewing the sitebrain locally (on your local machine) wont work in Chrome. However, I think if you upload it to your web server and view it online in Chrome it will work. You should give that a try.
Instant search does not work for links
uhh, It is not possible to find links using instant search. It is a great suggestion though, I would definitely post it to TheBrain's UserVoice page.
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