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import word outline still NOT WORKING
I made exact outline file like harlan did, tried to import it and it doesnt work. pb and j-1.6.0_11 here

maybe it's because I am using word 2003 to create the file and with the fileconverter downloaded form the windows site I am able to save it as a .docx - but it's not an original word 2007 file

Difference between PersonalBrain & BrainEKP
Vielen Dank!

Wow, so gesehen ist das Programm für meine Zwecke durchaus sinnvoll. Seh ich das also richtig, dass das Unternehmen also ein riesiges Brain machen kann, bei dem jeder Mitarbeiter zu jeder Zeit einfach Sachen editieren kann? Ich finde keine Angaben über Preise des Programmes, weißt du da etwas mehr? Ich werde TheBrain mal fragen, ob ich zu wissenschaftlichen Zwecken eine Demo des Programmes bekommen kann. Um zu wissen, ob das wirklich in meine Arbeit noch dazu gehört, sollte ich es mir angeschaut haben ^^

Ich studiere an der Universität Koblenz Informationsmanagement. Und da das grobe Thema das Management (= Steigerung der Effektivität) von Kreativität(ssitzungen) im Unternehmen ist und PersonalBrain nur als Werkzeug genutzt wird, ist es glaub ich gar nicht sooo exotisch Wobei ich es ur-interessant finde

Liebe Grüße,

Difference between PersonalBrain & BrainEKP
Hi there!

Maybe I'm asking a question that is obvious for all of you but I surfed through the BrainEKP Pages and asked myself: Okay, where exactly is the difference to my PersonalBrain?

I am writing my bachelorthesis about PersonalBrain and its usage in companies for creativity sessions. As you all know PersonalBrain is for single users only, but there are ways to combine the brains of each company member to a big brain. So I don't really see the difference between EKP and PB and I'm sure this has to do with my limited english skills so I do not fully understand the explanations about EKP on the TheBrain Site. I hope you can help me and outline the biggest differences of both programs

Best regards,
Silvia Kerne
Using PersonalBrain on 'low details'
Hi everybody!

I'm using PersonalBrain Pro Edition on my laptop, which is a Dell Inspiron 2200, with 1,4ghz and only 256MB RAM. My laptop really slows down while working with personalbrain and even the program itself 'laggs' from time to time. For example the circle in the middle of the brain around the active thought, which is always spinning in a circle ... it takes an amount of my memory, although I do not need this animation. Is there any possibility to turn this off? Are there any other preferences to save ressources of my laptop?

Best regards,

Sharing a brain over the internet
As I said, I already found the perfect solution to my problem by using DropBox! It synchronizes exactly the folders I want them to synchronize between my laptop and my PC!
Sharing a brain over the internet
Hi everybody!

I'm knew to this community, so I thought I open up my membership with a question to all of you, hopefully you have an idea that might help me
I'm writing my bachelor thesis at the moment and it has the topic (roughly): can PersonalBrain help to document creativity processes in project management (such as brainstorming), so any person that gets the brain can handle problems and issues the same way, the person before (who made the brain) did. So you can share knowledge and so on and so on.

Now, my problem is not topic-related but personal-brain-using-related
I have a laptop and a desktop, PersonalBrain is - of course - installed on both (Pro Edition) but the only problem I have is: If I upgrade my Brain using my laptop, I want it to have it on my desktop pc as well, so I don't have to copy folders and stuff like that. Now of course I could do it over the private network, making a network drive and so on, but for this my laptop or desktop have to be turned on the same time. I am using my laptop more than half of the time, sitting in bed, I don't want to turn on my desktop pc that uses a lot of power I would just need to have the network drive online. Hopefully you understand what my problem is

Now I thought if it's possible to store my Brain-Folder anywhere online. I tried to add a network ressource to my personal webspace over ftp and wanted to tell PersonalBrain to store my brain there ... but PersonalBrain did not want to

Does anyone have an idea how to manage this?
Maybe using an USB Stick is a solution as well, but you always have to remember to plug it into your pc (well, otherwise you wouldn't even see your brain and that would remind you to plug the stick in ) but I want it as easy as possible ... having an online space would make no further work.

If you think I'm extremely lazy ... yes, I am but furthermore I am writing about creativity processes such as brainstorming and if you got that important idea and you want to hold on to this idea and you first need to find your usb stick and plug it in and so on, that's not the kind of brainstorming I'm thinking of.

Thanks for reading anyway and maybe you come up with good ideas

Best regards,

Woho, even though I used the Forum Search I did not find the thread I now found, suggesting DropBox. I think I found the solution to my problem by myself ;D

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