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TheBrain 9 Theme - Bear Cobalt
LOVE this theme!!!  Thank you!
Duplicate Entries for thought Type in context menu
Hi Patrick, this brain contains a bunch of personal information I'd rather not share. :-(
Duplicate Entries for thought Type in context menu
Yes, I am left handed so I say wrong click instead of right click. 
Two Annoying UI issues
First Annoying Issue
  1. Bring a thought with note content into focus
  2. Scroll through the note then highlight some content in the note to do a copy or cut
  3. The Note pane opens up the toolbar, and your selected content is now un-highlighted!

Second Annoying Issue
  1. Drag and drop a file onto the tab area of the page to add a link to it
  2. The file appears in the un-tabbed attachment list.
  3. Click or wrong-click on one of the icons to do something.
  4. The listing of files rearranges itself into a different order. 
Duplicate Entries for thought Type in context menu
In one of my brains, whenever I wrong-click on a thought and go to Type to see the list of types I can use, there are many duplicate entries there.  When I search for the thought associated with that type, I get only one hit. 

Is there any way to delete or clean up these extra entries?
Turning off auto-URLs in Notes
Is there any way to turn OFF the automatic conversion of URLs into links in the note for a thought?  It is irritating beyond belief. 
Another error when dragging and dropping files (#3620)
On .158 of TB9, on a Mac with the latest OSX...
  1. Click down into 3 thoughts to find a thought you are looking for. 
  2. Add a child thought to that thought by clicking on the little circle under the thought and dragging it.
  3. Name the new thought
  4. Make the new thought the active thought, then add a child thought to it in the same manner.
  5. Drag two files from the Finder window onto the attachments display pane.
  6. The files become attached to some other thought that you had previously looked at!
Bug with creating and moving attachments
On a Mac, latest version of OSX, TB9.157...

  1. In Preferences set behavior for dragged and dropped files to "Link to dropped files"
  2. Create a new thought
  3. Drag a file icon from the Desktop onto the attachment tab area of the new thought.
  4. Right click on the file icon in the attachment list pane, and select "Move File into Brain"
  5. File is moved into brain, looks OK.
  6. Double click on the file icon in the attachment pane.
  7. Error dialog appears saying:  "There is nothing located at the specified location"
Status of Web Brain 9? (#168 and #61)
I understand that the development of Web Brain 9 is continuing, and that the product is not ready for prime time.  But I did want to get a sense of what's been going on in that area, specifically to see if it would be possible to fix a couple of huge bugs that would make the current tool slightly more usable.

First, with PDF attachments in a thought, the PDF does not render correctly in the preview.  Instead you just see a stream of random ASCII characters in place of the PDF.

So, no problem, just download the PDF, right?  Well, you can't do that.  Whenever you click on the attachment's tab to access a file to download it, the plex reconfigures to some random thought! 

Anyway, if it was at least possible to download an attached file from from the Web Brain, that would make it more useful as I often find myself on a Linux machine with no way to access my TB9. 

Again, I understand that the development effort for Web Brain is distinct from that for the MacOS, Windows, and mobile clients, and that it'll get fixed when it gets fixed.  But if it would be possible to at least download a PDF from the Web Brain right now, that would be swell.
Linking a thought to a folder
Thanks, Patrick.  Is there a way to create a link in the plex or attachments area when you have settings to copy or move files on drag n drop?
Linking a thought to a folder
OK, so clearly I am missing something.  But I can't for the life of me figure out how to easily create an attachment in a thought that simply opens up Finder on a Mac to a particular folder. 

I even tried an attachment that was just small shell script with /usr/bin/open /path/to/my/stuff. 

What does work is to enter a file:// URL.  If that's the only way, OK.  But I was wondering if there is an easier way.

I really need to map content on a hard drive to parts of my v9 brain, so this would be very helpful.

Notes and Attachment Areas (#3407, #3409, #3418, #3494, #3708 and #3509)

This has been a great discussion! I absolutely HATE the new notes/attachments area in v9, but am forcing myself to get used to it.

One thing that is absolutely FRUSTRATING for me is the following:  Let's say you have 10 attachments in a thought, pictures, PDF files, whatever.  When the v9 interface is arranged so that the plex is on top, the notes/att area is on the bottom, and the tabs for each attachment are off to the left, something very irritating happens.  When you click on the tab for a particular attachment, that tab either moves up or down (to reveal the four little icons underneath), depending on it's position in the list.  THIS is irritating to me.  I really wish the tabs would behave ONE WAY when you click on them.  Personally, I would prefer that they always open up in such as way as to NOT move what is under the mouse cursor.  Sometimes, I click on the tab for an attachment, then I want to double-click on that same tab to open up the attachment in its native application.
Exporting thoughts in The Brain 9
jbaty wrote: All these years and I didn't know I could CMD-click on a gate to select all the related thoughts. Nice!

Same here.  And I just discovered that I can easily wrong-click on an attachment, select Copy, then paste it into an email, folder, etc.  Harlan is right:  There should be no need to directly mess around with the folder structure set up inside of TB's data folders. 
Sync/Login Authentication Error with TB9 140 (#3284)
I decided to blow away the configuration directory for TB9 and start from scratch, and by doing so was able to log in and re-sync my brain.
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