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Move File out of brain needs a LOT of work (#3477 and #4522)
@zenrain, yeah, it's the virtual thoughts/folders.  Also I think it's a side effect (for me) of losing the Linux client, but I am hopeful that the web client will help alleviate that particular problem. 

Thanks for the info on the open bugs!
Move File out of brain needs a LOT of work (#3477 and #4522)

@CaptainJustice, one thing I have started doing is simply keeping all my files in just a few huge-ass directories on my computer.  All the files are sync'd to other machines via Nextcloud or Box. 

Then I simply drag them into my plex whenever I need them in a thought, and they get represented as a link/shortcut to the file on my drive. 

Of course, you lose the context of the plex when you're exploring the files via Finder/Explorer.  But it helps me a bit to have my files available to be easily sync'd and available to other applications on other machines. 

Move File out of brain needs a LOT of work (#3477 and #4522)
Agree with The Cap'n.

Since switching over to V9, I have found myself using the Brain less.  I think that is because it isn't very "open", by that I mean there are not that many ways to connect to it, other than via the UI.  I have files and applications spread out across several workstations and mobile devices, and a few storage and app servers.  I'd find it a lot more useful if there was an API or scripting language I could use to create links between applications on my local machine as well as web-based applications.

Back to the Cap'ns point:  I'd like to see an "explorer view", where all thoughts that contain file attachments of any type are represented as folders, and opening the folder shows you just the files that are in there.  If an attachment-containing thought is the child of another thought, then it would be represented as a folder inside of another folder named for its parent.

The explorer view would look and behave just like the explorer in OSX or Windows, so that you can easily manipulate files en masse without having to navigate to each thought then selecting "Open thought folder in Finder...".

I think I understand why such a request might go against the basic philosophy of The Brain, since it pulls you out of the plex into the old world of files and folders.  But sometimes I need to go there. 
A couple of questions about the Notes Editor
And now thanks to metta I have a new term to add to my UI lexicon:  "hamburger dropdown menu".  :-)
Bug Report: Home thought icon grayed out
Hey Sean, I can't replicate it!  If I figure out how to do so, I will let you know. 
Accessing files without Drag and Drop
Thanks so much to everyone, this is all very helpful!
Bug Report: Home thought icon grayed out
On a Macbook with all the latest updates, latest alpha channel version of TB9.

  1. Turn on computer, log in.
  2. Start TB9
  3. TB9 opens up on the last brain I was working with, open to the last thought I left off at active.  So far so good.
  4. Go to click on the little house icon to return the plex to the home thought, and it's grayed out!
  5. Click on the parent thought of the currently active thought, parent thought becomes active thought
  6. AND the house icon is enabled.
Accessing files without Drag and Drop
This has been a persistent PITA for me, and I figured before I went and complained about it, I would ask the collective folks here how they do things.

This problem is this:  On a Mac, accessing internal brain files using an application or web page that does NOT support drag and drop.

If I have a file that is living internally to a given brain, and some non-drag-n-drop app needs that file, here's what I do:

  1. In the application or web page, I click on whatever causes the file open dialog box to appear.
  2. Using this dialog box I navigate to the Brains directory, then to the subdirectory for that particular brain, then to the folder with the long-ass object ID name that contains my file.
  3. I select the file and go on my merry way.

This kind of works OK, except that you have to know which of the mysteriously named folders contains your file.  I typically find it by looking at the "Date Modified" date for the folders, and I can usually narrow it down that way.  But that's clunky and  slow and doesn't always work.

Another way of course is to "Copy Path to Thought's Folder", then paste that path into the file open dialog.  I've done this too, but again it's kind of clunky.

Question:  Does anyone know of a better way?  I thought about maybe moving all my files out of my brain and putting them somewhere else on my drive, but then I'm not sure what the best way to organize them outside of the brain would be.  If anyone has gone this route, I'd appreciate hearing how you did it.

TheBrain 9 Theme - Bear Cobalt
LOVE this theme!!!  Thank you!
Duplicate Entries for thought Type in context menu
Hi Patrick, this brain contains a bunch of personal information I'd rather not share. :-(
Duplicate Entries for thought Type in context menu
Yes, I am left handed so I say wrong click instead of right click. 
Two Annoying UI issues
First Annoying Issue
  1. Bring a thought with note content into focus
  2. Scroll through the note then highlight some content in the note to do a copy or cut
  3. The Note pane opens up the toolbar, and your selected content is now un-highlighted!

Second Annoying Issue
  1. Drag and drop a file onto the tab area of the page to add a link to it
  2. The file appears in the un-tabbed attachment list.
  3. Click or wrong-click on one of the icons to do something.
  4. The listing of files rearranges itself into a different order. 
Duplicate Entries for thought Type in context menu
In one of my brains, whenever I wrong-click on a thought and go to Type to see the list of types I can use, there are many duplicate entries there.  When I search for the thought associated with that type, I get only one hit. 

Is there any way to delete or clean up these extra entries?
Turning off auto-URLs in Notes
Is there any way to turn OFF the automatic conversion of URLs into links in the note for a thought?  It is irritating beyond belief. 
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