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"truncated" searching not possible anymore

Hi Zenrain,thanks a lot for that prompt reply.I followed your suggestions and re-indexed both indexes. Then I realized that I must have come across with only a "special case" within PBs normal behaviour. Yes, quick search seems to be working again, but not reliably. The issue I was reporting relates to a special thought that has 5 words in it (all synonyms of the first one).

See screenshot.

Every time I typed in the first 1 or 2 letters the thought in cuestion DID show up but disappeared again after adding another character as is if this additional character was NOT part of the word, but of course it was. In order to find out the reason I started changing the word order. Only after a third or fourth rearrangement the thought showed up as expected.
Good to see that you could reproduce this issue ...
IMO it is a pretty serious bug since now we never now whether or not a thought is part of the Brain.

Click image for larger version - Name: pb-example.jpg, Views: 94, Size: 122.50 KB
"truncated" searching not possible anymore
This was one of my favorite features in PB: to jump to any thought with just a few keystrokes by simply typing in the first letters. So in order to find a thought like "History of Great Britain" one could just type "his grea" BUT ALSO "brit hist", in other words, the order of the words within a topic didn't matter at all. When I upgraded to PB 7 I realised that this feature had been lost. Since the first Betas up today it doesn't work anymore (at least in my brain which has - or should I say 'had" - about 22 000 thoughts.
The loss of this feature has shocked me in a way that I stopped using PB since then as it has become almost useless - there are so many thoughts in it that I can't find anymore via this "quick search".
BTW: Before writing these lines I tried to fix this issue myself (reindexing the db etc), but the problem still persists).

Brainzip Corrupting Database
Hello Jim and Spacenexus,
thanks for your replies and sorry for replying late, but I'm actually too busy with literally no time to start my PC after getting home late.

Hello Mat,
I'll contact you as soon as possible (probably within the next 2-3 days).
Brainzip Corrupting Database
I must admit that I'm having a similar problem: just realized that - after upgrading to TheBrain_windows_7_0_1_6. But already some weeks ago I realized that some topics didn't have the correct notes content, but I thought it was me who had made this mistake accidentally.
Now, after installing this Beta 7_0_1_6 - and especially after having read your posting yesterday, I now see that a lot of thoughts indeed show up with a notes content that has absolutely nothing to do with them. Now I'm pretty sure that it was NOT me who had mixed up so many thoughts.
The problem is that I can't reproduce (and recall) when the problem did occur for the first time, since I haven't been using PB for 3 weeks or so and did not restore it from a brainzip backup either.
My brain has about 20 000 thoughts (almost with no attachment at all) and I'm pretty sure that I won't never be able to check which of them are corrupted. What a mess.


PB Version
Java 1.6.0-29
Windows Vista Home Premium 6.0.6002 SP 2 Build 6002
instant search with "*" and "#"
Try using % (e.g. %1832).


thread lines
In other words, a sort of a "breadcrumbs navigation" in order to find your way back (and forth again) ... excellent idea!
This way one could even prepare different presentations with the same knowledge base and make it/them repeatable.
I support this idea (enthusiastically!).

Mulible PB search
Quote: and if you found the right PB-note with Archivarius, I assume it shows the PB-foldername and than you navigate up, so you can start the brain and search for the PB-ID, correct?
Yes, well, more or less. When I see the brain with the thought(s) in cuestion, I simply open it and repeat the search (since searching within PB is very fast as well).

crashing with
Oh, I guess I should have read the manual more thoroughly.
Thanks for that hint.

Mulible PB search
Quote: how can I search over mulible brains
In order to retrieve all my notes in all of my brains, I'm very happy with Archivarius. It can handle index and retrieve GBs of files in seconds, and since (my) PB notes are usually rather short, it never takes more than 1 second to see what I was looking for. And then I can locate the respective thought in the Brain itself.
But of course, there are a lot of other desktop retrieval tools that will do the same job.

crashing with
Sorry, but when I saved and posted the message, it was still there.
So 2nd try:


crashing with
Hello Moe,
well, I just reinstalled and did quite a lot of tests - but (UN?)fortunately nothing similar has happened. But I'll keep you informed.
BUT - after playing around a bit with the orphan report, I went away from my PC and returned some minutes later ... and realized that the screen has changed (see image). What ever I tried, I couldn't get rid of this strange display "mode". So I had to restart PB in order to have it disappear.


crashing with
Quote: What you mean by a silent crash?

Hi Moe,
sorry for this misunderstanding. I simply wanted to say something poetic like "and then PB says silently goodbye".
In other words, it was a simple crash. Every time I clicked on one of these orphans within the report PB closed (silently ;-) and that was all.
I would not have reported this behaviour if it did not happen three times in succession, but then - since I needed to go on working, I reinstalled the former version.

If you really can't reproduce this issue, I could install again to see if it happens again.
Let me know.
PS: I suppose that the log file in cuestion doesn't exist after reinstalling the program ...

crashing with
After installing I did a report on orphans in one of my brains, but every time a clicked on one (any) of them in order to activate and get it in the center of the screen, PB crashed "silentely".
This happened three times, so I returned to

Vista SP 2, Build 6002
Help Desk Brain
Quote: However, I found that PB does not handle pastings from Word 2010 very well if there are numbered lists. Until this is overcome I cannot create any form of really attractive copy/paste solutions.

Hello Dave,
Not sure if I understood you correctly, but I just made some tests - copying and pasting formatted text from Word (2010) to PB and viceversa:
bullet lists, numbered lists, text color and even images
Everything "arrived" well - no formatting lost - with the only exception of a yellow textmarker (background color) that gost lost when pasted from PB into Word.


How to switch between two open Brains?
OK, so at least I know now that it was not a feature but a bug.
Thanks, Moe.

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