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TB9 / Notes Editor Issues (#2949)
Harlan & Fernando . . .[thumb]

That worked!

Might be a low priority item, but it'd be nice if this an item that can be looked into so that I'm able to see my other items (particularly email) at a comfortable scale for reading.

Thanks again,
TB9 / Notes Editor Issues (#2949)

This is for a new brain; new thought.  Not imported.

Background apps that are running include:
Sophos AV (controlled by central IT)
X1 Search

Is there any remnants of the notes editor software that could've been left behind or conflicting from other software?

I run into this when trying to click in the notes editor to insert a note.  If I go back a thought and then come back to the initial thought, the cursor allows for text input.  Otherwise, no cursor is present, but the note editor is receiving input from the keyboard (it's just not visible).

I've uninstalled via Control Panel … problem persists.
I've uninstalled via Revo Uninstaller … problem persists.
I've uninstalled via Control Panel, manually checked for remaining TheBrain directories … problem persists.

TB9 / Notes Editor Issues (#2949)
Joao;  Thanks for the suggestion.  Regrettably, it's the work-around isn't working in this case.  Regardless of the positioning, the problem remains.  :-(

TheBrain Crew:  For what it's worth, I thought it might be a problem with PhraseExpander or UltraMon, but even with those applications disabled for TheBrain.exe, the probem I'm experiencing remains.
TB9 / Notes Editor Issues (#2949)
I'm having a problem with TB9 and the notes editor.  I fail to get a blinking cursor when trying to type in a note, but the notes field is accepting the keyboard input.  When I click to a child thought and then come back to the thought into which I was typing my notes, the text I typed is present.

I do not have this problem on my home machine, running Windows 10 -- Only on my work laptop, running Windows 7 Enterprise.

Log file is attached, for what it's worth.

v9.114 - Can't sync anymore | (#2909)
This behavior also occurs on my Windows 7 machine....
Server progress: 0%
Use Microsoft OneNote as Notes editor
Interesting idea... I also use OneNote extensively.  It's a pretty nifty product.

I also use add-ins from OneNote Gem that integrate with my Mind Manager (OneNote Pons) as well as other add-ins from the developer.  

I wonder, though, what problems/hurdles would be encountered if using OneNote as the Note Editor.... in particular th.e fidelity of the databases and how cascading changes (including deletions) are handled along with syncs between WebBrain/LocalBrain/OneDrive (or other cloud services).

Just thinkin' out loud here...

I like your idea and agree that it would indeed be very cool.
TheBrain | Feedback/Activity
It wasn't long ago that there were musings about TheBrain and its development.

Now that V9 is on the horizon,  I'm more than a little impressed not only with must have been an substantial technical feat, but with how active and responsive Matt, Pat, Harlan and others have been to the testers/vetters of the preview release. 

Well done, folks.

Delete V9 WebBrain (How?)
How does one delete a V9 WebBrain?  I can delete the local version, but don't see how to also delete the web version.
[Documented Issue] Update service identified as trojan malware on Windows 10? (#2602)
Same here.  Occurred on 1/4/2016.  

Win 10 / Windows Defender
Concept maps and suggestions for links
Yeah... if it's too resource-consuming on the desktop, I could see this being cloud-sourced (and that'd be another mechanism by which TheBrain can keep users in on a subscription basis).

dtSearch uses stemming and synonyms as options in its product and qualitative research tools (NVivo, AtlasTi come to mind) use thesauri for related (and oppositional) words.
Concept maps and suggestions for links
I can't help but think it would slow a search.  Perhaps the brain could have a 'deep thought' mode that could be toggled when one wants to find links/concepts that aren't readily apparent or part of a default search index.
Concept maps and suggestions for links
For link suggestions (and tags and types, too), perhaps a thesaurus would help.  In a similar vain as QSR's Nvivo, link suggestions could 'look ahead' based on (user's choice of) exact matching, stem matching, synonym matching, etc.
Readability / Visual Appeal
I've used the Solarized Theme settings, but I'm curious to know what other settings and themes users have found helpful in making their Brains visually appealing with fonts & color schemes that are readable (over the period of a few hours).  Do you use wallpaper that aids in how you layout your Brain?  

Happy Holidays and look forward to hearing from the community.
Node Types with Structured Meta Data
I may be way out in right field with this, but...

If Notes is capable of handling HTML, would it be possible to have a .html file that could be copied and pasted into Notes that is essentially a form to hold the metadata?  
Perhaps one that would link to the mysql database that's used by The Brain?

I suppose it's much harder than that, given the need for relative file locations and syncing, though.
That's one small step for a man, but a giant leap for mankind?
I've cheered them on with my wallet several years and for the last two on a Pro Subscription.
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