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Multi-line Labels Realized!
In fact you can edit Brain XML in Brain's own Notes editor. As long as you start and remain in HTML (i.e. Plain Text) view, the editor will not introduce extraneous characters.

(earlier correction excised)
pasting into notes, copying out of notes
asexymind wrote:
When I copy from a wordpad doc, it pastes an image in notes, rather than text (see pic 1)

When I copy from wordpad, then paste into notepad, then copy into notes section, the paragraphs overlaps vertically (see pic 2)

And you even wrote "equality before the flaw" at exactly that point. How apropos.

I apprised Harlan back in February about the WordPad image paste. Reply was "
We'll get that taken care of soon hopefully." It's that third-party Notes Editor again, otherwise Harlan surely would have replied with greater certitude.


Copy and Past of Code
dyslucksia wrote: Recently I was looking at personal Wiki applications and checked out WikidPad. It certainly has a lot of good features, particularly for technologically minded users, but it took a little more getting used to than The Guide, which required no training whatsoever - a very "natural" program. Submitted here as an alternative.

The Guide appears to be a flat outliner, where each node is a leaf on a single branch. WikidPad is Brain-like in supporting multi-parent, multi-category pages. It's Note-window-centric with a Tree, and doesn't have a native Plex, but has quite a few features we'd love PB to pick up: a date-time selection list of updated pages; user-ordered linked lists; search and filter results updated dynamically within pages; a dynamic Include scheme that concatenates multiple pages into one display page; untampered plain-text (yet HTML-formattable) Notes; programmability and plug-ins.

Thanks Darkstar for recommmending the program. Dys, it's well worth the learning investment.

Copy and Past of Code
rengel wrote: How can I copy code from an code editor (picture 1) and paste it into Notes without losing the indentation (picture 2)?

Unfortunately, you can't.  Notes forces all plain text into simple HTML, and removes spacing even through <pre> tags. To preserve formatting, your code must be an attachment. Most inconvenient. That's why PB needs a QuickView equivalent that would let you preview an attachment on hover, or launch an editor on hover.
Multilingual (multi-formulation) brain
  B4, TheBrain has a docket of planned enhancements for version 5.1, a huge backlog of feature requests, and a dedicated feedback forum:


 where other users are invited to weigh in on suggestions. I don't believe I've ever seen TheBrain affirm and commit to a user feature request. It's a bad corporate practice to do so anyway, because the suggestion-maker may or may not be first, and yet may expect credit or $. Relaying plans prematurely also gives too much information to competitors. Harlan sometimes used to mark certain UserVoice suggestions as "Planned", but the Forums are really too big to engage individually at a management level, except for bug reports and tracking. 

Any time spent dialoging with an individual takes away from improving the program for thousands of users, earning better reviews and more awards, making the product more marketable, and generating income.  So all you can really do is put those ideas out there if you have them, and look forward perhaps to seeing some of them in a future version of Brain. Probably a long time from now if ever. PB's lack of a personal response to suggestions is not something to feel slighted about.


Multilingual (multi-formulation) brain
b4l4nc3r wrote: Nice! Thanks for your input!! I like the sound of Alternate too.
But this feature addition is not in the context of Parent, Child and Jump relations, but instead in the context of Tags, Thought and Link Types. Although in this case the Thought and Link Types strings/labels/content/etc.. will belong and be shown according to which ALTERNATE LABEL is
activated! I know I mentioned this earlier, but just to be sure, this includes every other aspect EXCEPT for the Parent, Child and Jump relation lines/connections! These stay the same no matter which alternate label is activated!

Internally, the Brain database is a linked list, where one GUID points to another. Brain tracks the attributes of each relationship, allowing links, attachments, tags, parents, siblings, notes and so on to display each in its own way.

A Thought's Alternate would have its own GUID, and would, in many ways, be just another Thought...but one that appears not alongside parents and siblings in the Plex, but in the third dimension, hidden except when display rules or user clicks bring it out into the open.

Multilingual (multi-formulation) brain
This is a great proposal and fits very neatly into PB's data abstraction model. It might be realized by creating another relationship that parallels existing ones like Parent, Child, Jump and Link. The new one would be Alternate. The plex would recognize several different versions of the same entry, and choose the one to display based on a priority you set. So if a Chinese rendition of the thought has not yet been created, the Plex can fall back to the English. A small numeral advises of Alternate renditions of a Thought, we can flip through them, and they all show up in Search.

@Dys, this would probably accomplish your aim for keyword-oriented Thought entries that remain hidden except in Search.

Preview attachments in the plex
Dryopithecus wrote: As far as I know, currently, the Mac version can preview documents in the Plex (I don't have any experience with Mac, but I saw Harlan demonstrating this feature on video), but Windows version can only preview some image files,

Presumably integrating a Mac OS capability. Windows years ago enabled a preview with QuickView, then licensed from INSO. Version 10 remains available from Avantstar.com, for both end-user purchase ($46) and OEM integration licensing.

But even without licensing QuickView (which would be Windows only), PB could throw a user-configurable command line on the hover event for thoughts with attachments. Base it on file type, so we could hover to preview in WordView, click to edit in Word. Or use QuickView if we have it.

The ability to trigger a command-line on a hover would offer a path to an OS/agnostic preview. 

How to handle many topics with the same children?
ottohirr wrote: First off this is functionality that should be part of an advanced search and result presentation screen.

You're right. PB could go further to distinguish duplicate node names in reports. If those nodes fall under a replicated hierarchy it could:
  • Trace the ancestry further up the chain
  • Hide the levels that share names (i.e. Legal)
  • Display the nearest level that deviates (i.e. Bluetooth vs. IEE)
The display could use ellipses to hide duplicate paths:

IP Policy  <  ...Bluetooth
IP Policy  <  ...IEEE

or perhaps a count of the number of generations hidden:

IP Policy  <  (1) Bluetooth
IP Policy  <  (1) IEEE

How to handle many topics with the same children?
I'd create an additional child thought called ", All" for each of your organizations. Categorize all the descendants of OrgName, however deep, as first-level Children of "OrgName, All". Now your searches will show something like:
  • "IP Policy  <  Legal; Bluetooth, All"
  • "IP Policy  <  Legal; IEEE, All"                                         
  • Etc.
As a convention, I sort in the Plex by Thought Type. The thought ", All" would be of type "A-Subgroup" and colored deep gray, to sort near the top and be easily distinguishable from ordinary children.
Export Thoughts and Notes together.
zenrain wrote:
So a thought really isn't a note. It's a space where you can attach other stuff, group stuff, and link the stuff to each other in a way that makes sense to you.

Darkstar wrote: A Thought isn't a Note. A Thought is a container for a concept or information. A Thought's information could be purely in its Name, or it could be in its Name and Label, or it could be in its Name and link relationships to other Thoughts.

Gentlemen, Kirby wasn't arguing that a Thought is a Note. He and I are saying the note is the thought as adequately expressed. Thought names are merely labels, abbreviated by the user, truncated by PBR, and yet cluttered in the plex.

We all use the system in our own way. I use the Notes a lot; they're actually quite a friendly way to record ideas. You'll agree that hovering over a Thought Name to preview and edit is an advantage over clicking to fire up an external program. I think you'll also agree that the Thought Names alone don't say much, that they can only hint at what might be found within. Hence the need for instantaneous previewing.

But, full disclosure, I wrote some filters to make Notes usable. One import filter turns a hard space (hex A0) into a soft, and a single close quote (hex 92) into an apostrophe. Both those characters mess up the Notes display. A second filter gets rid of all the MS Office HTML, leaving bold, italic, font color, background color and not much else. HTML text imported from Word or PowerPoint is reduced to about 15% of its bloated length, with the expected improvement in performance. A third filter is the export with notes, as requested in this thread. 

All these filters should be added to PBR itself; they don't need to be integrated into the third-party Notes editor. I do agree that there's a huge problem with Notes out of the box, but truncated thought names and click-thrus are inadequate as well. So all we can do is share our workarounds and try to improve PBR. - Minor Fixes
Greetings Harlan

I got a message during install that DocumentToolkit.jar could not be installed, with the option to cancel, retry, ignore. Also could not rename the old DocumentToolkit.jar, as it was in use, even without PB running. I fired up Task Manager, saw Java was running, and cancelled it.  Then I was able to install successfully. So that's something you may want Install to test for and warn the user about.

Export Thoughts and Notes together.
Darkstar wrote: Kirby, if you continue to use PB, you'll soon lose that notion that the thought is the note. Notes are just too clunky and inconvenient as they are currently implemented.
JJS, what version of Foxpro did you use? Some version of Foxpro were supposed to be cross-platform, although I don't recall which specific versions those were.

Running VFP 9.0 SP2. It isn't just that the compiler has to be cross-platform, it's that there has to be a compiler or interpreter freely available to end-users, so they can tweak the filter to their own destination specs. And I actually agree with Kirby on this. The Note is the thought.

Anyone care to test the XML program? Set up three or four Thoughts with Notes. Paste something challenging into the notes from around the web, like Hebrew, Cyrillic, Korean. Add the Thoughts to the Selection, Right Click to Copy Selected Thoughts, and paste the resulting text into a Text file and post the file here.  Your Thoughts and notes should be able to be pasted cleanly back into Brain from the text file. I'll post a Word and/or PDF file to show how my program processed your Brain XML data, retaining most formatting.

(Of course if it chokes, I'll come clean and use your file to improve the algorithm.)

Export Thoughts and Notes together.
Kirby wrote: Is there a good way to extract Thoughts w. their Notes?
"Copying Thoughts into Other Applications as an Outline" would be great -- if it included Notes, which it doesn't. I have, perhaps mistakenly, taken to using PBrain for note-taking.

PBR's inability to export with notes in a user-friendly manner is, I think, the program's most glaring and unfathomable deficiency. I've had the suggestion up, and it's been marked as "Planned" for ages.


I finally wrote my own routines to export Thoughts and Notes -- a system that can handle virtually any character encoding, and even the most indecipherable HTML. Works beautifully. Unfortunately, it's written in Visual FoxPro. I'd share the source code (in gradual segments) if somebody else is willing to create an open-source rendition for a cross-platform, universally available interpreter, i.e. Java. TheBrain, Inc. can even have it, cheap, if they'd convert to Java and make it available to PBR users. The project wasn't that complicated, but end users shouldn't have to set up a Brain XML conversion on their own.

Otherwise we can only hope for something in 5.1.

Picture Inline Export
zenrain wrote: I'm not sure what you are seeing. I just ran a sitebrain export with some thoughts with pictures in the notes and it displayed the note information with the pictures correctly.

I think our friend simply can't find the "Insert Image" function in the Notes editor. @Yurug, images go into notes via Cut and Paste; they can be resized, and they will export to HTML successfully.
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