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Creating a Supertype
How do I create a supertype? Do supertags exist?
Green Border Around Thought
Thanks for the explanation and a solution.
Green Border Around Thought
On of my thoughts has a green border around it. What does it mean and how do I get rid of that border?
Importing Files from Visimap and MindGenius
It has been a while since I did this, but I think the solutions was to simply export the outlines from Visimap and MindGenius as tab-delimited files, then import these files into TheBrain.
Outline View?

Is it possible to switch an online Brain to an outline view? 

SimpleMind - Fine Example of Cross-Platform Mindmap
SimpleMind  at http://www.simpleapps.eu/simplemind/desktop has created an elegant cross-platform Mindmapping application that migrates seamlessly across PC/Mac/iPad/Android. It lacks the sophistication of TheBrain, but illustrates the potential of a fine program to work on most devices at a modest cost. Can TheBrain achieve a similar adaptation without relying on a pricey WebBrain subscription?  
Copying Multiple Thoughts With Their Children, Parents, & Jumps
This 'to copy' strategy works nicely.  The only slight wrinkle I have is that the child thoughts I wish to copy and paste to a new Brain, are nested a few levels deep in a hierarchy, and have their own groups of extra parent and jump thoughts.  When I select the appropriate level of crawl steps to include the extra parent thoughts of those child thoughts, I also get many of the parent thoughts from the general hierarchy.  However, I can forget or delete unwanted parent thoughts after pasting the copied group.   Is there is a better solution?
Copying Multiple Thoughts With Their Children, Parents, & Jumps
After much experimentation, I discovered the limits of copying multiple thoughts, as well as crawling for children, parents, and jumps of those multiple thoughts.  As Martin stated,  the copying and crawling needs to be done several times.  Thank you all for the help.  
Copying Multiple Thoughts With Their Children, Parents, & Jumps
This stretegy works if I select only one child of a thought group and want to include its children, parents and jumps,  However, I cannot select several children of a thought and copy all of the children, parents, and jumps of those thoughts, and then paste the entire group of thoughts with all of their connected thoughts into a new Brain.
Copying Multiple Thoughts With Their Children, Parents, & Jumps
I have been able to copy a single thought, including its parents, children, & jumps and paste it into a new Brain.  However, I don't seem able to copy multiple thoughts, including all of their parents, children, & jumps, and then paste the result into a new brain.  Is this possible?
Export Selection as OPML
I see several old rerquests for OPML export capability.  Is this being considered?  I have a few rather complex PB files that I'd like to export to Tinderbox on the Mac.  OPML export would make this possible.  Do we need more votes for this feature before it will be considered? 
Exporting to Tinderbox
Can I export in OPML format?  If so, how is this done?
Exporting to Tinderbox
Is there a way to export an entire PB file to Tinderbox?  If so, would an outline structure be maintained?  I suspect that one would have to create XML files that could be read by Tinderbox.
New version thebrain 7
I've been a loyal Brain customer for 14 years, upgrading regularly from versions 1 to 6.  The recent $100 upgrade from 6 Pro to 7 Pro seems excessive for primarily curving and labeling the links (I realize there are some other new features, but they are not relevant to my needs).  Although the curved links look more appealing, they often are semi-obscured in large, complex layouts, especially outlines.  At this point, I'm hesitant to pay $100, after 14 years of buying upgrades, for what seems like a few minor improvements that should have been offered free to long-time customers.
[Feature request] User defined sort order in plex

I am puzzled about the lack of response to the request for user defined sort order of a plex (or drag and drop capability).  The current sort order options force the display into sequences that I really don't want.  I'd like to have the thoughts displayed in the order that I formulate them.  At the very least, it would be helpful to be able to drag and drop thoughts where I want them in the outline view (re-ordering an expanded view is not an appealing solution).  This request dates back to 2008 at least.  The design team keeps adding fancy bells and whistles, but seems to be indifferent to this fundamental design request.  Why?   I'm tempted to resist an upgrade until this core capability is implemented!

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