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Some preference on Note editor
Currently, the spelling checker is always ON, which make most of my note unreadable (computer codes).  I can turn it off but I have to do that every time I opened the note.  Is there a way to permanently turn off the spell checker?

I also do a lot of web clipping.  The clipped content usually show a lot of "Element Border" (dashed rectangles around blocks of text or picture).  Again, I can turn it off under Table >> Hide Element Borders, but I have to do it  every time I opened the note.

So I will really appreciate a way or new setting to allow user turn it off.  I understand that the Note Editor is probably a reduced version of another not-so-well-known HTML editor.  It will be great if such preference switch can be provided to TheBrain user.  Or maybe it has been replaced in the upcoming version 9?
Add folder and its all contents in as "external links"

Thanks a lot for the reply.  Due to large size of those attachment and retain access to other software, I would really like the capability to add them as external links.  I cannot wait to see this features implemented!!

How to open attachments without making the thought "centered"

You got exactly what I tried to do.  Sorry for my wrong terminology.  "Active thought" is the official term to my "centered thought".  [smile]

And the keyboard shortcut ("accelerator") of Thought >> Open Attachment (needs to be assigned to e.g. ctrl-shift-a) works the wonder for me.

The icon clicking won't work if I have more than one attachment since you cannot select it with mouse hovering.

Thanks a lot!!
How to open attachments without making the thought "centered"
I like the Outline View, which allows me to see "upward" relationship and extended "map" to much farther depth.  However, whenever I need to open an attachments (such as PDF, my main content holder), I have to "click and centered" that thought otherwise the content of the Thought tab will be changed.   But when I do that, I lost the viewing scope to the sibling (in Outline mode".

I can kind of work around this issue with Extended View, but wonder if there is a way to "lock the Though tab content" so I can open the attachment without changing the map (center thought).

Add folder and its all contents in as "external links"
Similar to adding folders as the Virtual Thought.  However, VT is much less desired due to
1. search cannot go into the attachment (which is the exactly purpose of my intent)
2. When delete any thoughts under the VT, the actual files in the disk are deleted.  Horrible idea!
Statistics limited by report/search/a parent?
One purpose is to make sure when one use selection box to copy all thoughts selected by crawling downward to 20 layers (max) are everything down there.  Otherwise, there may be some thoughts not included and users is not aware of.
Add folder and its all contents in as "external links"
For example, I have some PDFs, Excel, and Word files in a folder ABC that has the keyword, "foobar" that I would like to find via search.

Currently, I drag the folder in first as a link.  Then, in Window File Explorer I select all files in that folder and drag in under that thought with folder as a link to make them child thoughts with link to each file.

I wonder if there is a way to simply drag the folder and all its content being added in as child thoughts and with each file as external link?

"Folder as Virtual Thought" is disabled in preference.

Statistics limited by report/search/a parent?
Is there a way to get statistic data but with a confined scope defined by report, search, a parent, or a selection box?

Request: Scrolling Note with wheel when mouse on thought
Thanks for the hint.  Actually, you don't even need to click on the Note window first.  Just mouse on the thought, you can use keyboard arrow keys and PgUp/Dn to scroll.  But it is still not so smooth: you hold mouse to point the thought, try to locate the keys on the keyboard, scroll it, and hold back to the mouse to find next thought,...

It is a lot more quicker if users can use the mouse to do the whole process.

Actually, the real nice thing is that when mouse on a thought or the small yellow Note indicator at right-lower corner, a zoom in Note window (just like the zoom in if you have icon on that thought) will show up to display the Note.  This way, a user a use the maximum plex size without switch back and forth to see the Note.

(comma trick) allow user specified delimiter
Add my appreciation.

I was just wondering how can I tell 'Apple' under 'Computer' from 'Apple' under 'Tree', and this feature solves this issue.

However, PB's search box will give your more information when the search got multiple hits such as:
Apple < Computer
Apple < Tree

even the "Context Sensitive Naming Shortcuts" is not used.

Request: Scrolling Note with wheel when mouse on thought
One tradeoff I constantly faced when use PB is how large should my plex be.

I like "update tools(note) on mouseover thoughts", which allows me to see the details of thoughts on the fly.  I also like to view large plex, but when doing so my note can only be shown in a tiny window which makes page scrolling necessary most of the time.

Then, I have to click on the thought to make it active before I can scroll the note page, which pretty much negate the "update tools(note) on mouseover".

So I would like to request a way to scrolling note page without needing to make the thought active.  One way to do so is to allow user to use mouse wheel to scroll the note page when mouse hovers on top of that thought. (Currently, mouse wheel will zoom the thoughts when mouse is on the plex).  This way a user can hover mouse on one thought to see the note and use wheel to scroll the note and real all details even with large plex and small note window.

Please consider this feature!  Thanks!

Memory leakage in 5.005 Beta
This is major holding up for me to upgrade to core or pro version.  I also had one incidence running PB from a USB stick.  After leaving it for about an hour, PB started to be very sluggish and eventually it frozen up.  Then I found out my USB drive is un-readable and need to be format.  I lost all my other data on the USB drive.  I have never wanted to try running PB on USB or even with data on USB since then.  BTW, I also use a lot of links and almost always in expand view.

Since PB only allows 2 installations, and I had home, work, and laptop to run my work.  This force people like me to run PB from USB.  But with such risk, it is iimpossible to use it until this issue is resolved.


Prompt saving before leaving saved Extended View
One great feature of PB (or OneNote) is that  you can close the software and know that all the change is saved automatically.  Such mindset may creep into the usage of "saved Extended View". Unfortunately, if one leave the ext. view (such as switch to other views) without saving, all the change will be lost.

Would it be possible to auto save the extended view if it is an already saved view?  Or at least prompt the user that the change in the extended view is about to be lost if not saved?



Beta 5 Expanded view doesn't allow to link thought to become childeren!
This issue seems to still remain for  I found a workaround, which is not pretty but work.  I tried to report this bug but and found that it has been acknowledged.

In the expanded view, if you want to link thought A to B, the direct link between them (jump or child link) will not work.  But if you select one of them first (e.g. A) so that it (A) will show up in the history line (bottom of plex), then the linking between B on the plex and A in the history line will work. This way it is still workable without leaving the Extended View.


Memory leakage in 5.005 Beta
I had one strange "crash" and wonder if it is related to the memory leak. was installed on one USB drive (with about 1.5GB left).  The data file is also on the same drive.  It was running fine and was idle for may be more than an hour.  When I get back to work on it, PB was so sluggish that I though that my USB stick may not be fast enough (but it was running ok an hour ago).  Finally I got the "delayed write error" from the task bar.  I shut down PB and tried to do the "safely  remove USB..." routine but found no such icon in the task bar.  After I detached the USB drive and re-connect, the file system on it was corrupted and I was told to format the drive.  I lost all data.  Good thing is that I had backup before this test drive.

The Kingston USB drive worked for me for almost a year and without any problem at all in the past.

This experience really get me away from running PB from USB, at least for the beta.


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