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REPORT shows change on Attachments in V8

Yes, it is very tiresome trying to hover mouse across a page long of list to find out the what I did a few days ago.  And after every click on the thought in the list, the list disappeared (same behavior with Search),   The old format in V8 has a dedicated static window view with dates (and sorted by creation/modified dates is critical) is much usable in my case.

REPORT shows change on Attachments in V8

Thanks for the reply.  And yes, it is what I am looking for.  However, the minimalist style of v9 is really not my cup of tea.  It would be great if the date/time stamp of change is shown, and better yet, the parent or child thought (context) is also appearing. 

I am still too much indulged by V8.  But thanks for the great future of V9.
REPORT shows change on Attachments in V8
I often used REPORT to show the thought that I worked on recently.   This is tremendously helpful feature to regain my memory (that's why TheBrain comes in) on tasks.

However, it seems that if I only work/update the documents (as internal attachments), it will be not be shown as recently modified in REPORT.

So I would appreciate some sharing to help me on this issue.  My needs is basically a "breadcrumb" map to show all the traces that I have been working (preferably with time stamps, just like REPORT did).
FULL search box, please
After an afternoon of going back to V8, it is such a joy that I am willing to let go some new feature for now.  [smile]

Look forward to see V9 catching up soon.
FULL search box, please
Further comparison (a very simple test brain is attached)

* In Win7 machine, V8 full search box can find text string in internal or external attachment, such "matplotlib" in program.py file or the renamed program.txt files
* V9.0.226 can only find the internal test.txt file.  It cannot find the same string in internal or external test.py.  It cannot find external program.py either.

* In V9.0.226, it seemed the REPORT can also do some search.  I tested the search in attachment function by setting: 
Thought: By Attachment
Type: either Internal or External

** it can find the thought by using the keyword in the filename of the attachment, with keyword entered in the Name: box.
** it can NOT find anything with keyword entered in the Search: box.  Nothing I typed in there gives any search result back.  It is like a black hole.
FULL search box, please
Thanks for the reply!

- It is understood that the search result is kept.  But if you have more than 1-page worth of search result, it is quite bothersome to click-open, click-scroll, click-scoll, until one find the last clicked one (I may already forgot exact which one I clicked last time with such similarity) 

+ In V8, I can quickly click one and the next to see which one is the right one by the parent and child thoughts and its location on the plex.

I don't know if Win7 can find the entry with its indexing function.  I can use "grep" ported from Linux/unit, but it is not the generic OS capability.  I understand V9 uses OS's capability, but I don't know how to check how Win7 (with what function call or exe) to search.  I would appreciate some insight on checking this.
FULL search box, please
One major reason for me to purchase TheBrain is the very SEARCH capability in V8:
* the instant search box is quick,
* the full search box (click on "Search" on the right of the instant search box) has lots of details such as the context (parent/child thought), highlighted keyword hits in the content, modification date, hit score
* search into attachment, such as PDF and codes in plain txt (*.py, *.m, *.cc, etc)
* the Report box

But the search into PDF in V8 sometimes just does not work, no matter how I change the setting (file size, searching depth, etc) and keep re-building the search index.  And I cannot ask TB to open my *.py file with specified editor.  So I moved on to V9.  Initially, v9 does find the PDF that cannot be find in V8 in the imported Brain and solve the other problem.  I am very happy!

But then I really miss the V8 searching capability.  In comparison:
* There is only one small (instant) search box with minimum info on the hits, which also instantly disappear after one click of the hit entry. 
* There is no full, constant open box stay here to browse through the hits (I don't know which one is right, and that is why one needs the search capability, right?) 
* No context info (unless identical name), no sorting by date or relevance, indication of internal or external attachment or web link... 
* the Search into Attachment in V9 is a hit-or-miss again.  Now I cannot find a simple text string in my python code (*.py) and PDF file.  Now V9 does not even have "rebuild search index" function.  What to do now?

All the rich search info in V8 is gone!  

And in Report, I try to ask V9 to list all the *.py file in attachment, I cannot make it happen yet.  And again some info such as modified date are gone!

I really hope that the V9 with native code can surpass V8.  And the new Note editor is great. 

But I miss a lot of capability/info in the searching capability.  Any one can share what I missed? 
Show thought context in search popup menu (#3374)
Thanks for the reply.  I realized that I was mixing up my experience with the V8 "full search" box.  In V8, the context info will always show in the "full search" box, the "instant search" box will only show the context when there are hits with identical name, which is consistent with V9.0.226.  So it is my mis-conception.

I do miss a lot of the information and convenience of using the "full search" box in V8.  Where a lot more info (content, modified date, matching score) are displayed.  More importantly, the box will stay open and I can browse through all the hits without re-open the search box again.  I wish V9 has something like that. I'll post another thread regarding to the search issue with V9.
Show thought context in search popup menu (#3374)
Hi,  I am using 9.0.226 in Nov. 2017 (is 9.0.230 a developmental version back in 2016?).  I cannot see the "context" in the search box.  Using the above example, I can only see


in my search box.  I would appreciate some help to sort out either
* the feature has been removed in the recent V9 beta (9.0.226)
* or I did something wrong.

Distant thought size (#3221)
In V8 there used to be an option to adjust distant thought size, if I remember it correctly.   I would like to put my vote on this!!

My current workaround is to use the OUTLINE layout, which increase the distant thought size.
Confirmation on the safety of "Copy storage folder" backup/sync
Thanks a lot for the courtesy and I really appreciated it.  

I totally understand the meta data issue in the "copy over" scheme.  I will only use it for the small incremental daily sync, and will use the brz file for the major changes.

I do appreciate some insight on how to use brz file to update other machine.  In v8, I simply click on the brainzip file (with search index) and the new brain will overwrite the old one nicely.

Now with V9, when I click the brz file, V9 will ask me if I want to add to the existing brain and LINK to the currently active thought!!  This is NOT what I had in mind for sync, so I ended up have to delete the existing brain in order to import the updated brain from the brz file, and the import seems to be much slower than V8 brainzip route.

Is there a better approach in V9 using the brz file for transport/sync?
Confirmation on the safety of "Copy storage folder" backup/sync
I am aware the warning from the dev team against sync with Dropbox type of service.  I used to use brainzip to sync between my desktop and laptop computers.  However, some concerns rises up as I make lots of PDF files internal and the storage folder grows.  The concerns are:
* the brz file cannot take advantage of the differential sync (always re-sync the entire zip file)
* in V9, it seems I have to delete the old brain before I can import/replace it with the new updated brain, and the import process take too long for everyday sync.

And I read a post that Harlan confirmed that it is ok to COPY the entire storage folder over to achieve the sync, as long as TheBrain is shut down at both machines.  I used this scheme with a general backup software to take advantage of the speedy differential sync.  It seems to work fine.

I would like to get confirmation from the dev team that such "copy over" sync, as long as no TheBrain is running, will not create some issue in the long run.

Thanks a lot for the confirmation!!
Hovering Actions! (#3576)
Thanks for the hint, as Harlan has suggested.  I just wish that V9 may incorporate the "mind map" mode behavior but the layout looks like "Outline".
Hovering Actions! (#3576)
Great!  That is exactly what I am looking for.  Thanks a lot!  (I was wondering what is the Mind Map layout for)

If I may ask for addition, actually I like the "Outline" layout a lot better.  Would it be possible to give user an independent switch to change the "mind map" behavior for all possible layouts?

Hovering Actions! (#3576)
Great!  I will look forward to it.

And by any chance there was a  post about it?  Thanks!
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