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PB indexing version
Thanks very much Moe for you assistance - found the link - so will download and test the new version - I know this has been discussed at the top of this thread - but it would be nice to be able to have just one download - with the _lib available for registered users - as it is.. will do the double download - in any event - cheers and thanks


PB indexing version
Cheers Dyslucksia

From what I gather there is no link to this file....?
At least the website has links to the 5030 version not 5031

Guessing the link is somewhere else ??
forgive my mistake - if I have made one

all best
PB indexing version
OK - I need some help here...

I have been running PB Core for some time (
I checked for updates
Downloaded the newest

Problem after install
Indexing Library version is not being registered automatically

In other words i tried just about everything to get it to work
- installed on top, double installed - standard, then _lib version
- uninstalled everything - then double installed

In every case the boot says that indexing library version needs to be installed - even though it is already installed

Personal Brain is installed in:my deisgnated directory;
Personal Brain (_Lib) version was installed in this same directory

my bin directory filter title is filterx,
not filter as discussed in other threadslooks like this

Another problem
If I quit Persoanl Brain and then reboot it
it does not boot - these are all serious problems

So needing real assistance here

Please Advise - I need PB for my day to day work.

John W.

Database Viewer - Exporter - SDK
I wanted to ask about the general news/direction
- that PB is planning to release the SDK sometime in 2009
- my interest is in some sort of administrative tool might be released
- allowing one to read the database table structure itself
- with possible export options
- something like phpMyAdmin - (to use the PHP analogy)
- most interested in hearing anything about this


Running PersonalBrain from a USB Drive
Hi Harlan

I had a general question both regarding the USB drive/stick and the policy you have towards more than one copy - i have a unique situation where I have a home pc running windows xp and another computer running at the university which is a Macintosh - does the purchase include unlock keys for both platforms? - hoping it does - also on still another note - do you offer academic pricing - was unable to glean such info off of site - anyway thanks in advance for your reply

Memory leakage in 5.005 Beta
This is my second day trying out Personal Brain - I must say, that I am impressed with its ostensibility. Having said that, I think it is fair to ask why the design management team of the product has not responded to this issue. I came to the boards to lookup exactly what the title of this thread targets >> memory usage/leakage (I am trialing 5.013 beta - started at 30MB and am now at 180MB). I think this is an issue that deserves response from the company. Looking at the OP this thread is nearly a month and a half old.

Another reason for my posting this, in due respect to the the software vendor - I am so impressed with this application, that it is a done deal that I will be purchasing this package, and thus the larger question looms - whether this issue gets fixed - and I can export / re-import the work that I have done in the last two days - which is something of an investment itself.

kind regards....
running Windows XP sp3

it does look like they are busy - the changelog/release notes, located here - does mention an earlier memory fix issue - but it is still occuring, as evidenced by the numerous entries on this page:

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