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I find it interesting that this topic, mostly about the iPad, iOS, and tablets, has reached 6,636 views -- more than the discussion on Evernote (6,128) and The Bible (5,568). Everything else mostly gets 1,000 or less views. Can't The Brain people see there is interest here for some sort of iPad/tablet integration with Personal Brain and that the current solution is a half-$^#*$ workaround? I invested a lot of time and energy in creating Brains that now sit idle because my needs have evolved. I'm mobile and no longer sit behind a desk, using a large monitor on a fast computer, accessing expansive Brains. I see many users here who've experienced similar need changes. I love PB and want to use it daily, but, uh, I can't.
What's Best Way to Use BrainZips?
Per The Brain's recommendation, I have been using BrainZips to shuttle various Brains between a desktop and laptop Mac. I used the suggestion of dating and even time stamping each Brain Zip so I do not become confused over which file to use.

However, I was wondering what happens when I use a BrainZip. What's a best practice so I don't accidentally overwrite a file I've been updating.

For example, I make sure no Brain is currently open, then I use Open Brain to choose the most recent BrainZip. What I've noticed is PB seems to default to an output folder on the local drive, not where the BrainZip is actually located (in my case, on a portable hard drive).

I don't want to hop around between local drives and the portable drive -- this is a recipe for disaster. I must make sure that PB's output folder for the BrainZip is the one on the portable hard drive or external links may be lost, not to mention my most recent work.

What actually happens when a Brain is zipped, then unzipped? Any best practices?

Thanks for any assistance.



Save Expanded View Layouts in Mac
this is odd. for an instance i was able to save a view and see it in the menu, especially under Load Expanded View. i switched to another separate Brain, but when I returned the view I had saved was no longer available. in fact, i can save a view but it does not last. it just disappears. i am running the latest build of PB with Snow Leopard. any thoughts? am i missing something here? any insight is greatly appreciated as i really want to use this feature on a consistent basis. thanks.
Save Expanded View Layouts in Mac
gentlemen, thanks. i am running PB Pro Edition, paid, legit, although I am running the beta ( not sure if that has anything to do with it or not. maybe i was doing something wrong, but every time i tried to save an expanded view i'd get grayed-out menu item. sometimes i could save a view but then could not find the view i saved under Load Expanded View. i just downloaded the latest build, so maybe that will help. i'll repost if problem persists. i don't discount user error. again, thanks.
Snow Leopard compatible?
i, too, am  using snow leopard on an Air and Personal Brain works well so far. i've run into some plug-in issues with other software, like DevonThink Office Pro. Just FYI.
Save Expanded View Layouts in Mac
Is this feature still not available on the Mac platform? I move items where I want them on the plex, go to save the view, but my choices are grayed out -- so I assume the functionality still isn't available on the Mac product? Are there plans to add this feature? It sure would be helpful.
Snow Leopard compatible?
good question. any brain folks have an answer?
Is The Brain Worth It?
zenrain wrote: Quote: i am experimenting with is using PB in conjunction with DevonThink Pro Please give us an update on how you do with this. I tried it for a while, but several things got in my way. When testing with DevonThink Pro 2, I found it a bit of a hassle adding DT attachments into PB.

Will do. I am not sure if this is even smart. I like the power and collection capability of DevonThink, but at the moment I am not writing a book so the searching power and such is not really used to its fullest. Truthfully, I am disappointed with DT 2 in that it's still folder-based and its UI sucks. It doesn't have to be visual, per se, like Personal Brain, but some of the innovations in 2.0 have been in other programs for years. So I am not sure what the relationship will be between the two. I don't want to enter and manipulate data two or three times between the programs. As I am more of a visual thinker, I feel like I will dedicate more time to PB and use DT as a bucket for everything, including data that I may not be using at the time. If it becomes used, I can always include in PB ... But who knows.

Anyway, thanks for your interest in the subject.
Is The Brain Worth It?
@zenrain and @crbnblu:

i agree with you both. i am giving PB a solid month of use and I expect to find workarounds for printing and exporting. one of the things i am experimenting with is using PB in conjunction with DevonThink Pro, making use of DT's organizational power and using PB's visual capabilities. I guess I'll see how it goes. thanks for the input.
Is The Brain Worth It?
Dryopithecus wrote:

We should be able to do anything we want with our data, as long as we have the required programming skills. Maybe some smart dudes in these forums could write some scripts to convert our beloved brains to other formats. And I think I have read somewhere in these forums that TheBrain will release API in 2009, but maybe I have been dreaming.

I realize I can export a brain, or a section of a brain, to another brain. i didn't realize there was an export a portion of a brain option -- thanks. And I agree with you that we should be able to do anything we want with our data -- it *is* a database after all -- but I don't like the required programming skills part. It's not that I am lazy, or have something against programmers. For me it's a time and convenience issue. With so much capturing our attention, it's nice to have well thought out programs that understand our needs and deliver reasonable solutions like, in this case, a decent print function and allowing us to use our data as we see fit. I'm not asking for anything but reasonable basics.

So I take it with the limitations that the Brain has, it's still good enough for you to make it worthwhile your time and effort to build brains?

Thanks for the comments.
Is The Brain Worth It?
The more I use the Brain, the more I become addicted to it. I can see great potential for this program in my life, but I am worried that once I get things inside it I won't be able to get them out. I can't use the data in a way I would like, other than to view it within the Brain itself. The printing function seems clumsy at best, and while I can export via simple html and xml, I don't have any control over what is exported (I may not want the whole Brain exported but just a section). What do others think about this? How do you use your data inside your Brains?
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