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Feature request: "Copy Thought Folder Path"
I've wanted this feature for years now. Seems like a relatively easy modification with  fairly big benefit to the user.

The work-around of opening the thought folder in Explorer and copying the path there is annoying.

Perhaps it can be added in version 7.x??  :-)
Double clicking NovaMind 5 file fails to open the file in NovaMind
I thought that was probably the case.

It's an odd problem.

I can open any file in it's mapped application in The Brain except for *.nm5 files. And, I can open *.nm5 files in NovaMind in Windows Explorer -- so, the extension is mapped.

When I do "Open with...", NovaMind is selected -- so, TheBrain seems to be able to find the correct mapping. It just fails in the double click scenario.

Already approached NovaMind about it -- they claim it isn't their problem.

There is a workaround, but it is a little annoying.

Double clicking NovaMind 5 file fails to open the file in NovaMind
Java Version: 1.6.0_20
TheBrain Versions: 6.x and 7.x
OS Version: Windows 7 x64

I use both TheBrain and NovaMind 5 -- both are great products but each excels in a different area. Consequently, I store NovaMind 5 files (*.nm5) in TheBrain. If I double click on a NovaMind 5 file in the thought panel, the file is not opened. This does not happen in Windows Explorer, so  *.nm5 files are mapped to the NovaMind 5 application.

I can open it if I right click on the file in TheBrain, select "Open with..." from the context menu then click on the "OK" button. (In this case NovaMind 5 is listed and selected in the Recommended Programs panel.


Expanded view initial load issue
IMO, a better fix is to save the last selected thought in the expanded view as the expanded view's "home" thought whenever the user leaves an expanded view -- but I can't do that. :-)

Actually, another workaround -- which is less hassle for me -- is to simply reload the expanded view whenever I run into the problem. Usually reloading once will do the trick. Occasionally, I've had to reload twice to get to the saved view's layout.

Interestingly -- perhaps this is a separate issue? -- sometimes the selected thought doesn't change when reloading but location of it or other thoughts are not initially correct (i.e. as saved).
Expanded view initial load issue
I'm obviously not certain what causes the issue. It happens intermittently, but with a high degree of regularity for me.

For the screen shots I sent you, the only think I did after capturing the first one is select View | Load Expanded View and selected the view name.

I hadn't noticed the difference in the selected thoughts until you pointed it out.

Perhaps, the problem only occurs when a larger number of thoughts are in the brain than you had in your test?

The only thing I can think of is to zip up the brain and send it to you -- but I don't know you want that...
Expanded view initial load issue
I use multiple brains and fairly frequently, when I open a brain in a "Last Expanded" view mode, the expanded view is not displayed correctly. I have to reload the expanded view to get it displayed correctly.
This also sometimes happens when the brain is already open and I load an expanded view: it has to be reloaded to be displayed as it was saved.

When it does happen, it isn't consistent. The incorrect view will be incorrect in a different way every time.

Please see the attached files for a before and after scenario.
Click image for larger version - Name: Initial_expanded_view.png, Views: 179, Size: 33.36 KB Click image for larger version - Name: Good_expanded_view.png, Views: 181, Size: 89.17 KB
Files without a file extension
I accidentally created a file without the desired extension. When I later tried to open the file from the brain, nothing happened.

It would be nice to get some sort of message in this scenario. At a minimum indicating that PB doesn't know how to open the file. Or, like Windows does -- asking what application should be used to open the file.

Repetitive Calendar event issue
Bi-weekly event is not working correctly. Attached are screenshots of the event properties and the November calendar. The September and October calendars displayed correctly.

I deleted the event so I could re-add it. Right clicked on the 11th of November (tomorrow) and selected Add Event. The 12th was the default day for the event.

See the attached screenshots for how the event was configured and how it was displaying.
Click image for larger version - Name: Event_properties.png, Views: 72, Size: 44.76 KB Click image for larger version - Name: November_calendar.png, Views: 70, Size: 11.34 KB
View selection issues
IMO, the following changes should be made:

1) The selected view mode should be associated with a brain and not with the application. I routinely use multiple brains and if I have a saved expanded displayed on one brain and switch to another brain that wasn't using an expanded view the last time it was viewed thoughts get displayed kind of randomly across the plex.

So, switching brains is always a two step process -- select normal view first then switch brains (the reverse also works but is more disconcerting). Then repeat the process when switching back.

If each brain remembered its most recent view mode this wouldn't be a problem.

2) The last expanded selection needs to know the name if the last expanded view was a saved mode. As I switch brains, the expanded view name gets lost. So, if I make changes to a saved expanded view I can't just select 'Save Expanded View (view name)'.

My options are to reload the saved view and make the changes again then save. Or select 'Save Expanded View As', type in the desired name and overwrite the existing saved view.

It's not smooth.

3) Would also appreciate having save and load expanded view menu items in the plex context menu.

4) In a saved expanded view, virtual thoughts keep popping up even though I save the view with them hidden. It would be nice if they were only displayed if saved as part of the expanded view.

Different subject -- while I'm thinking of context menus.
It would be nice to have the following menu items added to he Notes table context menu:
Insert Row or Column
Insert Cell
Delete Row
Delete Column
Delete Cell

Excellent program BTW. I couldn't live without it now -- and the 5.5 enhancements are great!


Logo disappears after registration

I was wondering if it was by design.

Logo disappears after registration
Vista Ultimate x64

After entering the name and serial number to register the software, the logo on the right side of the toolbar disappeared.

It remained when I did the same thing in PB 4.5.

Copying folders and files make PB unresponsive
Vista Ultimate x64

After the attempt to drag an external folder to the plex, I decided to try copy and paste just to see what happened.

The folder (and all containing folders and files) I wanted to create a link to were copied. However, as it was about 20GB in size, it took quite a while. During this time, PB was unresponsive.

It would be good if the following features were supported for copy or move operations of large amounts of data:
  1. Prior to copying anything of any significant size, that the user should be warned that it will take a while to do. This will allow them to cancel the operation before starting if they don't have the time or didn't intend for that action to occur.
  2. The copying of large directories / files should take place in the background so that the user can continue to use PB.
  3. Some means of providing feedback on the state of the operation should be provided (e.g. in the status bar)
  4. Some means of canceling a long operation should be provided. (I keep my brains on an external hard disk. It would be nice to be able cancel a long operation if I need to leave and it won't complete on time.
  5. Instead of just a 'Paste Files / Folder' context menu item, have another that allows the user to create virtual folders instead of only allowing a paste. (It would be nice to be able to select copy from the context menu in Windows Explorer and but be able to create virtual folders in PB instead of actually copying. Or, perhaps, the context menu of Windows Explorer can also be enhanced to explicitly provide the option of creating a PB virtual folder?)
When I deleted the thought PB became unresponsive then as well until the files had been deleted. The "Are you sure you want to permanently delete the Thought" message box was displayed. I clicked yes. The dialog remained displayed (with the OK button in the pressed state) and PB became non-responsive).

Again, it would be good if the user can be warned about long delete operations and to also have them done in the background.
Drag and drop of folders onto the plex doesn't work
Vista Ultimate x64

Drag and drop of folders onto the plex doesn't work. (Which is consistent with my earlier post about drag and drop of URLs from IE and Firefox.)

I can copy and past folders, but that is obviously not the desired behavior if I just want virtual folders links to the external directories.

It worked in PB 4.5.

I've tested it on Windows XP -- still works there. Perhaps it is just a Vista Ultimate issue?

Also found that drag and drop of files, folders, or URLs to the attachments is also not recognized.

PB beta -- Drag and drop of URLs no longer works
I can't drag the link to a page to the plex and drop it for any browser. Instead I have to copy the URL then select 'Paste Web Link' from the plex's context menu. (And when I do that, in the link name,  it replaces spaces with dashes.

This seems to be an intermittent but because I have seen it work since I installed However, it mostly (98% of the time) doesn't work.

This reliably occurs on Windows Vista x64. It does not occur on Windows XP.
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