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Lines disappear in IE
Brilliant. Thanks Moe
Lines disappear in IE
Have found that the thought 'lines' are not showing in IE. They appear in Firefox and Chrome as a reference.

See http://www.thesaurium.com

Does anyone know how to resolve this?
Customising search functionality
I have found a workaround for this, especially for SiteBrain

If you 'forget' the thought obviously it will not appear in the search index.

Then after creating your preferred search index, you  can then 'select all' the forgotten thoughts that you want to appear and click 'remember' making everything available again within the brain and the final index whatever you wanted it to be.

Customising search functionality
The problem with big brains, in my view, is search accessibility. It's like everything gets thrown in. Making both webbrain and sitebrain very search index heavy

This is noticeable in brains where short sentences describe the section. By adding a tick box to make a thought searchable or not, much as the private tickbox is currently in the properties box, this functionality could really improve this overhead.

This would allow for a streamlining and customization of search functionality on a thought by thought basis streamlining it down to section searches in a broad sense and sentence removal in the narrower sense.

Instant Search
I have put in an internal feature request with our developers to make this possible. 
Thanks Moe, much appreciated
Instant Search
The only problem with webbrain is the speed of the Java. I just can't see that people would wait that long and I'm on the fastest speed you can get in New Zealand.

I did inquire if I could embed the Ajax version but it seems this is not possible. I have made it a 'suggestion' for a new feature as suggested by Moe.

Can you potentially give me a clue of how this works server side on the webbrain ajax version so I can integrate it by custom coding into my site.

This project have been almost 7 years in the making and the outputting it online at a commercial speed is now my only blockage. Sitebrain does it for me as I don't want animation I want speed as I know how vital it is to online success. (I am one of New Zealand's leading web marketers in my daytime job)

Hope you can help!

Embedded Ajax

I was wondering is it possible to embed the ajax version of the webbrains rather than the java one within an external site?

And if so, how do you do it?

Search Sitebrain
Harlan wrote: That's very observant of you Chris.

Yes, we do have a plan for instant search inside of SiteBrains. As explained previously, full search cannot be done through a Web deployment without a server side search, however instant search functionality is in the works. As usual, we can't comment on the timeline until it the feature is ready to deliver.

Has this changed I am getting no further with 5.5 ... 3 years on

Cheers Rev
Instant Search
Having real problems with the search functionality on my online Sitebrain situated at http://www.thesaurium.com/thesaurii/

The Instant search works for 'jabber' for instance but not for 'kidney'

The listing can be drilled down to from the front index i.e K->KD->KDN

Where the thesaurus listings are Kidney, Kidnap and Kidding

I have been cutting and pasting from another brain and saw a post that suggested rebuilding the search index but then is said it was o.k and not recommended. There are approximately 20k listings all mainly one word listings

Anyway, hope you can help as the Thesaurus is only 75% complete at this point "evaluation only" in HTML exprt
Oops its happening on both Firefox and Chrome now "evaluation only" in HTML exprt
I'm having the same problem but only on the Ipod. i.e ..

message "evaluation only" in dark red in the center of the Plex. The message hyperlinks to http://www.thebrain.com

It happened after I uploaded a new background. Before that it was working fine. Maybe that could give a clue to why it's happening. I did alter settings.js turning the animation offand layout.css with plex height variations

My PB definitely has brackets around it (as suggested) but the brain logo is showing but, again, only on my ipod. It is fine on Firefox and Explorer but strangely the lines disappear entirely on I.E making it extremely plain, is there a stylesheet fix for this?

The good thing is that this brain works very well on the ipod due to the compact nature of the content. http://www.thesaurium.com

Thankfully it is a trial upload, but as I am hoping to have it live in 10 days or so it would be good if I have it working for Ipod and Ipad.

Mank thanks Peter

Sitebrain highlights
Hi Moe,
Just one customization issue for Sitebrain I can't work out.

The highlight color around the selected field is always green and I can't seem to find where you change that, same with the mouse-over its always yellow

And one more thing you know those lovely round cornered transparent backgrounds with a black border in webbrain ... whats the customisation code for that?

WebBrain site is undergoing scheduled maintenance
Good news ... the wait will not be that much longer

I had an email from support that said ...

"There are some major changes being done to webbrain. It should be back up by Monday 12/14/2009 at the latest."

Installation of "Indexing Libraries"
What a magical mystery tour!

I think I may have worked out the issue though. It appears that it is a failure to access my registration details correctly on both the zip download and the exe. It therefore only allows access to the "trial" version.

I would like to work efficiently on my project today so I have been forced to revert to 4.5

Please advise when will the product be out of beta?

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