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Disappointed about licensing inflexibility
I am not that worried about the $US 250 cost for a PB licence - I am more concerned about the $US 25000+ licence cost. The inability of PB to be multi-user unless you pay $US 25000 (for the EKP server) + $1000 per seat definitely prevents PB's use in many corporate environments that are not flush with funds. This was the case before the global financial meltdown, and it is even more the case now. A pity - a multi-user version of PB would definitely assist some companies with doing their business.
Export Thoughts and Notes together.
Notes functionality is poorly implemented in PB, and this is putting it mildly. Search for all the Message Board and User Voice comments/suggestions about issues related to Notes.

This problem has been around for so long and has caused so much frustration and unhappiness that I am hoping that the PB team and/or the vendor of the Notes component (which is not written by TheBrain programmers) is currently busily beavering away and implementing a MUCH improved version, with MUCH more functionality and fewer bugs. I am hoping that this is the year (or better still, this is the quarter) that the PB Notes functionality will either be fixed or replaced.

Generally, for anything beyond trivial text, I save to html and link to the page, rather than putting the text/html into a Note. I wish I could avoid needing to do this, but currently, I have no choice (unless I become willing to put up with the ugly layout that results when you paste in stuff from the web etc.). To see what is possible, and how Notes in PB ought to do things, try pasting html content into (MS) OneNote: (a) it is quick, and (b) it faithfully preserves the layout.
April 30th Webinar: Creating Your Technical Knowledgebase
I missed it also, and would really like to see it. Is a recording of it available anywhere?
Searching, Reporting and selection
How about having a more integrated approach to selecting, searching and reporting?

Issue 1: Some selection parameters that are available in Reports are not available in Search. It seems to me that it would be better if we just had one function, namely Search, which also included any selection/filter criteria that is available in Reports.

Example: In Reports, you can select what types file suffixes attachments have. E.g. if you have a bunch of thoughts attached to .c and .h files, you could select just the files whose file names end in '.c'. You cannot specify this sort of thing in the Search function.

Issue 2: Once you have used Search or Report, you cannot easily select a set of thoughts that have been returned by the Search or Report. You have to go individually to each thought that appears in the Search or Report. A LOT of mouse clicks are required if you want to select quite a few thoughts. It would be better if, just like in the Plex, you could control-click on an any thought that appears in the list of thoughts returned by Search or Report (and have that thought added to the Selection box).
Disappointed about licensing inflexibility
I agree that the PB licensing structure is not geared for professional use. I too need to use a desktop at work, notebook, and desktop at home. The demarcation between work and home life, for me, became blurred many years ago. A licence that allows 3 installs for the base version would make a lot more sense than the current licence.
Display the Link types of all links in the Plex
Currently, to see the Link Type of a link in the Plex, you have to hover over it. You can only see the Link Type of a single link at a time. It would be good to have an option to simultaneously display the Link Types of all links currently displayed in the Plex. This option should implemented so that it is easy to toggle on and off.
Associate a specific view with each tag
I don't want to wait until 2015. I would like to see the 3D version sometime this year (2009), preferably by the end of Q2. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Forum Layout
Please guys, whatever you do, don't assign the personnel responsible for "designing" and "testing" the 'new look' Message Board to the PersonalBrain product.
Forum Layout
I think the new Message Board layout is a step backwards. Information that is less important (such as moderators) is presented in a larger font than it should. It's almost like random font sizes have been used. The word "ugly" springs to mind.  **** Also search is very broken **** - the New Posts button does not work for me, neither does finding all posts by a user etc.

As BHurd says, you end up having to scroll around too much in the new format.
As Zenrain says "the fonts and spacing are all out of wack."

Please either fix the functionality and appearance of the 'new look' message board, or roll-back to the old one. The old one was definitely better.
Keep links and thoughts highlighted when being operated on
When you hover over a thought in the plex, it is highlighted in some way, e.g. by being encircled by a green oval. when you hover over a link, it is also highlighted, e.g. in red. However, when you right click, in order to make a change to the link or thought, the highlighting disappears. This is both disconcerting and bad user interface design. This is particularly an issue if I want to unlink - since the highlighting disappears, I have to be pretty sure that I right clicked on the correct link before selecting unlink.

It would be good if when something is selected, the highlighting remains as long as the item is selected and/or being changed.

Thought's context menu: add a "Unlink"-Option
I find the procedure for re-linking thoughts to be tedious. To re-link, I create a new link and then unlink the old link. It would be good if fewer clicks were required to do this. How about this: add a "change link" menu option (next to the unlink menu option). When selected, both ends of the link become enabled in some way so that you can drag either of the ends to the gate of a new thought, simultaneously, the plex will unlink that side of the link from the old thought. With a change such as this, changing links will become more of a one step process rather than a two step (i.e. create link then delete link) process.

Maybe I should create a new thread specific to re-linking? I know that this thread is about unlinking, however, I figure that maybe unlinking and re-linking should be dealt with together, in a holistic way.
How do you use PB for file management?
I prefer storing thousands of documents externally on an Apache web server, so that the links don't change if I end up changing my client or server hardware configuration (resulting in the drive letters changing). Hopefully I won't change my mind about the web site name. Have a look at the comments made in http://websitetoolbox.com/tool/post/thebrain/vpost?id=3286469
Evernote Integration
I really wanted to like EverNote, but some aspects of the user interface are too messy for me to cope with. I thought Evernote v2.2 had potential, but  I really didn't like EverNote v3.x, so I gave up on it. Consequently, I've ended up using the Evil Empire's product instead (One Note). Linking from PB to to any note in One Note is easy (right click on the text in the page in One Note and select Copy Hyperlink to this Paragraph, etc.). Pasting web pages into One Note gives better results than pasting web pages into the notes tab of PB. The notes tab really spoils the PB user experience. EverNote's web clipper is an excellent tool, and I wish PB had an equivalent 'clipper' style tool, preferably together with a re-worked note tab that properly renders what has been pasted into the note tab from Firefox etc.

Hide / Show gridlines selection in Notes tab does not remember its setting between sessions
It would be good if PersonalBrain could somehow remember the setting of Hide/Show Gridlines in the Notes tab. Depending on what you paste into the notes tab, gridlines can sometimes be ugly. For example, when I paste anything from Outlook, the Notes page displays lots of gridlines until I select Hide Gridlines from the Table menu in the Notes tab. When I restart PersonalBrain, I have to select Hide Gridlines again if I don't want them displayed. I am doing this all the time, and am getting tired of doing so.

Also, the Notes tab doesn't automatically refresh itself when you change the Hide/Show gridlines setting. If you change this setting and want to see it take effect, you have to make another thought active and then return to the original thought in order to force the Notes tab to refresh itself.

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