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Maths and the way the human brain thinks
I read an interesting book extract on the Delancey Place website for today (3 Aug 2017) that other Brain users might find interesting:


I thought it quite relevant to the concept of how The Brain is designed to work and help us remember and organise things.

Unreadable notes in PB8
I ran a report on all the thoughts with notes and then looked at each one to see if it was scrambled. Of the ~3000 thoughts that had notes, only 14 were actually unreadable and I can probably reconstruct those notes.

I think I'll live with them like that and not waste Matt's time hunting for a solution, particularly as I expect he'd rather spend time working on v9.

Matt - thanks for offering to investigate!

Unreadable notes in PB8
Thanks Matt, I'll work out some times and get back to you.
Much appreciated.
Unreadable notes in PB8
Hi Matt, a web meeting would be good, though if the time difference proves difficult, not to worry! I'm in London, UK, so assume pm for me and am for you would work. Easiest on my work PC, so can be available 08:30-17:15 UTC - not sure where you are, so can't work out the time difference.

Well spotted about the font difference. The earlier screenshot is the latest brain and the later one is from my 2015 backup when I used a home-made font of my (bad) handwriting, which is a little unreadable at times. I've tried altering the font, but the notes are still unreadable whatever font's used. I've not consciously edited or removed any fonts, just added Russfont.

Unreadable notes in PB8
Dael - I tried copying the text of the note to a text file and changing the file extension to pdf, but Adobe said it was a corrupt file :-(

Matt - in all cases where thoughts' notes are unreadable, the thought's containing folder says it's empty, nothing in the folder, no rtf file.

Regrettably, the  earliest backup I can find is from 2015 and the thought's details hadn't been touched since 2010 (when I assume it was readable):


I will look for an earlier backup on a HDD I have in storage, but I don't hold out much hope of finding one!

Unreadable notes in PB8
Not to worry, I appreciate your thoughts.

I've no idea when it happened, those thoughts were created in 2009 and we've been through several brain upgrades since then. I suspect they got scrambled during a database conversion, but no idea when. I can mostly recreate them from memory, but it's a nuisance [mad]
Unreadable notes in PB8
Thanks for the suggestion, but I tried that first! It's under View > Code and this is what happens:

Putting it in its own html file and viewing it in a browser gives the same result.
Unreadable notes in PB8
Nobody has any ideas?
Unreadable notes in PB8
Revisiting some of my thoughts created years ago, I notice the notes are unreadable:

There are several notes like this, but I've no idea how many of the ~6500 thoughts are in this state or when it happened. Copying and pasting the notes into a text editor, changing file names or changing font don't get them back to English!

I can probably recreate them from my own wetware (but that's not the point of The Brain!), but any ideas what's going on? Is there a quick way to make them readable?

I was going to move this brain to PB9, but will hold off a bit now - I don't want to blame PB9 for unreadable notes!


PB Pro
Windows 7
Selecting multiple links?
Selecting multiple links?
Just as it's possible to select multiple thoughts and perform actions on them like setting tags or types, is it possible to select multiple links and apply labels or edit them in bulk?

For example in a management hierarchy I might want to add the label "reports to" on all the child links from a manager's thought.

Or have I missed this function?!

Windows 7
Can't upgrade from to .138 or .140 (#3289)
For info - on Windows 7, I was running v9.0.136.0 with admin mode not ticked and after reading the comments above decided to "chance my arm" and switch to the alpha channel and update to v9.0.141.0. I'm pleased to say the update went without a hitch - no need to track down the installer file and run it as admin, like Underdog had to.
Thanks, Russ
The Brain on Linux Desktop
Yes I do, on an aged Dell laptop running Kubuntu (as well as on several Windows machines), where it works reasonably well. I'd hate to lose it on Linux!

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