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Get Your 20th Anniversary Brain Theme
Nice thought for your long time supporters !
It would be nice to get them available for older versions of the brain too !
BrainWave 1 - Alternate
This one is really nice ! (20 years light)
Howto ... kb shortcut for "Open Link Window" and "Edit Link Note"
Thanks for the answer.
Zenrain you are right, I was speaking about the links. 
(Therefore needing a shortcut for "Link > Open Note Window" and "Link > Open Link Window" )

Good points for the possible multiplicity of links, I didn't thought of that.

The shortcut would permit to open the link note window or the link attachments window while the mouse is over the link . (Would save 1 mouseclick, at the cost of 1 keyboard combination, but I still think it could be handy, as I have the mouse in my left hand and can make the keyboard combination with my right hand at the same time...)

I discovered recently the features related to links ( annotation and file attachment)  after 5 years &+ using thebrain ... proof that TheBrain is really packed with features!
Howto ... kb shortcut for "Open Link Window" and "Edit Link Note"
TheBrain / Windows
I would like to make a keyboard shortcut for renaming/ adding notes / adding attachments to a link between 2 thoughts easily. 

I can't find these actions in the keyboard shortcuts; Are they hidden somewhere?

Thanks for your help, [smile]
TheBrain 9 Themes
Thanks! Is there a way to convert them for use with TheBrain8 ?
(Or a least to decode them in a text format, to be able to apply colour codes)[comp]
Assign Icon to Untyped Thought Type?
Maybe a way to do this is to create a new type called "untyped thought"... ? [wink]
THen le next challenge is how find a way to assign a default type to new thoughts...
Insight: Comma Trick works for thoughts both before and after the comma - different parents are possible
Well, It works for more than 2 parents !

I created the following thoughts : 
  • 2014-15
  • Work
  • Contracts
  • Work, 2014-15
  • Work, Contracts
  • Contracts, 2014-15
  • Work, Contracts, 2014-15
Using the Comma trick ( i.e. , 2014-15 as Work child to get Work, 2014-15) Then I linked them as childs of one-another. (see picture)
Then when you come back to Normal mode, the (Work, Contracts, 2014-15) thought appear as (Contract) under (Work, 2014-15) and as (2014-15) under (Work, Contracts)

This opens new perspectives for classification!!
  • While browsing the Work done in 2014-15 the latest thought will display the contracts (appears as "Contracts");
  • While browsing the Contracts done at Work, the same thought will display the 2014-15 contracts (appears as "2014-15" either through the "contracts" -> "work" path or through thee "Work"-> "Contract" path)
In other way, the comma trick does'nt care of the order of terms.

The only thing is to be sure to use the correct node to add the information (by using diffferent types to identify correct thoughts for example).


'White' theme mangles colors
This behavior is controlled by the following setting :

Options/Preferences/Brain tab :
Apply color to ... Choose text for colored thoughts according to their types or background for colored background....

So this is not a bug, it's a feature!
Solarized Themes
Thanks for these wonderful themes !
They really transform TheBrain experience on the desktop.
I even changed the default Notes template to reflect the new colours too.
However; I really miss a way to customize the color palette of "theBRain" executable itself; so that others panels (tab; links etc. become also solarized-compliants!!!)
Impossible to open TheBrain after Maverick upgrade
I finally solved it.
Prior to Maverick upgrade, there was a jdk upgrade pushed by Apple which disabled java on the mac. 

I finally reinstalled it from here: http://support.apple.com/kb/dl1421 and now everything's back to normal.


Impossible to open TheBrain after Maverick upgrade
Already did it. (Install java, reboot, launch TheBrain) almost three times; no success.
What I find strange is that I thought that TheBrain comes with its own JRE package insode the application.  (At least in the windows version). I'm not enough knowledgeable on Mac OsX to find where are situated the software files in order to verify that the .ini files points toward the correct JRE or JDK.

I'm curious to know whether others have encountered the same issue.
Impossible to open TheBrain after Maverick upgrade
I just upgraded my mac to Maverick.
Everytime I try to launch TheBrain, I got the following message : "To open TheBrain you need a JAVA SE 6 execution engine". I followed the instruction to install it; but no luck...
Looking for any suggestions to get TheBrain back in track..

Nautilus drag & drop to PB 6075
Hi Mdejong,

Nice to see another ubuntu user of personalbrain aboard!

Like you, I use the same brain  on a dual boot computer with Ubuntu 11.10 and (sometime) win7. It works really great.

Drag & Drop in Linux works with the "mucommander" file manager.

After some research, I went to the conclusion that the lack of drag&drop feature in PB comes from JAVA.
Drag & Drop between linux applications and java application (not only PersonalBrain) does not work; unless implemented in both applications.

By the way : another tip I'd like to share : you can link virtualthoughts in both environment to the same thought ( ex : c:\temp (win7) and /mnt/temp (linux). Then, when you are under win7, you see the win7 virtualthoughts; and when you are under linux, you see the linux one.
This way, a shared directory in both environment can be used seamlessly with the brain...

Linux Drag N Drop
I did not test with version 7, but in previous version, the mucommander file manager is the only one I found who can effectively  drag N drop files with thebrain. (It's made in Java, which certainly helps)

There are some threads in the linux forum about it.

[SOLVED] Change default file manager
Hi Jim,

I changed the default file manager to mucommander for personalBrain, as it allowes to drag & drop files to/from PersonalBrain.

The way to specify which file manager to use under linux is as follow :
You will find a .PersonalBrain folder under your home folder.
In this folder, there is a file named TheBrain6Preferences.xml.

Edit this file, find the line containing 'linuxFileBrowser' (for me it was line 93), and put the name of your file manager application.

(Here the entry in my own configuration file :

Hope it helps,


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