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RMCLLC - Part 1 Summary - Project using PB 6 Pro and WebBrain

Pardon me for asking, Am I on IGNORE?  Were you going to get back to me and respond to my e-mail before Christmas with either an answer to either access to BrainEKP or docs forwarded to me in the form of .pdf files as YOU promised?

In regards to our discussion on Friday, Tracy hasn't responded either to my e-mail with answers to my questions concerning our current TeamBrain configuration and information that I requested via email on the 7th & 8th of Dec 2010 respectively on theBrain SDK Java version.

Can you Please get back to me before Friday COB.


mcaton wrote: Bob,

Thank you for all the great feedback!  I'd like to schedule a call with you to review some of the issues you have encountered on a web meeting.  Gathering some additional information would be helpful to our engineers.  Would you be available any time on Thursday or Friday this week?

Please let me know what time would work best for you.

Thank you,
Matt Caton
TheBrain Technologies
RMCLLC - Part 1 Summary - Project using PB 6 Pro and WebBrain
Hi Matt,
I am available on either Thursday or Friday.  What TZ on you on?  I am in Arizona as you may know.  Can you please give me a ball park on when you're  available so we can sync a time for a meeting?  I normally work on projects at night thru O'Dark thirty and sleep a few winks during the morning.
Bob Mimms
mcaton wrote: Bob,

Thank you for all the great feedback!  I'd like to schedule a call with you to review some of the issues you have encountered on a web meeting.  Gathering some additional information would be helpful to our engineers.  Would you be available any time on Thursday or Friday this week?

Please let me know what time would work best for you.

Thank you,
Matt Caton
TheBrain Technologies
RMCLLC - Part 1 Summary - Project using PB 6 Pro and WebBrain
RMCLLC - Part 2 Anomalies - PB6 Pro and WebBrain


This weekend on Saturday (2200hrs Thru Sunday Morning 0400 hrs) we (Admin and Project Reviewer1, RMCLLC_PR1) observed the following anomalies not in this order but will try to decipher my notes the best I can (Sorry...)
RMCLLC (Admin) uses Mozilla FireFox Version 3.6.12
RMCLLC_PR1 (Editor/Reviewer) uses Microsoft Internet Exploder Version 8

Previously logged on viewing Private Brain:
1.  0100 hrs MST, Sunday.  Both users logged on, server dead - non-responsive - Backup maybe?  Message - you are not allowed to observe this brain or a message to that effect.
2.  0114 hrs MST, Sunday.  Logged back on, Screen problems, WebBrain plex was disappearing, thoughts were erasing on the screen, observed from both ends (Admin and PR1)  Screen refresh didn't help until about three minutes later.......
3. Thought tags were changing colors on their own????
4.  Pins on Top of  WebBrain Plex disappearing
5.  Several thoughts on Local PB6 thoughts were preceded with an "*" to denote that thought needed work or improvement.  Searching within Local PB 6 they're search-able, on WebBrain NO JOY..... unsearchable.
6.  Renaming a field within WebBrain example:
Original thought = Medicel First Aid
Renamed thought= Medical First Aid
WebBrain returns the revised thought as Medical+First+Aid
Verified by syncing changes to server, changes in local PB 6 plex.
7.  Admin applied a custom wallpaper to Local PB 6 Brain and sync'd with server, changes applied to WebBrain wallpaper changed - OK.
8.  PR1 using Win7 no change to wallpaper when sync completed.
I had PR1 using Win7 apply the updated .png wallpaper to his local PB 6 brain and directed him to save this theme, he received an error message = Could not create the theme file.  Tried several times, no luck and it still won't save it.  Problem with Win7?
10.  Uploading duplicate brains:
a.  PR1 uploaded a Brain (Oneness) to his WebBrain account to verify that his uploaded brain was his private brain (located in his myBrains).
b.  The other upload brain by Admin (Fleet Enterprise Management) was his teambrain with rights set by Admin as a reviewer then as an Editor - All is well up to this point.
c.   I had previously uploaded the same brain (Oneness) into my WebBrain account and it was uploaded into (myBrains space) -  marked private, with me as administrator - no problem.
d.  I directed him (PR1) to add me to his (Oneness brain) and to give me rights as an Editor, he advised me that I was already listed on his brain (Oneness Brain) as an administrator and the rights Bottom was dark letters and it could be changed, he was also listed as administrator but his rights button greyed out and was not changeable.
e.  We had the same settings on both ends but the rights buttons were reversed, he could change me but not himself, and I could change him but not myself.
f.  I asked him to change me to an Editor - Ok, then switch me back to an Administrator, could not do it....
g.  After thinking about this, I had him delete the (Oneness) PB from his account --
pheeeef, poof magic my Oneness brain disappeared also.....
h.  I think I already know what the problem is......   I had purchased the PB 6 Pro software for him on my credit card, but I realized that instead of putting his name and his email address on the purchase transaction USING my credit card, I put my own name and email address not his.
i.  So in essence when we both uploaded the same PB into WebBrain I think the server saw it as the same PB brain uploaded twice with my user ID as the owner even though he was logged into a different account name the server treated his upload as the same user ( as myself) with an alias login named RMCLLC_PR1) who is (RMCLLC) who's real name is Robert Mimms with an email at aaaaaannnn@yahoo.com ??
j.  This occurred to me when we were activating his software over the phone. His copy of PB would only allow my name and email to match the activation key. 
k.  HOW DO WE FIX THIS?  CAN WE  RE-ACTIVATE or can you fix this on your end??

Please Advise, I don't want to make the same mistake more than once with my clients if my assessment is correct.

Software Recommendations:
1.  The WebBrain user account needs a Gas Gauge for download progress when the system is downloading a requested BrainZip from within their user account.
2.  Provide an on-screen timer of how long a user has been logged in even though you check the "Keep me logged in", this doesn't seem to have any effect or is there a session log file to look that we can read?   We were continually getting an error messages when changing between thoughts-  Something to the effect "There's a Problem - you are not authorized to view this Brain".  We would have to log back into our individual accounts to proceed....

1.  I need more information on the SDK please.  I would appreciate this information.
2.  What is the time interval in PB 6 when setting the option "Sync this Brain automatically" to Auto-Sync with the server? 
3.  Could there be an option to set it to 15,30, 45 Min. to X amount of hours set by the users preference?
4.  What are the requirements for running WebBrain on a  cellular phone?
For example, try to run WebBrain on a BlackBerry 8330 you get an error message = XMLHttpRequest!   Doesn't support iFrames.  No mater what browser emulation you select on a BlackBerry 8330. 
5. What are the exact requirements or do you have a list of Cell phones that WebBrain will won with?  Or is there a certain version of JRE that has to be loaded on the phone?  I would appreciate this information.  My current BB JRE version is 4.5.x.x

If I have more observations, I'll send them as they happen....

Thank you for your consideration into these matters.

Bob Mimms
RMCLLC - Part 1 Summary - Project using PB 6 Pro and WebBrain

Intro & Config.:

We (Team Brain Admin and Project Editor/Reviewer1) are both using PB and JRE 6 v21 on both machines except that I (Team Brain Admin) are using XP Pro 32-bit  and he is using Win7 Home 64-bit..

Admin WebBrain user name is RMCLLC - Admin of the TeamBrain
Admin resides in Phoenix, AZ

Project Reveiwer1 WebBrain user name is RMCLLC_PR1, Editor and Reviewer1
PR1 resides in Colorado Springs, CO

Project Reviewer2 WebBrain user name is RMCLLC_PR2, Project Reviewer2
PR2 resides in Davenport, FL

Project Reviewer3 WebBrain user name is RMCLLC_PR3, Project Reviewer3
PR3 resides in Columbus, OH

Both Admin and PR1 have registered copies of PB 6 Pro and have active WebBrain premiere annual subscriptions.  PR2 and PR3 will remain reviewers ONLY, they will not be using  PB software or  buy an active WebBrain subscription for this project.

This is the way we requested this configuration from Tracy for a Project Manager and Systems Analyst to collaborate with stakeholders and project reviewers PR2 and PR3.  All TeamBrains will be PRIVATE and require a Login and Password to Edit(with WebBrain Subscription) or review(No WebBrain Subscription).

1.  Our Goal is to:
a.  Perform a Structured Systems Analysis and Design (SSAD) for gathering all of the customers requirements, forms, processes into one WebBrain to build the software proposal and systems solution(s).
b.  Perform  the project management in another WebBrain in conjunction with MPMM Pro and the project WBS etc... in another piece of software because PB/WebBrain doesn't lend itself to full integration into Outlook for tasks update status, work flow etc..
c.  Allow the customer to enter their data into PB and WebBrain straw man plexes due to an ongoing construction project and daily ongoing Fleet Management Operations while  simultaneously integrating a newly acquired fleet of vehicles and equipment into a much larger existing fleet. 

Customer Challenges:
2.  Why bother with PB and WebBrain?  PB is already SQL driven and has a very intuitive visual data display and the learning curve is minimal for navigation etc...for un-trained user.
a.  Our customer has looked at other Fleet Management Software (FMS) and has opted to conduct a full SSAD before making a large investment due to accounting software and platforms along with other considerations and the lack of time and resources coupled witha  lack of IT expertise in various other automation fields etc..
b.  According to the customer most FMS software doesn't work the way that they do and past experience has proven that customization and support is expensive for something that doesn't always work the way you want to the first time around.
c.   They are a U.S. corporation with global contracts and they want to modernize their existing shop and field operations with a system that will provide a web centric app. and provides real time data replication on-demand such as features now found in WebBrain and PB 6.x  which resemble Microsoft's replication services.
d.  This consultant is very familiar with PB since about Oct 2008 and has settled on this technology to perform 1a.-c. above.
e. We also intend to collaborate/inquire with the PB experts on how we can use the SDK to build simple INPUT screens and MINI-FORMS to interface with existing fleet data in WebBrain and extend that data to provide field services for Fleet Maintenance Management in the field and remote locations via WebBrain and Smart  Phones (i.e. Droids, I-Phones, Touch Pads, Ruggedized GPRS cell phones, etc....)

Anomalies observed read:
RMCLLC - Part 2 Anomalies - PB6 Pro and WebBrain

I'll finish this write up and submit it today - standby

Cheers !

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