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If I switch to Brain9 now, what significant features will I be missing?
(Windows 10)

I know. Depends on what each user thinks is important. But if a lot of people can indicate what they think is still missing of importance, then I'll have (and everyone will have) a good chance of seeing anything missing that I feel is important.
Can't open link to Outlook contact.
In Brain8 clicking a link to a contact will open it in Outlook.
In Brain9 it does not work.
Please return "Focus on notes" key mapping!
leolit wrote:
Oops, sorry, found it. Now it is called Window - Keyboard Focus on notes. My bad. Delete the post, please )

No, keep the post -- it's instructive.  [biggrin]
Who has made full switch to Brain 9 and what is your experience
Title says it all. I have a Brain on the order of 10,000 thoughts, with 1600 internal and 900 external file attachments. 

I'm curious of experience with similarly-sized Brains (or at least something less than a mega-brain).
Attachment sizes for web brain
Would TB still be able to index the contents? Probably not. 
drag and drop from outlook
Great idea. Thanks, David.
drag and drop from outlook
I find it hard to imagine that this feature is still in the "hope to" phase in this Version 9. This is such a basic need that I can't understand why it hasn't been done.
Unable to manually sync - PB8
Thank you. In the interim, I had found another posting with those steps and they do indeed work. we can either delete this thread, or perhaps with the different topic name it may be helpful to leave it.
Unable to manually sync - PB8
(edited) I am running v Pro on Windows 10. This setup has been running for months. My Pro Combo account subscription is active as shown in my webbrain account.

This computer did not get online for a couple of days and upon starting my Brain, a message popped up that it had not synced for over 24 hours and to do a manual sync. 

Under the Online tab, everything is greyed out including the manual sync choice, except for the "Login to TheBrain cloud services" choice and that login does not work. I can login to https://webbrain.com into my account just fine. I see my online brains. But when trying to login to TheBrain cloud services from my desktop brain I get: Error validating account. Failed to connect to TheBrain Cloud Services server. This could be caused by a problem with your network connection or the server at https://webbrain.com.  As I said, I can connect to it through my browser just fine. I have temporarily disabled my firewall to make sure there is no blockage there.

I get the identical result on two different computers running on the same network. And on this computer when connecting to the internet via a different connection. 

It appears that my inability to sync, manually or automatically, is caused by a failure to authenticate the online account. But why?

Any thoughts?

Suddenly text won't paste into thoughts, emails won't drag
CaptainJustice wrote: pthompson wrote: Mark,

If you have already tried that and it still isn't working, you can manually add the redemption.dll within Outlook. To do this:
In Outlook, go to: File > Options > Add ins > Manage COM Add-ins > Go... > Add > ... and select the redemption.dll file that, typically, resides in C:\Program Files (x86)\TheBrain\bin

Did that for Outlook 2016. Upon adding Redemption64.dll Outlook says it is not a valid Outlook add-in. And I am running the 64bit version of TB. 

Dumb me. My Outlook is 32 bit. Added redemption. DLL and now drag and drop works w/ 32 bit brain. 64 bit combo does not work. 
Drag and drop with Outlook 2016 not working
bmac wrote: but I use Outlook 2016 -- and very extensively with the brain -- and have no issue with dragging and dropping.

to clarify, can u drag an outlook contact to a thought?
Drag and drop with Outlook 2016 not working
bmac wrote: Make sure redemption.dll is in outlook 2016 add-ins.  There are many threads on TheBrain forums about this.

It's there. This is  a known issue with OTL 2016. The TB folks acknowledge it. I was just trying to bump the topic in the midst of their push to get version 9 out.
Drag and drop with Outlook 2016 not working

Maybe now this can start floating up to the top.  There is NO drag and drop between TB and Outlook 2016:  Email to Brain, Contact to Brain, Brain back to draft email.  Really hurts productivity.

Thanks to the TB bunch for considering the priority of this -- which I know they will do.
Windows 10 broke something
I had a perfectly operating TB on my windows 10 machine -- Surface Pro 4 with 8mb ram. Had not used TB for a few days and now it immediately crashes, most of the time.

If I do a removal of the program and reinstall, and then take the option to launch TB right after the install, it runs fine.  Exit and try to start TB even by going thru file manager to the directory and it immediately crashes. Have tried it on the new .1 release as well. Same result.

The only thing that has changed is there were some Windows updates.
However, on another Windows 10 machine it works perfectly and that machine has also had Windows updates recently. 

Anyone experiencing this? Any ideas of what to do next?

EDIT: If I run as administrator, it runs. I AM an administrator account but am invoking it from the file explorer menu. I guess that's why it launches from the installation menu.
Drag and drop with Outlook 2016 not working
Yep, but in time and loss of efficiency it's a lot more than just one step.
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