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Move File out of brain needs a LOT of work (#3477 and #4522)
CaptainJustice wrote:
Matt, wanting to make sure you noted that the problem, other than not being able to move more than one file at a time, is that on a move there is no link left in TB to the file now on an external location. In my case that is a USB SSD drive.  TB8 created such a link and that was a big advantage in doing the move from the plex instead of out of the containing folder.

Matt -- progress on this? For clarity, I'm repeating my original request:
  1. Can only move 1 file at a time. Should be able to
    1. CTRL-A to select all in the list and then
    2. Move all files as a selection group
  2. Normal Windows dialogue for file exploring is not used resulting in
    1. Have to right-click to get to "New" folder creation instead of the usual icon to do do.
    2. There is no navigation up icon
  3. Once you move a file and start to move another file, the location is not remembered. In my instance this requires 5 clicks on folders, then scroll to sub-folder, another click to select.
  4. Should also be able to drag and drop a link.

As always, thanks.
Move Out of Brain bug if file is open in another app
TB will, correctly, not allow the move.
BUT, there is no popup to say it's open in another application.
Boolean search operators in TB9
I am having a hard time finding what the search operators are in TB9. I have used both: mock and stratton and then mock +stratton and I get different results. 

Can I use, for example: mock +stratton -Shell  ??
Bug: slow refresh in NOTES window (ver 2.42)
mcaton wrote:

Thanks for posting and sharing to support. If your reply from support hasn't mentioned it yet, please try opening Preferences > UI tab and unchecking the option for "Update displayed content on hover" and let us know if this resolves the issue.  Also, if possible, a short video capture of the event would be helpful for further review.


Interesting, the lag is not always there. On the Surface Pro 4 yesterday morning I was getting the lag. Later at home on the Dell laptop the switching was zippy. This morning, back at the same location where I had sluggishness the switching is zippy. My testing has been between the same two thoughts.
Bug: slow refresh in NOTES window (ver 2.42)
metta wrote:
@CaptainJustice ~

Are you on a Windows or Mac?

Just wondering since I see this slow refresh more often than I'd like on my Windows 7 installations (desktop and notebook).

Surface Pro 4, Windows 10
Dell XPS 15 laptop, Windows 10
Samsung 7Edge
Feature request: wipe out TB calendar
Function: select either ALL or a range of dates or a calendar title; then delete all from TB calendar without disturbing the Google calendar entry.

WHY: might have messed up the import, used wrong calendar from Google or perhaps now changing to a different calendar. Sync gets screwed up but you believe the Google version is ok and want to start the sync over.

URGENCY: yesterday ðŸ˜
Systematic crashes with web/Evernote links (Request #60919)
Templay wrote:
I have a lot a trouble as soon as I attach a weblink to a thought.

This is systematic for Evernote links.

I have made a short screencam to demonstrate: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tcl1cukx5f3tp3y/PB9-245-Evernote-crash.mov?dl=0

Am I the only one having those issues ??

MacOS 10.13.3

In .242 I do not have that problem. I can view the page in the embedded browser and the name is correct from EN, as long as I am logged into EN. Not crashing.

Windows 10 pro 64bit, Surface Pro 4, 8mb ram, and Intel i5.
Bug: slow refresh in NOTES window (ver 2.42)
Scenario:  working with two thoughts (T1 and T2). Create notes in T1. Switch to T2, probably show notes from T1 for anywhere from a few moments to many minutes. Click on a child of T2 (if any) and back to T2 and the notes may refresh. 

Just now I have a T2 showing for 5 minutes and the notes from T2 still show. ALTHOUGH, the attachments window updates immediately. 

Sending output.log to support.
Move File out of brain needs a LOT of work (#3477 and #4522)
mcaton wrote:

Documenting your original post as a few different feature requests.
  • Moving/copying multiple files out of TheBrain
  • Navigation/option buttons
  • Remembering location
The drag and drop you mentioned is possible if you open the containing folder first.  Obviously you want to do this directly from the content window - correct?

Thank you,

Supplementing this.
You cannot move a FOLDER out of the brain from the attachment list. This is necessary in order to have a link to the external location. The folder and all files should be moved.
Able to delete Brain calendar entries and resync with Google? (#4620)
The title is the question:  can this be done?
I have done some major cleanup in my google calendar and would like to re-populate my calendar on TB9. Possible?
If I switch to Brain9 now, what significant features will I be missing?
mcaton wrote: Manni, 

mcaton wrote:

I hesitate to say this, but yes, it is still possible to select this type of location to store your Brain data.  But more importantly, it is very possible and very likely that you will LOSE your access to your data.  If the application is ever started without the path of the USB drive being present, or if access to the USB drive is lost while TheBrain is still running, your Brain data will no longer be accessible.  This is why we stress as much as possible that USB storage with v9 is not supported or recommended.

Thank you,

Matt: what about my question above:  I wonder about using a USB-connected Western Digital SSD?
Parentless versus Orphan
mcaton wrote:

This is an odd scenario.  I'm also curious as to why the "03 - Defendant's Answer" is not showing up in your Orphan Thought list. Is there a scrollbar on the right side of your Orphan Thought list?  The "03" thought would should come up before the "2009" Thoughts seen in the image.


I have now resolved every orphan, except that one. It gets weirder.
On the parentless list and not on the orphan list.
Run parentless report and then click on the 03 - item.
There it is WITH a parent of the identical name, but the "parent" is a forgotten thought.
Delete that "ghost" parent (have no idea how that occurred) and now the 03 - item shows up on orphan list.
If I switch to Brain9 now, what significant features will I be missing?
Manni wrote:


The possibility to run a brain from a USB is also crucial when doing presentations. <snip> If the whole laptop is not usable, then I want to be able to run the presentation from the USB key on another laptop, so that I'm up and running as quickly as possible.

I understand it is our responsability to make sure the data is there before accessing it, but please could you clarify: is it still possible (but not recommended) to run a brain from a USB drive, or has the feature been removed from V9?


I wonder about using a USB-connected Western Digital SSD?
Problem Migrating to Brain 9
metta wrote:
@TheBrain Staff ~

Did something change with TB9 downloads such that TB9 now completely overwrites TB8?

When I initially installed TB9 over a year ago, TB9 did not overwrite TB8, and I've been running them side-by-side ever since.

Moreover, since brains accessed in TB9 are not backward compatible with TB8, I thought users would always be able to run TB8 and TB9 simultaneously without TB9 ever overwriting TB8.

This is especially important to me because I want to have the option of not importing my TB8 mega-brain into TB9, and still being able to access it in TB8.

When I installed TB9 it did nothing to TB8. I doubt they would cause that behavior on purposes.
Notification area needs more info.
mcaton wrote:

You certainly should be seeing the notification area display a "Sync completed"  The first screenshot you posted indicates that the sync is still working. If it is stalling on this phase for an extraordinarily long time - please post or send in your Output.log file (accessed by clicking on Help > Open Log Directory in TheBrain) and we'll take a closer look.

Thank you,

Emailed you a log.
I have never seen "Sync completed" in the message area. If it flashes by, it does not remain. When the sync is done, the message area is clear. No lingering message. I understand that the screenshot above show sync continuing.
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