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copy link of thought folder path - how fast?
Please feel free and steal my idea and post there.
copy link of thought folder path - how fast?
The Brain,

I am constantly open the thought folder just so i can copy path to save files to - i want a right click - copy path option.  please, pretty please with sugar on top.

The create attachment function is nice but i find i use application:save as function more.


Paste Outline Improvements Not Working
yeah, me either. has not worked since i bought pro version.  and is a key feature i need.
Pasting outline - link to exisiting
Ok, this locks up for me.

I cannot paste an updated outline into an existing outline i pasted before.

for example paste this first






THen paste this and link to existing for all the old stuff.







everything should remain the same except a5 should be child to c3 and a1 should like to main parent.

Instead the paste locks up and i have to kill and restart.

what am i missing?

Paste outline link to existing thoughts not consistent
Moe wrote: dcb_oz, Thank you for contacting us. The paste outline issues have been fixed in the 5.1 release of PB. We do not have an official date for the release just yet. Please keep your eyes out on our web page and the forums for its release.

Best regards,

Great that it is fixed as this is one of the primary reasons i bought PB to create complex brains thoughts with multiple data sources with some consistent naming. 

Are we going to be charged for upgrading from 5.0xxxxxx to 5.1?
I use my brain about X per X
dyslucksia wrote:
Quote: One key feature is cutting and pasting outlines with link to existing thoughts.

I don't understand you. Where are these existing thoughts? In the Brain you're cutting from or in the Brain your pasting into? Why can't you copy all the linked thoughts from the first Brain (maybe use Crawl Brain) and then paste them in as a group into the new Brain? Seems to work ok for me.

I have distant thoughts with the same name that i want to link to as jumps.  I have a lot of uses for putting thoughts of the same name but perhaps in a different category(thought).  When you paste an outline it ask to link to existing - it does not work.
I use my brain about X per X
Yeah, i loaded with a lot of info when i first started using and use daily to retrieve that info. 

However, i have not added a lot of info of late because some of the key features i want to use are still broke with no indication if it will be fixed in 5.1. 

One key feature is cutting and pasting outlines with link to existing thoughts.  This would make pb extremely powerful as i could build quick outlines and have links to old thoughts connected.  without the links the groups of thoughts paste just become children of current thoughts with no knowledge to existing thoughts.
Bug in "Paste Outline"
I just realized this issue today as i have been spending most of my time trying to figure out an efficient way to get an outline.  only to find that the paste feature is broke for multi paste to get the linking feature.

HOWEVER, i discovered a really cool pivot table feature in excel 2007.  You can create your PT and then under design tab, click on report layout and select outline.  It sets up PT with exact format needed for PB... as long as you only have data in the "row labels" area you should not have any issues.

Once the issue is fixed i would like the ability to select "jump to existing" as this will allow me to quickly cut and paste variously organized thoughts that can link to each other through jumps, parents and children.

how do i search for a $ (dollar sign)
Yeah i tried searching for known wild cards and $'s and the search functionality of the forum works like PB... so i did not find anything ... sorry i had to.

Thanks for the hint.  It does work for thoughts as you are typing.  So it shows all thoughts in the preview window with a $.  However it does not work in the search window.

Any ideas why that is?

how do i search for a $ (dollar sign)
I am trying to search for a thought that has a dollar sign in it...

does not work.  for example i created a thought $123

If is search for exact string i get result.  $* does not work.  "$" does not work.

any ideas?

regex - regular expressions
I did a quick search and this has been discussed - barely. 

When will PB have the ability to use regular expressions for complex searches?


Go Green!
Matt, do you have an update to your green brain?


XML with oxygen
I have been thinking the same thing.  The brain is awesome but the reporting function is less than ideal.

I want to write a parser that will take the brain xml and put into a useful format for creating reports.  ONe simple option is to write to a data record format and use an excel pivot table to generate flexible reports.

Any other ideas out there?

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