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PB TiddlyWiki
Thanks ZG,
I'd missed spotting that earlier thread, I see you've asked there about progress in this area. Suggest we close off this thread and continue the conversation over there at http://forums.thebrain.com/tool/post/thebrain/vpost?id=2015054
PB TiddlyWiki
Yes TiddlyWiki is a single file wiki but capable of exposing permalinks to individual 'tiddlers'.
PB TiddlyWiki
Has anyone integrated PB with TiddlyWiki?

Some kind of import, maybe on a subset of tiddlers from a TiddlyWiki based on tiddler tags.

What I'd envisage, then, is a brain with each tiddler represented as a PB thought and each crosslink between tiddlers shown by a line on on the PersonalBrain.

The thoughts could then attach to tiddler permalinks allowing the brain to be used as an alternative, graphical navigation tool for the tiddlywiki, rather than attempting to import the tiddlywiki data itself. This would keep the advantage of TiddlyWiki's portability and ease of inputting notes while layering PBs graphical navigation of ideas.

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