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Sales/Landing Page for TB/Knowledge Management?
Has anyone come across what you might consider a website sales page for the idea of knowledge management as reflected in TB (since I doubt there's one specifically for a TB application). We're looking at selling topical Brains, but suspect that on the sales page we'll have to cover a number of things in the storyline to familiarize readers with everything from why knowledge management to why TB to why a populated topical Brain.

So I'm curious whether anyone has seen anything like that before in a sales page. 


Private Thoughts on web client
I have posted on this point repeatedly.  TB finally made it possible to hide private thoughts on the desktop (rather critical for Skype or other screen-sharing), but have left private thoughts visible in web client? If that's the case, that's . . . . .  odd.  What definition of privacy are they using?  
TheBrain hung (#4606)
I do try to resist repeating instructions to the Brain when it seems non-responsive, since most of the time it eventually comes back and I find that the text is there several times, as happened to you.  It's so easy to assume "it must not have heard me," as opposed to "it's not paying attention, give it a second."  :-)   
There are still serious problems of transfer mega v8 brain into v9 version, please fix it ,thx
I've removed this post because in going back into my TB9 version of the brain this morning I'm unable to recreate the results I got last night in terms of orphan thoughts. I'll continue testing. 
Problem Migrating to Brain 9
Speaking of TB8 vs. TB9, is it still possible for users to access TB8 Webbrains through the iOS app? I thought I've heard that the default is now for TB9 - can the older app still be downloaded?

Re-establishing a link to an external attachment that I've moved
Should have followed up on my post.  I was in touch with Brigitte and found out there's actually a very clean solution to what I needed to do.   I was able to reassign hundreds of links to a new drive folder with just one step.  Unfortunately, as I look back through the TB menus, I can't find the option that Brigitte pointed me to.  But it's there somewhere, and it's a great solution!  :-)  
So why are my 60,000 icons being "ignored?"
Sent all the information in a month ago.  Still waiting on any feedback.  
So Again, Where is Webbrain? (#310)
It turns out there's a problem even with the second work-around I provided.  We have been unable to embed TB (8) on our new website hosted by GoDaddy and using their new "Managed Wordpress."  It was never a problem on the older GoDaddy sites. as anyone had success in embedding TB8 (or 9 I guess) on the new version of Wordpress, or successfully used one of the new iFrame plug-ins?

So Again, Where is Webbrain? (#310)
Scbret and others,

The implementation of security on V9 is an indication (among many) that TheBrain is still not recognizing the potential value of the software in business, educational (and commercial settings in general) where security of access is important. The idea that anyone could circulate the URL to a business-confidential Brain, or even just a subscription-based Brain, is obviously an oxymoron.  

Two potential work-arounds that might be useful. 

1. Provide users with a URL that takes them to a spot in TB, rather than the master URL for the Brain itself.  You can easily change that spot and the associated URL on a regular basis, meaning that people you don't send the new URL to would encounter an error when trying to access it.  [At least I assumed this to be true until I just tried it! It doesn't work, since it defaults to the HOME thought for that Brain. Unfortunate!  You could make it hard to find sensitive information from the Home page, but that's second-rate at best.]  

2. Provide access to the Brain through a passworded web page that houses an embedded copy of the Brain (assuming V9 allows that).  That gives you a lot of control over who can get to that page.  A savvy user might figure out a way to access it outside of the web page, but most wouldn't. 

Would these steps pass muster for the security department of a large company if confidential information is involved?  Probably not. But they might be sufficient in other cases.  That said, it's a puzzle why TB would change this an other things in TB 9 that significantly impedes the software's use by an enormous number of potential users, users who might become customers for the desktop version in their own right. Hard to imagine it would have been intentional, so I suspect it's simply the same "the desktop is all there is" mind frame that we're seeing generally in the handling of the Web client.  

Re-establishing a link to an external attachment that I've moved
V8.  I've moved the directory structure associated with external file attachments.  So how do I re-establish the link between the thought and the external attachment in its new directory?  I know I have to do it one by one, which is a real pain, but I can't figure out how to do it even one by one. 


Brain v9 can't sync to server with large attachment filenames
First time I've heard about this.  Good Lord (I have >25,000 attachments).  Did find that report, but still haven't figured out how to get TB9 to recognize me as a PRO user, which is required.  Will get that tracked down ASAP.  

So I take it that since every attachment is preceded by this path:

C:\MCT\Brains\Climate Risk Brain_brain\Files\423D6A09-C73F-B346-B209-A315F865FD9F  I have 70 characters left for the file name itself.  At least in my case that's probably sufficient, although I may have many files that currently exceed it.  

Since I'm assuming this is a significant change from V8, any idea of why it was done? 

If I switch to Brain9 now, what significant features will I be missing?
You're right, it's all in the perception of significance!  I don't have a lot of experience with the new TB9 because I can't switch over given the missing items. So all I can mention is those missing items. 

1. No TeamBrain
2. No Web Client up to 3rd party access
3. No expanded views (critical for developing interesting TheBrain visualizations) 
4. No filtered reports (critical for those same visualizations, among other things)
5. No Private thoughts (at least not that you can hide during presentations etc.)
Reports / Advanced search: less sophisticated (#3389)
Harlan, it may be a matter of terminology, since we all seem to have different things in mind when we think about the reporting features of TB8.  Specifically with respect to what I'm primarily talking about, the filtering capabilities of TB8, the exact words were "infrequently or never used by most users."  That's actually probably true, since as with any powerful software lots of features are rarely used by most users, but those features can also be critical to the whole point of a software, and I would suggest that's definitely the case with "filtering." Being unable to filter out confidential or other thoughts when using TB in a meeting or in the classroom or over Skype, for example, substantially constrains the power and value of the software, even if most people don't use it that way.  

It hadn't actually occurred to me to ask before, but I'm assuming that private thoughts won't show up in TB9's web client? So the filtering is still happening there presumably. 


Reports / Advanced search: less sophisticated (#3389)
You're right about the weaknesses you mention, and it is indeed frustrating to generate reports that are nothing but orphan thoughts. But we've at least been able to work around that by establishing at least one physical link to those thoughts, and then the report works "properly." Which is key to working with the expanded view and other features. But to lose all of the reporting functionality (defined as per what we're talking about here) is a huge loss.  As I've noted, the inability to reverse filter for private thoughts is a HUGE problem for even being able to demonstrate the Brain over Skype.  
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