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Brain v9 can't sync to server with large attachment filenames
First time I've heard about this.  Good Lord (I have >25,000 attachments).  Did find that report, but still haven't figured out how to get TB9 to recognize me as a PRO user, which is required.  Will get that tracked down ASAP.  

So I take it that since every attachment is preceded by this path:

C:\MCT\Brains\Climate Risk Brain_brain\Files\423D6A09-C73F-B346-B209-A315F865FD9F  I have 70 characters left for the file name itself.  At least in my case that's probably sufficient, although I may have many files that currently exceed it.  

Since I'm assuming this is a significant change from V8, any idea of why it was done? 

If I switch to Brain9 now, what significant features will I be missing?
You're right, it's all in the perception of significance!  I don't have a lot of experience with the new TB9 because I can't switch over given the missing items. So all I can mention is those missing items. 

1. No TeamBrain
2. No Web Client up to 3rd party access
3. No expanded views (critical for developing interesting TheBrain visualizations) 
4. No filtered reports (critical for those same visualizations, among other things)
5. No Private thoughts (at least not that you can hide during presentations etc.)
Reports / Advanced search: less sophisticated
Harlan, it may be a matter of terminology, since we all seem to have different things in mind when we think about the reporting features of TB8.  Specifically with respect to what I'm primarily talking about, the filtering capabilities of TB8, the exact words were "infrequently or never used by most users."  That's actually probably true, since as with any powerful software lots of features are rarely used by most users, but those features can also be critical to the whole point of a software, and I would suggest that's definitely the case with "filtering." Being unable to filter out confidential or other thoughts when using TB in a meeting or in the classroom or over Skype, for example, substantially constrains the power and value of the software, even if most people don't use it that way.  

It hadn't actually occurred to me to ask before, but I'm assuming that private thoughts won't show up in TB9's web client? So the filtering is still happening there presumably. 


Reports / Advanced search: less sophisticated
You're right about the weaknesses you mention, and it is indeed frustrating to generate reports that are nothing but orphan thoughts. But we've at least been able to work around that by establishing at least one physical link to those thoughts, and then the report works "properly." Which is key to working with the expanded view and other features. But to lose all of the reporting functionality (defined as per what we're talking about here) is a huge loss.  As I've noted, the inability to reverse filter for private thoughts is a HUGE problem for even being able to demonstrate the Brain over Skype.  
So why are my 60,000 icons being "ignored?"
None of my thought icons display in TB9.  When I open up the thought folder they are there, but each is named icon.png.ignore   When I remove the "ignore" suffix the icon shows up in the thought folder, but still doesn't display as a thought icon.  

What's with that "ignore" suffix?

Reports / Advanced search: less sophisticated
Khalilgdoura, thanks for making the point regarding reports.  Just FYI, I've heard from TheBrain team that their perception is that no one uses the report features.  As you note the report feature is a critically powerful part of the program, and it will be impossible for me to move to TB9 without it.  I hope other people will weigh in on this feature.  To give just one incredibly simple example, if you are sharing your screen with someone via Skype, there is now no way to hide all the confidential information you might have in your Brain.  

A New Use of Tags?
Don, our new YouTube Channel for the Climate Web has what might I suspect is the largest collection of TB-promoting videos other than TB itself.  Several playlists introducing how different users can use the Climate Web, how different topics can be explored, etc.  Feedback welcome!  And we're still working on integrating the points you made, particularly in a comprehensive video I'm working on now. 
Same Brain, Multiple Audiences
Our new YouTube Channel for the Climate Web has what might I suspect is the largest collection of TB-promoting videos other than TB itself.  Several playlists introducing how different users can use the Climate Web, how different topics can be explored, etc.  Feedback welcome!  

Dynamic Ontology
I'm not aware of link types playing that role, and I doubt they could in any sizable Brain since you have to manipulate each one individually.  I would love to, but just can't deal with tens of thousands of individual links.  

In terms of tags, we're using them very extensively now in our Climate Web Brain.  If you go down to the Doorways playlist in the Climate Web YouTube Channel, that's all done with Tags.  We'll soon have hundreds of Doorways into the Climate Web. 
WebBrain Glitch?
What the . . . .   The Climate Web is empty. 
Is "copy-based" backup is possible in TB9?
Cerebrum, thanks for that insight.  Have you actually verified that? When asking about this a year ago as I recall Harlan gave a different answer.  I do like your answer!  :-)  
Is "copy-based" backup is possible in TB9?
Recent postings by Harlan remind me of something that came up a while back.  Is it now impossible to back up TB9 via any kind of "copy this directory" command, as we could with TB8?  Here's why that matters to me:

1. With a 30+ GB brain, doing a full back-up is, I suspect, a painstaking process (I'm not in TB9, so I don't know).  With TB8 we use Foldermatch to synchronize TO a hard-drive the relevant directories to keep the backup up to date, and it does a very good job. 
2.  We're using TeamBrain, and TeamBrain doesn't actually sync correctly between computers (in our case thought icons usually disappear along the way).  Periodically we simply synchronize FROM the hard drive to the second TeamBrain computer, and get all the thought icons back.  That wouldn't be possible if having to restore from a compressed backup.  Which would mean periodically having to delete a 30 GB brain, and then restore a 30 GB Brain.  I am NOT looking forward to that, and the opportunity for errors gets much larger.  

Collaboration Among Brain Experts?
This thread has long languished, but I wanted to resurrect it.  A few of us have started holding monthly Zoom get-togethers to discuss aspects of TB that we may not all be familiar with, or things that we're doing with TB that others might be interested in.  It's not yet particularly formalized, but what we want to see evolve is a regularly scheduled forum for discussion, where individual TB users can demonstrate and share things they are doing or questions they have.  Just in the last couple of months I found out through these conversations a couple of seemingly minor capabilities of TB (in this case I'm thinking of the fact that Tags have their own URL - something I'd never really thought about but that has huge applications) that have been very influential in how I'm using TB. 

Drop me a line at mark@climatographer.com if you would like to be included in the notification list for these get-togethers!

Wander Algorithm?
Thanks for pointing to that thread Moltaire.  The topic HAS been around a while!

Wander Algorithm?
Metta, I think it depends on what you're trying to do with the Wander feature.  If you're using it at a conference or something to introduce people to a Brain, you have a limited amount of eyeball time available (seconds).  Having the Brain Wander around all the children of one parent thought is not a good use of that eyeball time.  There's been forum discussion over the years that it would be GREAT if you could specify a list of thoughts that would be the basis for the Wandering.  I'll point out that you can help 1/2 there by using Wander in conjunction with the filtering (reporting) function of V8.  Structure a version of the Brain that does what you want when you Wander, filter out everything else, and Voila!  Now of course in V9 you can't do that since the filtering is gone.  So the Wander is much less useful in 9.  Not to mention the fact that there's no way in 9 (that I've found) to hide private thoughts, so as you Wander around your Brain at a conference gosh only knows what you're going to end up displaying on the screen!  
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