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How to Load Pro Version to a new laptop

No I cannot activate at all.  When I click the 'activate' button it tells me 'no purchase was found for your license,' but I know that my license is still active.  I've turned off every firewall setting that I can think of but am still having the issue.  Any thoughts? 

How to Load Pro Version to a new laptop

I have had the Pro version of the TheBrain for a few years and recently purchased a new laptop.  However, for some reason, I cannot install the pro version on my new machine but instead it keeps reverting to the free version.  In talking with Customer Support (many times) they said that it has to do with my security settings so I have done everything from turning off my security to literally uninstalling macafee and I still cannot access my pro version.  

Has anyone else had this difficulty and if so, any suggestions? 

Is the Brain a toy or a tool?
Thanks Steeph for the great reply.  Bottom line is I can probably do most of what I do with the other tools using just TheBrain so I'll try out your suggestions and see how it goes. 
Is the Brain a toy or a tool?
OK, so before I'm crucified for such a title, let me state up front that I love the Brain and have been using it off/on for several years now (along with following the forums).  However, even after watching nearly every new instructional vid that comes out, I still feel that I'm not using my brain nearly as efficiently as I could be.  I have about 667 thoughts in my largest brain but most of the thoughts are parent/child with very few jump-thoughts.  In the past, I've tried repeatedly different techniques that people described here in the forums but with limited success.  I use the Brain mostly for work and my productivity tools include: outlook 2010, onenote, toodledoo (for gtd) and the Brain.  Here's my basic normal routine:
1. outlook 2010 - mail/calendar
2. onenote 2010 - meeting & note capture
3. explorer - document repository (has powerful search capabilities so finding things is not that difficult usually)
4. toodledoo - using a form of GTD I add every action item and move each along the process
5. chrome - web browsing & favorites storage
6. brain - passwords, teleconference info, some documents stored

Out of these tools, the Brain is used the least and I want to be able to use it more but not just as a glitzy toy but as a true tool that duplicates the function of the other tools.  So, having said all that, I guess my question is, how would anyone suggest making this tool as invaluable as I know it should be BUT not by spending a ton of precious time and actually getting the productivity boost that I think I'm missing out on?? Maybe I just haven't had the lightbulb go off in my head yet but I'd love to hear some comments & suggestions.  Thanks in advance! 
Outlook Syncing not working

Thanks Jim.  I had considered dropping down to the 32bit and I do have admin rights but without a license I'm not sure how to convert?

Outlook Syncing not working
Hah, unfortunately the good news doesn't outweigh the bad news for me but ah well.  Guess I'll have to do ye ole cut/paste action into my thoughts. 

Thanks again for the info. 
Outlook Syncing not working
Hi Moe, 

Thanks as always for such a fast response.  I'm using 64 bit (version 14.0.6106.5005). 
Outlook Syncing not working

I'm using the beta version w/ Outlook 2010 but for some reason, I cannot pull over anything from Outlook into my plex.  I keep getting a message saying: "Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request.  Please run MS Outlook and set it as the default mail client."  I have checked, unchecked and re-checked the default client radio button in Outlook but still no luck.  I'm using TheBrain and Outlook at work so it may be a permissioning issue but I'm hoping that its just a setting or preference that I'm overlooking? 

Notes Icon??
Thanks spacenexus.  I haven't been on this board in many a moon.  Is it my imagination or does it seem a lot quieter in here than it used to be w/ tons of daily posts??
Notes Icon??
Hmm, I just realized that its hard to tell which thought has notes written in the Notes field these days.  Am I mistaken or didn't the older versions used to have a little yellow square in the lower right side of the thought to indicate if there were any notes inside it?  Is this possibly a preference setting that I don't have turned on? 

Thx. :-)
PB versus Excel
OK, so here's a topic that has been bugging me for quite some time and maybe there's a thread already out there but I'm not sure. I've been using PB for close to a year now and it is excellent for my file management. However, I keep playing around off and on with trying to make it work as an infrastructure & network inventory tool with very little success (and no the network brain sample doesn't quite fit the bill).  Here's the deal:  I have an excel workbook w/ about 8 tabs of information that takes awhile to look through but its not impossible.  I want to be able to display that content in a brain to share (I'm not concerned w/ how to import, as I know those techniques already) so it will be more usable than the workbook.  Some of the parameters from the worksheets include: monitoring tool, hostname, target app, vendor, line of business,etc.  Now, some of these may have multiple entries like one monitoring tool could be used to monitor 5 applications for 4 lines of business, etc. 
So if you've made it all the way to here my bottom line question is: can data be viewed better in PB than in everyday excel??

Gray Screen of Death
Hi Matt,

I emailed it and have posted it here as well.


Gray Screen of Death

I'm pretty sure that I am in the same boat as a lot of Brain users in that I don't have admin rights to my work machine and so I am forced to use a jump drive to store the app (I do, however, store my created brains on my local machine).  I've got a 16G Cruz drive which should be more than enough to handle any problems.  However, I keep experiencing either frozen screens and/or gray screens when I am either:
1.  returning to my machine after having locked it
2.  not using personalbrain for several minutes
3. definitely when i try to import (i.e. I just tried to import a mindmanager file 5 different times and the app froze each time)

I know this topic was brought up as it related to past versions but I thought a bugfix had gone in for it?

Its not the largest problem in the world as I can just task manager and close out then restart personalbrain.  however, when it really affects me is when I'm in a meeting and need to pull up information right away only to see a gray frozen wasteland. 

Any tips?


Revisiting Ye Olde Copy/Paste
Hi All,

Here is my latest project.  I work in IT at my company and there are a TON of spreadsheets saved all over that contain very valuable information that I am now trying to consolidate into a PB.  So, as I continue to build this out, I'm sure I'll seek all of you out for more helpful tips but for my #1 question right now:
What is the best way to copy/paste a large group of cells from .xls to PB as thoughts AND have PB check for duplicates AND if duplicates are found, allow me to ignore the dup but add the original as a child of a new parent.  For example,
a. server type A is an existing parent thought
b. server A has two child thoughts: server 123 and server 456
c. I create a new parent thought called server type B
d. I import a block of .xls cells with a list of servers into PB(after first pasting into notebook and adding semi-colons) as children of server type B
e.  Uh oh. looks like one of those new children that I imported is server 456 (which is already existing under server type A).  But, I don't want this to be a duplicate thought but rather just have it linked as a child thought for both server type A and server type B. 
My first attempt is incredibly ugly and painful so I am hoping there is a better way.  What I did was look thru the list for dups and whenever I found one, I would forget the dup thought and then select the original and link it under the new parent type. 


Status Reports
That worked like a charm! Many thanks.
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