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mailto in SiteBrain
thanks a lot for this hint. I was looking into the HTML and realized that the footer is placed explicitely into every HTML file associated to a thought. As I am working on Windows finding a utility to allow me changing hundreds of text files is not as easy as would be under Linux.

Does anyone has a tip for a free software supporting such an effort of changing a particular text string in hundreds of files automatically? 
mailto in SiteBrain
Good morning,

I am using the mailto footer in the SiteBrain (automatically generated) to route people to different mailboxes depending on which SiteBrain they look at. To change this automatically generated footer I could in versions prior to PB7 simply change the user name and Email address in the Preferences General tab.

This option is eliminated in PB7. Not only, the conversion has frozen as well the username and Email address I used at the time I did the conversion from PB6 to PB7.

How can I know change those two attributes?

Thanks for hints

PB with J-1.6.0_17 on Windows Vista
Sync of massive changes
Our team of three people is working with a brain of roughly 2000 thought. In periods we changes to several hundreds of thoughts in one go and it seems that the synchronization is having some issues with this amount of changes.

Now we are in the situation that we have the impression the TeamBrain has most of the information correct, yet the three clients seem to be out of sync. Most likely we will have to download all the complete TeamBrain again to our local machines.

Are you aware of such limits (number of files transferred)?
If forced synchronization another way to cure our local copies?
Is there a way to some statistics about the TeamBrain as we are used to have it from the PersonalBrain? has an issue with transparent mode
Thanks for the confirmation of the bug.

I will continue to explore the candidate release has an issue with transparent mode
The transparent mode simply replaces the plex by a white space (not transparent at all). Typically the tools layout had been changed to the default settings when swapping to the transparent mode. This time no resizing of the window and no rearrangement of the tools layout happens. Funnily enough, the tools do not really work any longer reliably. Most of them vanish after focusing on them. Fortunately using the menu bar one can switch back to presentation mode. Yet, PersonalBrain does not really switch then to the presentation mode, but to the normal mode.

It is a shame if we would loose the transparent mode as after some time I really got used to it and find it finally very useful when reviewing documents as I can take notes without having to swap between applications.

Windows Vista Enterprise SP 2 / PB / J-1.6.0_20

Click image for larger version - Name: transparent_mode.PNG, Views: 107, Size: 133.81 KB
Report untyped thoughts
This morning I upgrade to PB and finally I could import the PB XML without any loss.

After the import the report acts as expected: I can list again all thoughts without type.

Great !! Thanks a lot for the fix !!

Windows Vista Enterprise SP 2 / PB / J-1.6.0_20
Report untyped thoughts
I investigated a further alternative to restore my database, which seems apparently to be corrupted.
I created a brainzip and loaded it into a new brain. Everything worked fine, but I still cannot create a report on the thoughts without a type.

On the other hand I started to go through the brain identifying by hand thoughts I have not yet assigned a type and assign to them a type. After the first 50 new assignments finally the report for all thoughts in the brain started to work.

I conclude therefore that some thoughts which are in my brain (which I started in PB 4.5) are somehow not converted properly.

  • Do you have some tools to check the database more specific?
  • Some hints how I can analyze the xml to identify the buggy thoughts?
  • Some ideas why the import of the xml does not load URL attachments?

Report untyped thoughts
I am struggling with the rebuild database.
Of course I can select the function, but honestly I get the impression nothing happens. I do not get any status message nor any windows telling me that tables are recreated (as I think to remember what the rebuild used to report).
I tried to update for instance the index and then I get strange messages like the one below
Indexing 351 of -1 Thoughts (-35099%)

How can I rebuild my database of appr. 3000 thoughts without the rebuild function?
I tried the following:
  1. export into an pb xml
  2. import into  a new pb
Some interesting observations:
  • in the old db the statistics told me there are 3010 thoughts (including forgotten), the import counts 3653.
  • after the import the statistics is telling me again 3010 thoughts present and indeed the reports is now showing all the thoughts without a type assigned.
  • It seems that the import of the xml does not reload the URLs associated to my thoughts, yet it restored the attachements. The old statistics showed 595 URL attachments whereas the new one counts 0
Therefore, thanks for having helped me understanding my issue. Unfortunately I do not yet have a real solution.

Any further hints?
Using the new feature for assigning types
sorry for the late response:

I have upgraded PB and now the assignment works nicely with one interesting exception:
If your text ends with a blank, neither the tag nor the type selection is processed.

As I usually type a blank (space) after a comma, I thought it is related to the comma, but it isn't. Sorry for the wrong hint.

Vista SP 2

Using the new feature for assigning types
As mentioned earlier I am a fan of assigning types to thoughts. With the new thought creation feature this is even easier than it used to be. My typical action is
  • Select F6 for creating a child thought
  • typing in the though title
  • clicking on the new Type field and selecting the desired type
  • selecting the green tick button to save the thought.
Most of the time this works without issue, slow and step by step (as slow that I can watch the processing), but it does it.

Consistently it is not doing me this favour if I am creating jump thoughts and as well if I am using the "," trick to inherit text from the starting thought.

Windows Vista Enterprise SP 2

Report untyped thoughts
I am working a lot with thought types and sometimes want to verify, if I still have some thoughts with no type.
Unfortunately the reports function is not able to detect untyped thought any longer. It works fine with untagged thoughts.

Vista SP 2

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