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Problem with Software-Keyboard on Windows 10 tablets
I use a Surface 3 with Windows 10 (latest update) & the Brain 9 (latest update).
Every time, when I point to a thought or try to move the plex on the screen the software-keyboard pops up.
Are there any solutions (or explanaitons)?
Links to Evernote
TheBrain now adds two entries when saving a link to Evernote. One of the two ("evernote internal") has no effect when "activating" (clicking) it.
Is it a bug or a feature?

Kind regards

Instant Activation Index
I have this problem too. (German date format). Thoughts do not only dissapear in the instant activation list but some thoughts become orphans and some thoughts dissapear.
I updated to the newest Java-Version but this does not help.
Furthermore "Merging" does not work any longer.
Even with merging 2 small databases (500 and 3000 thoughts) PB v6 produces hang-ups and has to be closed via task-manager.

I tested PB7 but the problems are still here.

In general the databases seem to be quite corrupt since the last three updates.

Kind regards

PB6 Pro
Windows Vista SP3
Java 1.6.0_27

I agree with most of the arguments stated above:
* Webbrain is far too expensive
* Outline-View ist not provided (in Firefox)
* Without encryption (database, notes, ...) you can´t use it in a business-context.

I found another solution which works fine for me: Teamviewer
* Leaves the database on one Desktop
* Database can be encrypted (via TrueCrypt on my Desktop)
* The "readability" of the brains is very good on my Galaxy S (Android 2.3), Asus Transformer (Android 3.2), Asus Netbook (Windows XP) and Galaxy S2

v6.0.5.4 various issues central
Hi Moe,

thanks for answering so quickly.

I went back to Is it possible to do a parallel-installation of without any interferences?

I am afraid that I cannot send you my db, as large parts of it consist of patient records. (And yes, I do have a backup-copy which I hope to "join" with the db modified (and damaged) by

But if a parallel installation of the two versions is possible I´ll be glad to try to reproduce the "orphan-problem" and send you a copy of the log and the test-db.

As I mentioned in my eMail I first thought the problem has to do with the "comma-trick", yet this has been falsified.

Halt also posted some experiences with a new test-db. Maybe he could send it to you.

Kind regards,


v6.0.5.4 various issues central
b4l4nc3r: thanks for your advice, I did not delete my brain-dbs and I already contacted Moe.

Do you have any suggestion for the title of this thread, which is more significant?
v6.0.5.4 various issues central
I "lost" 300 thoughts because I had to go back to a brainzip-backup that can be read by produced 20 orphans.

b4l4nc3r: You are right regarding the title of this thread. I tried to change it but could not figure out how. Could you give me a hint?

And thank you for all the information. Meanwhile I appreciate and enjoy the (sometimes very enthusiastic) way you provide your insights. ;-)

v6.0.5.4 various issues central
Since yesterday I used PB and was very impressed by (and satisfied with) release 6.

Yesterday I installed PB and ran into numerous problems.

1. PB is very, very slow and tends to "freeze" for seconds on my PC (Vista Service Pack 2, 2 GB RAM, Java 6.22).

Reindexing 9000 thoughts takes more than 4 hours.

2. PB creates orphans as thought-links disappear.

I created 50 new thoughts in my 9.000-thoughts database and had to realize that 20 (of 50) thoughts mutated to orphans. (Klicking the child of a (new) thought the parent of the thought is no longer shown and the link disappears).

Running a report proves the thought as orphan.

Rebuilding and reorganizing the DB does not help.

Creating a brainzip and importing the brainzip into another (empty) DB does not help.

Does anyone else have this problem?

3. A rollback to version is not possible since changes the database so it is only compatible with upwards.

Please, could somebody send me PB here as zip-attachment?

I have found no link on the PB-website (and w3) for downloading this (or any other) version except

Regards, Christian

Pasting thoughts does not work in PB
Hi Moe,
thank you for your help.

I am now using PB, which produces the same problem. (Copy 44 thoughts & try to paste them. Window "Pasting Thoughts" shows up an PB stops working & has to be ended via Taskmanager)

Attached is the output.log.

Best regards,

Pasting thoughts does not work in PB
Pasting thoughts (44 thoughts in this case) kills PB. (Showing the window "Pasting thoughts"). PB has to be shut down via taskmanager.
After a restart of PB all "Pins" are gone (and do not appear after rebuilding the database).

Windows Vista, 4GB RAM Copy & Paste of Thoughts does not start does not have this problem! Copy & Paste of Thoughts does not start
Pasting thoughts does not work in PB
The window "pasting thoughts" shows up, but the pasting does not start.

Any solutions?

(Windows Vista, 4GB Ram)

Copy/Past of multiple thoughts does not work
PB Version 5.5.05
Windows Vista

"Crawl brain and modify selection", ->"Copy thoughts" ->"Paste thoughts" produces an error-message.

Best regards

PersonalBrain Beta 5.5 Now Available
Sorting of thoughts does not work.
<Arrange thoughts->by name> sorts "g. Test" before "f. Test"  in PB
Anyone else having this problem?

Search substrings
Thank you Dryopithecus, your link was very helpful.
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