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Beta Registration Required (was Mac : MAJOR BUG)
I see no 6 Core from 5 Core upgrade option ???
please see attached screenshot

Beta Registration Required (was Mac : MAJOR BUG)
Hi Moe

Could you please tell me where I find the 6 Core to 5 Core upgrade?
As this is still a BETA version, either paying a new 6 Core license for $150 or 6 Pro from 5 Core upgrade for $175 is too much for me.

Moe wrote: After re-reading your post it sounds like you purchased a version 6 Core license and are having trouble activating version 6 to Core upon downloading your activation file. Can you confirm this is the case?


Beta Registration Required (was Mac : MAJOR BUG)
Just installed 6 Beta. Now I have no more access to the CORE functionalities.
PB6 is claiming my (newly d'loaded) Activation file is NOT VALID.


iPad version
Hi there

will there be a port for iPad?


filter thoughts
Hi Moe

so somehow more complicated than an Option > Filter menu entry, it does work.

filter thoughts
am I missing s.th.? Can't find the Filter Thoughts Option in PB 5.5/Mac

What I would like to do is for example show me only the children thoughts of 1 topic which carry a certain tag.
quick entry
I'm a fan of GTD and OmniFocus.
One feature I very much appreciate w/ OF is the
window, i.e. w/ a hotkey combination a HUD window opens in which I can type what popped up in my mind w/o knowing at the time being in which project or context to file it so it will be filed automatically into the INBOX for later reviewing.

Would it be possible to have a similar feature in PB?
Active Sync?
Indeed having tried it yet. Taking into account that they produce OmniOutliner & mention importing its data into OF ...
Active Sync?
For parts of my life I use David Allen's GTD approach.
Thus lists i.e. outlines are part of it.
Using iMac & iPhone OmniFocus has been my choice allowing me to work simultaneously on both platforms.

Personalbrain is my "outer-space" view on my life.

How to combine those two approaches (sounds a little like the search for the GUT i physics ;-) ?

What I would love to have is a chance within PB to sync with an external OPML file, i.e. PB dynamically displays the contents of this OPML file in its usual way AND taking account of changes made within lately (s.th. Import doesn't as it is static not dynamic).
A little bit like the representation of a folder within PB / VirtualThought.

How to do this?
PB 5.5 Wacom Bamboo Touch support
addition: "mouse-ball rolling" for changing font: haven't found a working equivalent either.
Usually this would be done via holding the CTRL button and using a 2-finger up/down gesture.
Numbers09 spreadsheet
Just in case anybody else is in need:

found a way via use of OmniOutliner and an AppleScript somebody courteously send me.

PB 5.5 Wacom Bamboo Touch support
any chance to go forward / backward for example w/ the help of a double-finger swipe on the Bamboo Touch?

Or wandering through a brain w/ the help of touch?
Numbers09 spreadsheet
hi to all

need to import data from a Numbers09 file.
export as CSV appears mess henceforth export as XLS ok.

HOW to import it into PB 5.5?

any clues appreciated
Mac: how to rapidly paste a web link from Safari into a brain?
hi to all

anybody an idea of how to do this?
Imagine you're looking at a website that holds some interesting information on a topic that you "brained".
Now instead of copy/paste of drag/drop I'd love to have for example a keystroke (via a service or applescript for example) that would allow me to "ditch" that link into the brain for later reviewing.

any suggestions?
Ctrl + Alt + Z for Mac?
I've tried various combinations on my Mac Snow Leopard yet nothing is happening

a) what should be happening?

b) how to enable it on a Mac?
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