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TheBrain 9 for Android Freezing on Start
An uninstall/reinstall seems to have worked. No problems the last couple of days. I think what may have caused the problem was transferring the application and files to external memory on the phone, a microSD card.
Again, well done on the version 9 upgrades. It works much better than the previous Android app.
TheBrain 9 for Android Freezing on Start
First off, kudos on the new version. It was working well for a few hours and I really like the new functionality. Now, unfortunately, it has frozen on startup and I don't know what I can do to reset/restart it. Any suggestions?

Samsung Galaxy S7
TheBrain as family tree software
I don't use thebrain as my dedicated genealogy software, I use another program (the Master Genealogist) that suits that purpose better. Where thebrain really shines, however, is for genealogy research.

I created a separate brain strictly for my genealogy. I currently have over 6,300 thoughts including census data, civil registrations, church parish records etc. I've put a rudimentary family tree for my ancestors in there as well to hang records on. The majority of the entries are probably not related to my family at all. I've included individuals who lived nearby with the same surnames but no known connection. But it is amazing how connections start showing up as more and more information is included in my brain. 

I've found that tags work really well for genealogy research. Each piece of information (a census record, say) has numerous details associated with it - year, location, individuals in the household, etc. I generally use the geographic location as the parent thought to the census thought. I then will tag the individuals, the census year and anything else that seems relevant. When I check the tag for a specific individual it will bring up all the records related to that person, or persons of the same or similar name. Once you have enough records you start to see patterns and interrelationships.

I am playing with different approaches to use thebrain as genealogy research software and having a lot of fun with it.

To answer your question, I think it could be used for your main genealogy software as long as you don't have a need for detailed reporting. Specialized genealogy software would be better for this. But as a genealogy research tool, thebrain can't be beat.


Copy thought URL problem?
I've been trying to do the same sort of thing - create links in excel tables to open the brain to specific thoughts. I run into the same problem: a second brain launches rather than going directly to the already open brain.

Anyone have an easy fix to this? I feel that I must be missing something obvious too.

Scan to PB...
The idea of using an inbox thought or tag is excellent. I've spent a few hours playing with a new desktop document scanner today and, as Zenrain suggests, creating a shortcut to the Inbox thought folder really speeds things up. My scanner software uses this shortcut as a file destination for scans. I quickly put about 40 items in there, the key being to name them as you would a thought. From there, I relocated the attachments by cutting and pasting them as child thoughts to appropriate parent thoughts.

It worked fine but there is always room for improvement. Perhaps an option to create a thought from an attachment would be useful.

I've also been using OneNote for saving items that need to be searchable. I agree that OneNote has a much better approach to filing scans and links, but it might be difficult to come up with a similar system for TB.
Please advice to help me restore/repair my data because nothing else has worked...
I have the same problem. I am not sure when it happened but I suspect it was during the initial webbrain upload. Two different thoughts will share the same notes. Call them Thought A (original) and Thought B (unrelated). When I deleted the note for Thought B, the note for  Thought A disappeared as well.

The only work around I could come up with was to create a new thought (Thought A new), copy notes and links to it. Then when I delete (forget) Thought B, Thought A is forgotten as well. Very strange. 

I have only found a few dozen thoughts with this problem but it is a real pain to try to fix the database this way.

Like sjeeke, I would appreciate any suggestions you have.

Hidden link type labels
I`ve had this problem as well. I use a workaround to get access to the link. I change the view from Normal to Outline and this generally allows me to edit the link. A bit awkward but I can`t see any other way to do it.
Copy / Duplicate a Brain, re: Brain Template

Thanks James.

Great tutorial. After all these years I didn't know that you could control click on the gate to select all children of a thought. What a time saver!

rebuilt search index issue

This time I created a brainzip on my desktop, including index, and transferred it directly to my tablet PC without going through webbrain. This time there was no problem when I rebuilt the search index.

This sounds like a problem with webbrain.

rebuilt search index issue

Reinstalling from the webbrain brainzip didn't help. The reindexing stops at 22 thoughts of 4,026 on my laptop/tablet PC running Vista Home Premium. No problem when I  do a reindex of the identical brain on my desktop running XP.

I've reinstalled but it makes no difference. Any suggestions?

rebuilt search index issue

I am having the same issue. My reindexing stops after 1%. I have tried deleting the brain and downloading the brainzip from webbrain but I still get the same problem. 

I have now deleted the webbrain and I will upload the brain from my desktop to see whether that will solve the problem. Here is my output log.

The Power of Duplication
Thanks for this. I have been thinking about something similar for work procedures but your process is much easier.
Weblink Changes Thought Name
I am seeing this as well. The thought changes when I paste a web link and seems to replace it with the HTML title of the link.
Cocktail Brain

I came across this very practical Cocktail Brain

I'm a beer man myself but the recipes do look appetizing.

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