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Linux PB falling behind Windows?
The lack of drag-and-drop functionality is a shame, but the real deal-breaker for me is that it seems to be dramatically slower. I'm going to give it another shot, now that I have a much faster computer. Maybe I need to make sure I'm using the proprietary Java? I'm not sure if I was before.

It's nice that they offer a native Linux version... And I understand that it's a lot of work to make it run seemlessly, and they may not feel that there's much economic incentive to do it..

But for what they're charging, it better run as well as the Windows version, or there's no way I'm paying their exorbitant upgrade fee again. Especially as I've been getting used to getting unlimited amounts of good software for free. I'm not opposed to paying for good software if it's worth it...and it is really nice, I'll give them that, and their customer support is exceptional...but $100 a year, after a $250 initial purchase, is REALLY pushing it. So if it doesn't run flawlessly on my OS of choice, forget about it.
Crawl Brain: Do not include active thought in the selection by default

This is sort of irrelevant now that I've discovered the enormously useful Ctr+click gate feature. But it could still be useful. No reason not to add an "include active thought in selection" checkbox to the crawl brain dialogue.

Crawl Brain: Do not include active thought in the selection by default
Include the option to not include the active thought in the selection box by default when crawling to modify the selection.

I usually use the crawl feature to do something to all of a thought's children (move them, tag them, change their type, delete them, etc.). I can't remember a single time when I didn't deselect the active thought after using the crawl feature.
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