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Impossible to have access to my Brains
Clearly this is a central server problem, which can happen. But discovering that it makes it impossible to access or work locally is alarming. Like the other writers, I'm a long-time user, but won't be able to trust critical work to this design. It looks like I'm likely to lose the weekend before this is fixed and I can do my own work. Not good.
Visualize notes for connecting lines (#303)
Makes sense. Thanks for the explanation.
Visualize notes for connecting lines (#303)
I am a new beta tester and so far like the improvements in Brain 9 for iOS very much. But I have a question -- many of my brains make use of notes associated with the connecting lines in addition to notes for thoughts. On my desktop everything is there, but when I access the Brain from my iPad, I can't see that information. If anyone knows how to view these notes, please help. But if it's a limitation of the iOS version's design, it's a big loss to me.

Trying to access a large WebBrain
I tried a direct sync again with new version 6012 -- still no dice. It appears to be uploading and after a half hour or so the process quietly terminates. But then when I go to webbrain.com there's nothing in my account. (I have this set as a private brain.)

Trying to access a large WebBrain
Moe -

Here's my update: Downloaded PB 6011 update and used it to directly synch to Webbrain per your instructions (i.e. not using brainzip or a browser). For the first time, it seemed to actually be working ... at least it showed a linear progress bar and took about fifteen minutes to "upload." Unfortunately, when it had completed there was no Brain present in my Webbrain account, which besides being disappointing, makes me a bit nervous about where my private stuff went.
Trying to access a large WebBrain
Update - I installed and activated version and generated a new brainzip of my large brain. When I tried uploading that, the same thing happened ... got to 99% uploaded and then a "Page Expired" error.
Trying to access a large WebBrain
I'm also having a large WebBrain problem, but it's a slightly different one. My Brain only has 1609 thoughts, but it contains a great number of internal attachments. Consequently the brainzip file is quite large -- 1.6 GB. When I try to upload, I almost get to the end but then get a "page expired" error message and the upload fails. This has happened now about half a dozen times.

Besides dividing the Brain into separate, smaller sub-Brains, is there anything I can do?
brainzip and link loss between two computers
I think I'm experiencing the same problem. I have a very large production Brain - about 1.8 GB total. I access it on a WIN 7 computer at work; a Mac on the road. After an unfortunate occurrence using DropBox last year, I sync by transferring brainzip files, almost always in one direction -- from work to the Mac. On my last business trip I noticed that some links were missing, so after confirming that the WIN 7 machine was up to date, created a fresh brainzip and copied it to the Mac. Again, it was missing links and entries. My next experiment was to delete all the old files, and create a new brainzip and bring it onto the Mac without requiring any overwriting. Same result -- missing data.

I have no idea what is happening and whether the problem is in the creation of the brainzip or the importation to the Mac (although I suspect the former), but I gave up and copied all the files from the WIN 7 computer to the Mac. That successfully reproduced the full Brain, but has me wondering what is wrong with the brainzip creation process. Found this thread searching for similar experiences.
5.5.06 and Windows 7
I'm also using 5.5.06 (with libraries) with WIN 7 x64, and it appears to be behaving exactly like everyone else's beta software. No OS problems noted.

I have had bad experiences in the past though (on a Vista machine), after installing Microsoft's nVidia driver updates. Was able to fix by rolling back to the previous driver and then updating by using the nVidia website. I don't know what accounts for the difference, but dealing with nVidia directly has worked for me. (For example, the Microsoft update service will say there is an update for my system ready to be installed when the nVidia website says I have the most current driver installed already. I've learned to listen to nVidia.)
F2 / Rename doesn't work

Thanks. Now that you mention it again, I remember seeing this in one of the earlier threads. I can live with that for awhile.

F2 / Rename doesn't work

Yes, and the problem with pasting Web links replacing the Thought name is also back. (When this happens and you can't rename the Thought back to its original, it's very irritating.)

IE 8 does not show link lines

Thanks for the info. Living without link lines for this implementation isn't a hardship. Portable access is still a great advantage.

IE 8 does not show link lines

It was easy to resolve the link lines issue with IE8 by setting it to display the WebBrain site in IE8's compatibility mode. But the link lines are also missing when the site is accessed using the iPhone. Not clear what to do about that.

2 Issues
My experience seems to be tracking pretty closely with Al's. After experiencing the problem where joining an attachment results in the thought description being replaced by the title of the attachment (this is reported elsewhere in the beta forum), I removed version 5.504 and reinstalled 5.501, which so far seems to be the most stable of the 5.5 betas.

Once done, I then attempted re-indexing the search db while running PB in administrator mode. This seemed different than when I attempted it with 5.504 -- it was taking longer, which I found encouraging. I also let it complete, but then when I opened PB in normal mode, I also encountered the "locked" message and not realizing that it would undo the rebuild, gave permission for it to re-index all over again. Of course after that, searches were still incomplete, as before.

I will retry again, this time ignoring the seemingly aberrant "locked" notification, but I notice that 5.505 was released last night and might as well do it using that version. Having had to uninstall 5.502, 5.503, and 5.504 though, I'm going to wait a day or two and see how stable 5.505 is before my next attempt.

Harlan and Moe -- a sincere thanks to you for monitoring these issues so closely. It's a great way to develop great software. Glad if I can contribute.
2 Issues
Just tried Moe's suggestion for restoring extended search by re-building with administror privileges turned on, but alas, no joy. Search is still inaccurate and the re-build utility still says "some elements are missing."

What else do you have?
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