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Search for Notes and Attachments very, very slow (#3440 and #3495)
Quote: I'm curious now: Is it slow for all searches or just for specific terms?

Just specific terms, but it does seem to have to do with the word length, i.e. a single short word is nearly instant, a long word can take an indeterminate and inconsistently long time.

Quote: Does the searching for the same term return at different speeds in different brains?

Same word, different speeds on different machines. If you have a test brain you'd like me to try on two different machines, I'd be happy to give it a go for you.  
Search for Notes and Attachments very, very slow (#3440 and #3495)
Here are the results:

Terminal search with - mdfind -onlyin /Users/danlandrum/Documents/Brains/U01/B01 "referendum" - results are immediate.
Searching for "referendum" in TB9 .151 took 24 seconds on my iMac Retina 5k, but was almost instant on my MacBook Pro with the same brain.

I wonder if this is still something to do with performance on the 5k iMac?

Manual download of b152?
Check for update still seeing 151 as the latest release on the alpha channel for me, too.
Search for Notes and Attachments very, very slow (#3440 and #3495)
It takes 7 or 8 seconds on my Brain before populating the list. Clearing and retyping the same word does not speed it up. I'm looking to find the single word "referendum." The result is nine hits, 3 being notes, 6 pdfs. They all appear at the same moment, with no indication that anything is happening. The kicker is that sometimes it returns nothing at all, and I don't know if I should keep waiting, or try another search term. If I just wait, the list will sometimes populate after a protracted time, guessing 30 seconds or more. Attaching log.

Added -  I thought I'd try the same search in Spotlight, and the top of the list indicated "Indexing . . .." Could something in TheBrain have triggered an index? 
Timeline and Events (#3481)
I very much appreciate the update, Harlan. Thank you.
timeline error, log attached
clicked add event from add attachment pane
added info
selected detach from "thought name" from the hamburger menu
switched thoughts and crash error appeared

I could not replicate. log attached.
Consistent Text Selection Error in Notes Pane (#2694)
To reveal:

click a thought with a note, but don't click in the notes pane yet
click and drag on some text
the text will be highlighted as expected, but then be immediately deselected

This has been happening for a while but I keep forgetting to write it up. It is especially noticeable if you are trying to copy and paste text into another window, or even the timeline which is what I was trying to do this morning with event dates and text. The expected behavior is that the text will remain selected and thus be available for copy or cut. At minimum, if it isn't really going to select unless I click in the notes pain first, then the text should not be selectable.
9.0.149 - Last Successful Sync showing never synced (#3460 and #3461)
Yay! It's working again this morning. Thank you.
Is there a solution to the MergeSync error?
Thanks zenrain. I gave clearing out the ~/Library/Caches/com.thebrain.TheBrain a try and I'm still getting the MergeSync error after restarting TB9. Sending my log file.

Is there a solution to the MergeSync error?
When this happens to one of our computers, but not the other, is there a general known method to get past the problem? .149 is the first time I've experienced it, but I see other posts from past versions discussing the problem. I know this may not be true for everyone, but losing syncing shuts down my ability to participate in the beta.
9.0.149 - Last Successful Sync showing never synced (#3460 and #3461)
I saw the same thing this morning, but also got the MergeSync error as per this thread Sync issue - Sync failed: unexpected error in MergeSyncs
Sync issue - Sync failed: unexpected error in MergeSyncs
I'm getting this error now, too. It occurred in this order:

- Updated to .149 on my laptop and made event entries for tomorrow - LOVE THE TIMELINE!
- Later, on my office iMac, updated to .149 and get successful sync messages, but no changes from laptop
- Check laptop, earlier entries are still there, but I'm getting "Unexpected error in MergeSyncs" notification

What should I do now?
Unknown Error Syncing (#3457)
Working again here. No errors, no issue. Thanks.
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