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Running PersonalBrain from a USB Drive
ThorstenZ wrote: Hi there,

just one problem arrised by the following installation constellation :
  • work pc - pb locally installed
  • brain located on usb-drive with assigned drive letter F:
  • home pc - pb installed on usb-stick
  • usb-drive recognized as M:
Try to open the brain on USB-Disk fails with FileIOException containing the drive letter F: in the exception message (Letter F: is assigned to internal disk per default).
Must the drive letter identical on both PCs? Or is there a possibility to make the brain file on the usb-drive independent from the assigned drive letter on different pcs?

any hints about this?

Kind regards,

I installed PersonalBrain directly onto my external drive, run the program straight off the drive and have experienced no problems with it.  The only issue is that the settings are saved on the computer you're using (rather than on the drive the program is installed on and running from).  For example, when running the program for the first time on a computer, everything would be set to default settings.

I hope that helps.
1000 icons arranged as a Brain
Hey all,  it's been a while, no?

Taking the basic idea from this thread about copying Thought icons from one Thought to another, I've downloaded the free icon pack from FamFamFam.com and uploaded to my Brain.  Now, if I ever need an icon for any Thoughts, I simply Ctrl-drag the icon file from the Thought folder on to the Thought I want iconified*.

The FamFamFam icon pack contains 1000 16x16 PNG images, which was perfect for me.  They're currently for my own convenience and I'm pretty sure everyone here's adept enough to rearrange it to suit their personal needs.  I've isolated the icons part of my Brain and brainzipped it.  Perhaps it'll be of use to you.

*I think I may be making up words here
Ctrl-clicking child gates of tags within the pin bar does not add to selection box
As was discovered while considering Multiple Selection Boxes, ctrl-clicking the Child gate of a Tag in the pin bar doesn't add any Thoughts to the selection box.  Bizarrely, this does work when the Tag is the Active Thought, so obviously there's a fault only when the Active Thought is anything but the Tag itself.  Ctrl-clicking the Child/Parent/Jump gates of normal Thoughts within the pin bar work as normal.

Dyslucksia has come up with a work around (found here), but this is still far less convenient than simply ctrl-clicking once to achieve the same, desired outcome.
Display the Link types of all links in the Plex
Adathome wrote: tcahill wrote:

Another indication that directionality is already stored in the link data. I had made a link from 3 to 2, and the link's properties show " 3 > 2 ".

There it is. An arrow showing direction. That would be good info in the plex.

Change active thought in "2" now you see "2 > 3" the direction you see is only the direction in the plex on that moment with that particular active thought. This is not the direction as stored in PB database (idA --> idB).

I think he means to make the actual label itself read "3 > 2", rather than just just ">".  I guess it works, but it's makes for a really cumbersome workaround if you have long thought names like I do.
Questions/suggestions regarding portability and security
Thanks for your detailed response - much appreciated.

No relative paths, err?  I wouldn't have thought they were that difficult to impliment, but then again I'm no computer tech.  And I see what you mean by "none of [the workarounds are] satisfactory".  Ah well, not the end of the work, but far from convenient.

Shame about the privacy/security aspects and, reading through the threads, I agree with the vast majority of every point you made, so at the very least I know that I'm not the only person here with such concerns.  Darkstar has already stated exactly what  I would like:
We'll simply have to see what TheBrain Tech come up with in the next big update.

The reason I posted a new topic up was because using the forum's search function I could only manage to find relevant topics that had been inactive for several months, even years, old.  Being new, I don't yet know the forum's etiquette - is it acceptable to resurrect previously "dead" topics or is it better to start one anew?  Being a 50-50 chance, I simply guessed the latter.

Thanks again for your detailed response.  Out of curiosity, how often are TheBrain Tech staff on these forums to give us some insight into their current developments?

Questions/suggestions regarding portability and security
Hello all,

It's still my first day on the forums and I've only used PersonalBrain for about a month now, but I thought I'd throw in the couple of cents I've picked up over the month.

Firstly, I travel quite a bit and - finding the benefits of PersonalBrain so massive that I now use it in every aspect of my life - try to have access to it when ever possible.  Because of this, I've got PersonalBrain and my Brain itself installed on a portable USB hard drive.  However, two major things have cropped up in regards to portability:
  1. The software license doesn't appear to transfer and on each computer I use the software on, the software starts anew, informing me that I have X days to go before the trial ends.  In addition, settings under "Preferences" are set to default on any computer on which I have not configured them.  Is it possible to set it so that files and settings are read from those on the portable drive rather than new files created on the local machine?
  2. Is it possible to use relative paths to link to files located on the same (portable) hard drive as "external attachments"?  Are absolute paths the only way or is there a way to make use of relative paths?
Since I use PersonalBrain for anything and everything, I inevitably have quite a lot of confidential and a lot of personal stuff on here.  The hard drive I use is a Lenovo ThinkPad Secure hard drive, for which I have set a 12-digit access code for.  However, I still worry about accidentally leaving the hard drive plugged into a computer when I, say, answer the call of nature or something to that extent and someone unscrupulously reads or even copies my Brain files onto another drive for later.

Is it possible to password protect the files?  Or even better, is it possible to password protect certain thoughts so one would be able to pick-and-choose what they don't mind public access to and which are strictly personal?  FreeMind has this feature, but I can't find it in PersonalBrain (if it exists).

Finally, is there an option to set the first thought that appears when the Brain file is first opened to be the Home Thought or something to that effect?  Let's say I wanted to show someone something I knew I had saved on my Brain.  It would be much more convenient if the Brain file would open on the same, "safe" Thought every time rather than, for example, a Thought detailing confidential client details because that was the last Thought I looked at last time I used the software.

If these features are already implimented, please let me know because I can't seem to find them.  If not, then consider these my suggests on how I think the product could be improved (if they haven't been suggested already).

Thanks for your time.
[SOLVED] "Remove Icon" doesn't work
I copied the image file, went into PersonalBrain and into the Type properties, selected "Display" and finally "Paste Thought Icon".  That worked all okay and expected - all the Thoughts under Type XYZ displayed the Icon 123 correctly.

Anyway, the work around's perfect: I have no idea why it didn't occur to me from the start, but I kept looking in the folder of the affect Thoughts themselves.  I re-read your (SamCox's) message, looked in the Type's folder and deleted the stubborn image file.  Success!

Thank you SamCox and Darkstar for responding so quickly.  Excellent stuff.  With such quick response for fellow users, one could mistake this for an open source product (and that's a good thing!). 
[SOLVED] "Remove Icon" doesn't work
@ SamCox: The folder is completely empty (no hidden files, either).  :/

@ Darkstar: There is no icon assigned to the thought itself, just to the type.  I have a number of thoughts assigned to the type and all the thoughts under this type are displaying the unremoveable icon.  The icon is a 24 x 24 GIF file.

Also, new information: I've just tested a few things out and I can now state that I cannot remove any thought icons at all, be they assigned to types or individual thoughts.  Any ideas?
[SOLVED] "Remove Icon" doesn't work

Thanks for the quick response.  I wouldn't know any terminology for the software, so I'll just go through what I do:
  • I have Thought ABC down as a Type XYZ
  • I have assigned Icon 123.jpg to Type XYZ
  • I now wish to remove Icon 123.jpg
  • I select Though ABC and enter "Properties & Attachments"
  • I click "Type" and then "Edit Type"
  • In the window for Type XYZ, I select "Display" then "Remove Icon"
  • Nothing happens and "Remove Icon" remains selectable
Is there something I'm doing wrong?

Thanks again in advance.
[SOLVED] "Remove Icon" doesn't work
Hello all,

Firstly, as this is my first post, I'd just like to say that this is one of - if not the - most useful software I have ever come across.  I currently use it as my digital memory for everything, since the one I was issued with during fetal development is clearly faulty (unfortunately I didn't realise this until I started using it about 8-9 months after and by then the warranty had long expired).  Instant activate is an absolute Godsend!

To the main subject of this topic: "remove icon" doesn't appear to be working.  I'm using PersonalBrain with Indexing Libraries, J_1.6.0_13 under Windows XP SP3.  It's not a huge matter, but I'm nit-picky and anything to help resolve this would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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