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How to remove the thought color?
Hi Patrick,

How to remove the thought color?
Ok, I tried that a dozen times without result. Because TheBrain started to slow down and finally hung, I had to shut it down.
Guess what: after I started it again, the Standard button worked as it should....

I have the feeling there is something wrong in
How to remove the thought color?
Soms of my thoughts have colors. Now I assigned types to them that have type-colors.
The thought-color seems to override the type color. No problem, But if I want the type color to show, how then do I remove the thought-color?
PB Thought/Database Corruption
Just curious. Is this issue solved yet? I encountered the same after installing the other day.

Related might be an issue that I mailed to Support: when a thought has >1 attachments (Pro version), they all disappear from the tab view. Opening the attachment folder shows that they still are there.

In that same situation, it is not possible to rename the thought concerned.
I have a 767 MB Brain with lots of attachments. So I am not very happy right now...
How to copy notes with HTML-code in them?
I tried WikidPAd. Nice, but it has a drawback: it generates too many WikiWords. Every function or variable results in a WikiWord. I now use the built in text document attachment builder. It works fine for me.
How to copy notes with HTML-code in them?
Thanks, I'll have a look at WikiPad.
How to copy notes with HTML-code in them?
I am documenten html-pages. In the note I sometimes put a copy of the html-code.

I found that when I copy/paste a thought with such a note, the html-tekst (1st picture) is not pasted, but is replaced by script symbols (2nd pic) that force me to click on them in order to read the scripts (3rd pic).

I there a way to keep the full text in pasted notes?

Highlight related thoughts in Expanded view
It would be nice if the 1st degree related thought in Expanded view would be highlighted when I hover over a thought, and not only their links.
When things get a bit crowdy, I loose the picture now..
Split the option for linking or dragging for files and folders
I would appreciate the possibility to select the link or move option for files and folders seperately.
Normally I 'internalize" files, but I just link folders.
Dragging a Folder is physical, not virtual

I figured that out also. I use the others more often: move files into the Brain.

Dragging a Folder is physical, not virtual

So I cannot at the same time:
  • Move individual files into the Brain by dragging a file, and
  • Leave folders where they are and just create virtual thoughts by dragging a folder.

Dragging a Folder is physical, not virtual
There is a thread on this subject, but there is no solution or action given.
I understand that ticking the box: Show Virtual Thought for Folders means that when you drag a folder into the Plex, PB creates a virtual thought and leaves the folder and its files were they are: outside the Brain.

I expect that this setting is not linked to the setting about moving dragged files into the brain.

Whatever I do, dragging a folder into the Brain moves the folder and its content into it. Unlinking it, deletes the folder and files, as is stated in the other thread. 

Do I get this wrong? What should I do to make PB moving individual dragged files into the brain, and leaving dragged folders were the are?

PB Hangs when cancelling multi-thought paste

The button was not visible anymore, I assumed that it said Cancel. Sorry ;-)
PB Hangs when cancelling multi-thought paste
PB 6.0.16
  1. I copied multiple thoughts.
  2. I opened another Brain.
  3. I created a new thought.
  4. I wanted to paste the thoughts to that new thought.
  5. I then pressed Cancel, because I wanted them to paste somewhere else.
  6. The Pasting Thought window turned grey and PB hanged.
6014: Cannot edit Type.

I need to play with it a little  to get the advantages of this new approach. Up till now I find it quite confusing.
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