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Drawing illustrative arrows in notes
Hi guys,

Is there a way of drawing arrows to help illustrate diagrams, pictures etc copied and pasted in the notes section of PB6?
Creating a child in Transparent mode
I'd like to be able to drag a link into PB6 in transparent mode without first having to create a child. Is this possible. In normal mode, you drag and drop links and PB creates a child link for you. In transparent mode, it adds the link to the active thought. Just answer my question LOL

There's an out grey ring outside the active thought that you have to hit to do that. 
How can one manually add send to
I've already done the upgrade. Went from 5.5 to 6.0beta to Maybe I should uninstall and install
How can one manually add send to
Okay I found a Personalbrain folder with a 'sendtoPersonalBrain' subfolder folder that has been installed on a network share, external to my local C drive. Does that make any difference? There's nothing inside the 'sendtopersonalbrain' folder

The root folder also has accelerators.csv, brains.guidmap, info5bin, thebrain5preferences.bak, thebrain5preferences.xml, thebrain6preferences.bak and thebrain6preferences.xml
How can one manually add send to
I installed PB6b under my account which is in the administrators group. Unless I have to run a special command that says install as admin. Thanks for responding
How can one manually add send to
I have 6041 and J-1.6.0_20 running on vista

Is there a way to manually add 'send-to'?

I have used run as with admin rights but that doesnt work

Any one having same issues on vista?

PB6 not listed in "send-to"
Hey Matt,

Same problem with Vista but the fix doesnt work. 
PB6 not listed in "send-to"
Ahh thank you Matt that was it. 
PB6 not listed in "send-to"
I tried different icons but  personal brain was not listed under "send-to". I tried copying the exe to "c:\windows\send-to" but that didnt work. Any ideas? thanks

I am using windows vista with J-1.6.0_20 and PB6 beta Upgraded from 5.5 to 6

Why upgrade?
 transparency mode is a neat concept. I find it's the best way for me when i'm in a remote session. I copy the information I need into notes, fire up a remote session to a remote machine and load up T-mode. Extract the data I need without having to go back and forth between screens, and I can dump information I need straight into my brain with no hassle. Great tool!
Linking thoughts from outside your brain
haha thank's NorthFarm, i will add my voice to the vote!
Linking thoughts from outside your brain
Is there a way to link a thought from outside personalbrain? like maybe create a link and dock it in outlook. Then when you click on the link it takes you to the thought in personalbrain. Thanks
Thought types
Sam Cox your a GENIUS
Thought types
Thanks, I'll try it out and let you know
Thought types
When I create a thought type the background changes not the fonts. How can I get my fonts to change to colors i select? Whats strange is that when I create a thought in a new brain and apply a thought type everything is as i want it. then when i transfer it to my main brain, the color moves from font to background.

other problem is if i change a thought type on some objects they dont change their colors to apply the change

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