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Search for Notes and Attachments very, very slow (#3440 and #3495)
a few more comments about the search function in Brain 9:

1. OK, so it's currently got issues with significant time lag returning results for notes and attachments
2. It doesn't index web pages like previous versions used to, at least on my system - it doesn't even index web page titles so I can't find the hundreds of web pages I've added to Brain 9
3. Once you choose a result from the search results the search disappears so if you have multiple search results and want to look at others you have to do the search over, and over again!
4. Even if the search result list was persisted in its own panel - the interface to search is far too basic - on a Mac the more sophisticated products that store a lot of info that you'll need to find later include this type of "advanced search" (see below)

Advanced Search.png 

I've attached the Search Operators that are provided in Devonthink - it's a bit overkill but they do set the bar - a bar which I feel The Brain needs to get closer to.

Thoughts anyone / Brain Team?
Search for Notes and Attachments very, very slow (#3440 and #3495)
I've completed re-indexing. I've done several multi-word searches now - I'm getting correct and virtually instant results using spotlight whereas the same searches in the brain take approx 7 seconds to appear ...
Search for Notes and Attachments very, very slow (#3440 and #3495)
Matt - Interesting observation! No it doesn't show up using either Spotlight search or HoudahSpot.
Search for Notes and Attachments very, very slow (#3440 and #3495)
right now I'm also noticing that I'm not getting any notes and attachments results using even simple two-term searches on web pages. i.e search seems to not be working at all on attached web pages.

I'll skip your two specific questions that are a bit too difficult to answer right now - and instead, add another disturbing issue. I've attached two images. The correct search result image is where I've selected 4 words from a pdf document then did a search for those - the search took 7 seconds where the first result is the correct document. I then selected the whole sentence (the one that contained the previous 4) with 21 words and searched for those - it returned 3 results again in about 7 seconds, but didn't find the document I'd got them from!!! lol.

Correct Search Result.png
  Crazy Search REsult.png 
Search for Notes and Attachments very, very slow (#3440 and #3495)
yes, same problem with 9.0.151 - and just tried a search in a different Brain and it took about 5 seconds to return results on a text note.

However, using the same brain file, the next three attachment searches tried returned zero results. I've attached three images showing how 2 websites and one pdf clearly contain simple text strings that were not found at all (well, I waited a full 60 seconds and nothing). I've also attached the stats for this Brain. All in Archive.zip

seems that danlandrum has a similar sounding problem so not just me ...

Addendum - using HoudahSpot search tool on Mac found these search strings (in the pdfs (the pdfs have been in this Brain for a week or more - plenty of time for macos or the brain to index them, lol)) instantly. 
Search for Notes and Attachments very, very slow (#3440 and #3495)
i shared/uploaded my .BRZ file via your hightail link on Feb 2nd. I've had no response from you since.
no longer naming Thoughts by web page title (#3422)
when dragging dropping web links the newly created thought is named as the website home page, not page title. this behaviour has just recently happened in the last few days - previously it was picking up the page title as its supposed to.

its happening every time, not just on certain sites.
Search for Notes and Attachments very, very slow (#3440 and #3495)

Matt - I’ve attached a video showing approx 30-second delay (given the 5-7 seconds to start the recording after starting the search). This is a constant, not one off, or occasional, but on every search

Search for Notes and Attachments very, very slow (#3440 and #3495)
When typing in a search, the results for Thoughts and Link Names and Labels are returned virtually instantly, however, the results for Notes and Attachments are taking upto 30 seconds to get listed.
Normal / Expanded View - Thought size far too small
When expanding the Normal View to see Parents, Children or Jump Thoughts of any Child Thought of the currently selected Thought - these "distant thoughts" are rendered far too small and mousing over them doesn't help.

If I remember correctly, previous to V9 there was a Preference Setting to adjust this.

Am I missing something? If not, I think adding a feature to expand the "distant thought" size on mouseover might be a good solution?
Changing foreground / background colour of text in Notes (#3068)
this problem still not fixed in Version 9.0.147 - also just noticed that notes with a lot of text perform really badly, ball spinning product hanging kind of behaviour. (tested with a note with 12,107 words)
activate next and last thought keeps getting "broken"
yes, that reminds me, i've been noticing repeated sync errors reported as per screen shot. didn't think the two were connected but maybe? in order to sync again i have to exit and reopen the brain ..

sync error fail.png 
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