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latest version 9.0.205 won't download
apologies, solved, my internet connection, router needed rebooting
latest version 9.0.205 won't download
tried a dozen times, won't download
brain download problem.jpg 
Version 9 a step back? (#3221)
Harlan wrote: Hi deakus,

With regard to search, please be aware that you do not have to click on the search box to search... Just start typing immediately. The only difference from V8 here is that the search box is now located in the same place it is in most other programs. (On macOS this would include Finder, iTunes, Spotlight, Word, Pages, and System Preferences to name a few off the top of my head...)

V9 is a superb improvement!

There's one sore point - web pages are not indexed. This means that there is no true global search unless everything in the Brain is PDFs, Notes & Office Docs ...

For me, as someone who stores vast numbers of web URLs, this represents a truly "debilitating" deficiency ...
multiple restarts in (#3585)
Harlan wrote: Fix is on the way. If you switch to the beta channel you can install .156 in the meantime. Sorry, but the alpha channel is going to be unstable by its nature.

the search crash issue has now been resolved at my end. Thanks!

The key issue with search that's still really bugging me is having to redo a search every time I want to look at another of the search results. Reports don't cut it as the keyword search is restricted to thought names and labels ... could reports include full notes and attachments, and web pages search please? 
multiple restarts in (#3585)
meanwhile ....... meanwhile ..... I can't use the Brain as .157 crashes virtually every time I do a search
multiple restarts in (#3585)
After a good start, I'm now getting a crash every time I put a search term in ( Logs attached.
Search for Notes and Attachments very, very slow (#3440, #3495, #3517 and #3518)
Wow, first thing I've noticed is now I get instant results for Notes and Attachments!! 
Search for Notes and Attachments very, very slow (#3440, #3495, #3517 and #3518)
Thanks, Harlan - most encouraging! and appreciate you taking the time to update on this.
Search for Notes and Attachments very, very slow (#3440, #3495, #3517 and #3518)
Thanks, Harlan. Will this include making search more useful for large brain with the addition of boolean like combinations? And indexing attached web pages like in previous versions?
Search for Notes and Attachments very, very slow (#3440, #3495, #3517 and #3518)
thanks, know about the reports filter. 

However, for a high-end personal info tool that could end up storing thousands or 10s thousands of pdfs, web pages, word docs etc - the facilities for search provided thus far are very, very weak ... very concerned about this, will probably not renew subscription when it expires if there isn't a stronger more immediate response to this search weakness ...
Search for Notes and Attachments very, very slow (#3440, #3495, #3517 and #3518)
a few more comments about the search function in Brain 9:

1. OK, so it's currently got issues with significant time lag returning results for notes and attachments
2. It doesn't index web pages like previous versions used to, at least on my system - it doesn't even index web page titles so I can't find the hundreds of web pages I've added to Brain 9
3. Once you choose a result from the search results the search disappears so if you have multiple search results and want to look at others you have to do the search over, and over again!
4. Even if the search result list was persisted in its own panel - the interface to search is far too basic - on a Mac the more sophisticated products that store a lot of info that you'll need to find later include this type of "advanced search" (see below)

Advanced Search.png 

I've attached the Search Operators that are provided in Devonthink - it's a bit overkill but they do set the bar - a bar which I feel The Brain needs to get closer to.

Thoughts anyone / Brain Team?
Search for Notes and Attachments very, very slow (#3440, #3495, #3517 and #3518)
I've completed re-indexing. I've done several multi-word searches now - I'm getting correct and virtually instant results using spotlight whereas the same searches in the brain take approx 7 seconds to appear ...
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